TELUS Nexus S Now Available, Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate 4G Page Goes Live


A couple of Samsung-related news items over at Canada’s TELUS today. First off, the Nexus S has launched on the carrier, as expected. You won’t find for sale on their website just yet, but rest assured if you can bare to make the trek to a retail store the second-generation Google phone can be found for $179.99 on a three-year contract.

If stock Android isn’t quite your thing, another Samsung handset will be arriving at Telus shortly. The Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate 4G. What you will get is pretty similar to the Galaxy S 4G seen on T-Mobile in the States: everything from the original Galaxy S plus an HSPA+ radio capable of 21Mbps download speeds. It will ship with Android 2.2 and should be launching fairly soon. A sign-up page has gone live at the Samsung Canada site if you want to be the first to get all the info on the upcoming device.

[via MobileSyrup 1, 2]

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  1. Where is Sprint version?

    1. It’s called the Epic 4G.

  2. amen

  3. Just went to my local telus store. They had 3 in stock and tried to sell me one. Unfortunately telus hasnt put the 179 promotion into their computers yet. I waited at the store for an hour while they argued with telus support (who said that there was no 179 promotion for the nexus s). Eventually they sent me home and told me they would call when telus was ACTUALLY able to sell the phone :P

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