PSX4Droid Updated, Now Open-Sourced and Free to Download


In light of Google removing Playstation emulator PSX4Droid from the Android market and suspending the developer’s – ZodTTD – account, he’s gone ahead and made the .APK a free download for all to enjoy. Furthermore, he’s released the source used to create the emulator so that further development may be carried out if anyone so chooses. (We hope this doesn’t mean he’ll be stopping development of course.)

He didn’t state why he decided to go the free route, but I imagine any of the popular alternate market options would have netted him the same result – a slap on the wrist and a ban from publishing any other applications. None of that is important, though – download it! [via FrAndroid]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. If this got kicked off the Market then Playstation better bring out some real good games and fast. I hate how they don’t have any PS2 games on PSN, just because they still sell 7 million PS2’s a year.

    1. No way to play PS2 games on the supported systems. PS3 may get an emulator, not thet PS2 is no longer in production.

      1. “now that”

      2. I kept the original PS3 because I still own a few PS1 and PS2 games. The PS2 is still in production, it didn’t die in a few months like the Gamecube and Xbox once the new versions were released. I always wondered why you couldn’t find any PS2 games on PSN when it would be real easy for it to play them with an emulator, until I found out how much they were still selling. Here is an article from this year:

  2. DLing now. It’ll be an upgrade to the Lite I’ve had installed for so long…

    1. BTW, I can’t load Ridge Racer or Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee (only roms I have on my card at this time). Just force closes…

  3. FPSe is a vastly superior Playstation emulator. It is loads faster than PSX4Droid.

    1. Catch is PSX4Droid plays eboots and every other format. At least 50% savings in rom sapce as a result and more rom options. New version is faster, but some games stopped working and some options crash the app (virtual pad options).

      1. Um, yeah rushmore…because I can’t just compress my ISO. I love when people use formats and disc image containers as arguments to their point. Failboat.

  4. FFVII is the GOAT.

  5. both this developer and this app totally sucks.

    Fpse is better.

  6. @jdog25 – Not having PS2 games on PSN probably has more to do with how much disk space it would take to save them to your PS3 hard drive. Buying PS2 discs shouldnt be too expensive anyway since most of the games are pretty old.

    And FPSE is a way better emulator. PSX4droid was laggy for me

    1. I agree and next time reply directly to my comment please.

  7. I’m guessing this would not run so smooth on my OG Droid.

  8. How do install this androzip tells me to extract but dont see app

  9. pulls no result on market for me on t-bolt

    1. nevermind im an idiot

    2. ditto

  10. FC’s every time.

    kudos for working around the ‘censorship’, but i can’t get any ROM to play on my Thunderbolt.
    i’ll be looking to FPSe (apparently that’s the best contender)

  11. He released the source because he was required to under the GPL, not because he’s some altruistic developer.

  12. God I hate Zod and this shit he calls an emulator… I’d gladly pay 10 times for FPSe.

    1. Pay x times for FPSe?

      Yeah, this shows how much stupid and ignorant ppl can be -_-

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