Finally, Gmail Stops Auto-Saving Everyone You Email to Your Contacts


There’s nothing worse than opening up your contact book to see tons of email addresses that you don’t care about or don’t remember emailing because Google automatically saved them to your address book. In my case, I use Cragislist. A lot. So imagine my frustration when I see 50-100 “[email protected]” email addresses in my contact book.

And imagine how frustrating it is to have to constantly go in and clear that contact book out? I’m not sure what took so long, but Google has FINALLY given users the option to disable the pesky feature. You want to hurry up and take care of this right away, don’t you? Simply login to Gmail, head to the “General” tab under settings, and it’s as simple as clicking a radio button. Do it now – your contacts list will be forever grateful. [via Lifehacker]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Finally Damn.

  2. Thank god Page is CEO again!!!!!

    1. I really doubt that has anything to do with this.

  3. Can this be done through the gmail app?

    1. I don’t see the option with the Gmail app.

      1. Thanks Jdog, I’ll just have to do this when I get home :) Damn office internet restriction :@

    2. You probably should just go to gmail from your phone browser.

  4. oh HELL yeah!

  5. FINALLY!!!

  6. eh, it never bothered me too much, i think the default view is to show only the ‘my contacts’ group on the device. at least it’s a quick fix to stop showing these contacts. just go to the address book settings…

    granted i dislike the automatic adding to my address book too, but i never actually saw the addresses unless i chose to look at em in gmail via the desktop…

  7. I don’t get it…my Nexus One only shows the contacts found in ‘My contacts’ not the Other Contacts…something I’m missing here?

  8. lol it only took 3 years almost. One less thing for me to complain about with Android.
    Progress Google Progress lol.

  9. Ahh, yet another option that Google Apps customers don’t get.

    1. i got it and i’m a apps user, enable fast releases, done.

  10. I went weeding out my contacts last night, weird. In my Top 20 contacts were a bunch of random contacts

  11. Sure, Quentyn…a bunch of Craigslist addresses for “sales”. And I only subscribe to Playboy for the articles.

  12. I really dont get all the hate on this feature. You get a my contacts group which are all the contacts you manually save. This is the group you’re meant to run out of. To my knowledge gmail has never defaulted to “other contacts” which is where all the contacts you’ve ever dealt with get dumped. Other contacts is literally at the bottom of the groups list. If you are so OCD that you actively trying to manage your “other contacts” group you’re doing it wrong. Do you people read and organize everything in your spam label too?
    Or am I missing something? does this group cause other problems that I’m not mentioning?

  13. I agree Google giving us the option…but the author of this Phandroid article left out a very important little detail. If you’re using the NEW Gmail Contacts (and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be) then all these unwanted contacts are NOT saved to your Address Book. They are saved to “Other Contacts” and you an edit or delete them separately as desired.

  14. I’m not seeing this under General? I’ve got Language, Maximum Page Size, Signature, Personal level indicators, Vacation responder, Outgoing message encoding, Browser connection.

  15. maybe you shouldn’t send so many emails to the personals section..

  16. I don’t see it in my General either. Can someone tell us where to find it?

  17. thanks for this heads up. what i hated about it was other sources like FB, LinkedIn, or whatever, that you let scan your contacts for potential connections would pick up these random people you emailed once for something and then you get notifications forever “is soandso someone you now?” drove me crazy heh.

  18. Well duh — based on the screenshot you’re looking in “Other Contacts”. That category is precisely intended for people you email once or so, like craigslist contacts. They don’t get automatically moved into your “My Contacts” category for the very reason that a lot of them are junk. And therefore they don’t end up sync’d to your phone either and you don’t see them unless you do a full search.

    1. He’s speaking of email contacts, not phone. It is annoying when I start typing the recipient name and it gives me a bunch of crap.

  19. Say what?!? Never had this w/GMail. I have a whopping 22 contacts in my Gmail account. Not one is advertising her services on Craig’s List. /:-{D

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