Apr 4th, 2011

Looks like we’ve finally gotten some availability for Acer’s 7 inch Honeycomb tablet. The ICONIA Tab A100 is quite a decent tablet, apparently, but Acer didn’t have Honeycomb on it the couple of times we got to check it out. (Now that I think about it, perhaps they were being held back by Google with their new anti-fragmentation movement.)

The device has gone up on Amazon.co.uk recently, though, and for a very decent price tag for the set of specs you get – £300. Like most Honeycomb tablets, it has a Tegra 2 processor but a step down in resolution from other high-end devices – 1,024 x 600. (Understandable considering its screen size.)

The retailer is offering it starting April 20th but you can put your order in now to ensure you get one as soon as it’s available. (Free shipping options are available.) We can’t give a slither of an opinion without having used it with Honeycomb, but do you guys think this is something you’d want to carry around? I know many of you were fans of the 7-inch tab but didn’t see enough tablet-like qualities to plop down the cash. Will Acer be winning you over despite their current stock and executive management issues? [via Netbook News]

local_offer    Acer Iconia Tab A100