Get the Samsung Galaxy Tab or Fascinate on Verizon for $100 Less By “Liking” Samsung


Samsung and Wirefly have just announced a quick deal that you’ll need to hurry to get in on. If you are one of the first 500 fans to “like” Samsung on Facebook you can get $100 off of a Samsung Fascinate or Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Tab on a two-year contract. The Galaxy Tab was recently brought down to $200 with a contract so that means you’d be pocketing (if your pockets are big enough) this thing for $100. The Fascinate is free after this deal as it’s normally $100 these days.

Upon liking their page you should be presented with a link to be taken to Wirefly’s website to take advantage of the offer but I’m having difficulties loading the page as of the time of this writing. Be sure to give it a spin yourself and see if you can get it working. [Facebook via AC]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. not interested.

  2. Tried but Wirefly won’t let me buy Verizon service in my zip code

  3. Or get a Nook Color for $250 less and one click root it or wait for the upcomming official 2.2 release.

    1. you’re kidding right… nook is not even on the same plane as the galaxy s.

      1. I assume you mean the Galaxy Tab. Here is a video comparison.

  4. When I got my Fascinate, I got it for free from Amazon. Now I have a Thunderbolt, but if you wait and scout, you can get almost any phone you want for free, with a contract, through Amazon.

  5. The Tab is a joke and it’s price is insulting.

  6. Dude Verizon & samsung suck, I wouldn’t recommend any of those to ANYBODY!!! I have a fascinate and Verizon promised back in september that the fascinate with update to froyo (android 2.2) in december & here it is the end of march & still no word, all the other galaxy s phones have froyo, what’s the damn problem Verizon? Get your head out of your a**

  7. Just a reminder that unless you want to root and use a custom rom on the fascinate, it comes with bing as it’s default(and unchangeable without root) search widget and browser search, along with a lot of preloaded Verizon crap.

    My experience with the phone so far was terrible before I loaded a super clean froyo rom. It’s now a pretty good phone, though I wouldn’t recommend it…you can find better for free I’m sure.

    1. I should also mention that this phone is still currently 2.1 Eclair and Verizon has apparently forgot to update it to 2.2 Froyo.

  8. Every phone has it’s good and bad points, the Fascinate is no different. It’s actually got the best screen on the market aside from the iphone and once you root it and install froyo, literally a 5 min process, the phone is nearly perfect.

  9. “Like” Samsung to “win” a Fascinate? As a current Fascinate owner and Verizon customer, I’d rather not have a smart phone or Verizon services. What a sham…

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