T-Mobile G2x Retail Packaging Surfaces


I think the T-Mobile G2x is just about ready for prime time if these shots are to be believed. Magenta has apparently already gotten a few of these things inside of retail boxes and could be looking to release it in the very near future. The G2x is T-Mobile’s version of the LG Optimus 2X with one very big difference – it runs stock Android. (Froyo for now, unfortunately.) That coupled with the Tegra 2 processor inside makes for some speedy maneuvering around the OS. Check our hands-on footage with the device from CTIA here. [via TmoNews]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. ill wait for someone to mangle GB on this

    1. already done, Paul has on Modaco.

    2. the global version is expected to get gingerbread around april 16th.

  2. I thought 2.2 wasn’t optimised for dual core!?!?

    1. It’s not, only 3.0 is at the moment.

  3. that April 20th date is looking more and more likely by the day =D

  4. Its between this and the HTC Pyramid

  5. This (or Pyramid) was going to be my next phone, but after seeing how beautiful HTC Sense 3.0 is AND the specs on the new EVO 3D, I have seen a winning combination. I have decided that I will be getting the EVO 3D in a couple months. :)

    1. Ummm, are you retarded? The HTC Pyramid has Sense 3.0 AND the same specs as the Evo 3d (except for the 3d screen and two rear cameras, rather just one rear 8mp camera). Noob.

  6. Shit shit shit!! Dunno if I should get this or wait for the galaxy s2. Or the pyramid. Shit!

  7. @mr walker I will suggest that you wait for the galaxy s2

    1. haven’t heard any news lately on the S2, when is that suppose to be released

  8. I’m debating on getting either this or the galaxy S2. The current bench mark tests show that this seems to be better than both the pyramid and the Galaxy S2 but I’m some what hesitant because of the 4.0″ screen and 8GB internal HDD compared to the Galaxy S2’s 43″ and 16GB internal HDD.

    I would wait out longer but the power button my N1 just crapped out on me and I need a replacement phone.

    1. the only reason to hesitate on this phone, I believe, is the 512 mb of RAM, as opposed to the S2’s 1gb. That difference is sure to be noticeable.

    2. i’m gonna go ahead and jump on a G2x and get a GalaxyS2 later if it appeals to me. while a G2x will be most practical to me since i’m a developer, the S2’s new TouchWiz UI actually looks very slick and useful this time around. on top of that, it won’t be laggy thanks to everything it’s packing (i hope!). i think this round Samsung is going to fair even better with their Galaxy line.

  9. I’m getting this finally so close I can smell it.

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