Packard Bell Tries their Hand at Honeycomb with 10.1-Inch, Dual-Core Liberty Tab


Packard Bell is jumping into the sea of Android tablets with their first slate, the Android 3.0 Liberty Tab. Not doing much to differentiate itself from the current pack of Honeycomb tablets, the Liberty features the increasingly standard NVIDIA Tegra 2 chipset and a 16:10, 1280×800 10.1-inch display. The tablet also features dual cameras at 5MP on the rear and 2MP on the front, making sure you get plenty of use out of Google Talk video calls.

It’s kind of funny. Less than a year ago we were overrun with knock-off tablets featuring old version of Android and rather bland specs. Now we are faced with a plethora of finely specced devices outfitted with Google’s tablet-specific Android Honeycomb doing little to differentiate themselves from the pack. The Packard Bell Liberty Tab will be available around Europe this June in cherry red and pearl white color schemes.

[via NetbookItalia]

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  1. iPad 2 killer!!! I kid I kid.

    1. Any Honeycomb tablet kills the iPad 2. Strip away the marketing and you’ve got nothing less.

  2. Now there’s a company I haven’t heard about in a while.

    1. yeah….I had no idea they still existed…last I heard from them I think was in 1998….

    2. I was literally gonna say the same thing

  3. any details on price?

    1. They should give every US Packard Bell user two free ones for retribution from days gone by…lol

  4. Wow! Who knew they were even still in business. They should have been punished for the crap they produced by losing their company. *in my best comicbook guy voice* Worst PC ever!!

  5. The real news here is that Packard Bell still exists.

    1. This.

    2. LMAO… I was thinking the exact same thing. +1

  6. WOW….Packard Bell? Judging from I guess they are still around just not in the US. I hope they have stepped up their game since the 90’s. Hands down packard bell produced the worst PC’s to ever exist.

  7. Weren’t they just bought out by Acer way back when??

  8. Wow Packard Bell. I think the last time I saw that name was in Jr High or High School.

  9. LOL WHOA they made my first desktop back when i was in middle school or elementary….i thought they went out of business………

  10. Looks like a variant Acer Iconia A500

  11. first you all complain about hardware fragmentation now you all complain about not differentiation… WTF do you really want!?

    1. Maybe we’re different people?

  12. Reading this article on a few month old Packard Bell notebook. PB does exist in Europe.

  13. I just PB’s wiki entry. Apparently they survived in Europe and actually enjoy a relatively good reputation compared to how they fared in the US.

  14. And here I thought AOL’s Pac Bell was a thing of the past. Wow. Well I guess we’re gonna see if this will be a surprise like Award was for Penguins…

  15. And MS still trying to sell us Windows 7 tablets. Come On!

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