Google I/O Live Brings the Sold Out Event to You


Not able to make it out to Google I/O this year? We don’t blame you, the thing did sell out in a mere hour. Never fret, Google has you covered. Today they revealed their plans for letting those off-site keep tabs on the events and sessions of their yearly developer conference. The keynote speeches will be streamed as always, but this year several Android and Chrome sessions will be livestreamed as well. Those sessions that aren’t will still be uploaded in HD video within 24 hours. All videos, including those being livestreamed, will be captioned and translated using Google Translate into all supported languages.

Aside from the ability to view sessions and keynotes as they unfold, the I/O Live dashboard will be updated in real time with news and information, and those not attending can post questions to the developer Sandbox. Questions with the most votes will be answered. All can be accessed at the I/O Live page, which will be updated with schedule info and other pertinent goods as May’s I/O event quickly approaches.Of course,  Phandroid will be on site as well, so be sure to stay tuned here for continual updates as well.

[Google via DroidDog]

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  1. they can’t substitute the free phone they are going to give away!

    and first, finally, maybe?

    1. congratulations on your first post!!

  2. May 10th another great day in google land

  3. @Alex…what free phone are you talking about? I’m registered and no email about a free phone. Last year this time I was shipped the Nexus One. Maybe this year they won’t give out anything, which is fine with me because I’m going for the sessions.

    If people are going there solely for the free phone, then you’re taking a spot that developers actually needs. Here’s hoping Google doesn’t give out any free phones or tablets so that the lechers will stay away next year…

    1. pish posh, now the developers can sit at home and watch the sessions. and the “leechers” (i’m sure that’s what you meant to say, since a lecher is something very different) can go and enjoy their free devices.

    2. i know what you are saying. i was just exaggerating the perk

      i know that google io is far more than just swag

  4. I’m excited to go to IO. Just found out Monday that I won one of the contest tickets. Free gear or not, I will still have a blast!

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