Things We Missed, You Shouldn’t [CTIA Edition]


CTIA passed by in a whirlwind, and amid all the announcements, hands-on looks at upcoming devices, and sunny Florida weather, some things managed to slip under our radar. Here is a wrap up of what me missed during all the shenanigans:


Kevin Krause
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Official: BlackBerry PlayBook to Run Android Apps via ‘Optional App Player’

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  1. So what has happened to the HTC Pyramid? I was really hoping this would be officially announced this week. If the roumors about it are true then it is the only phone I want. How long till we get somthing official on this?

  2. ok guys

  3. seems alot of the so called rumored phones didnt make it to CTIA

  4. What’s going with the duplication of comments in the mobile version I know you guys switched to something different but this shouldn’t happen

  5. How about the Samsung galaxy S2? Any word on when it is coming to the states?

    1. I bet it would come out sooner if some of the carriers didn’t waste time with 4g models of the original galaxy s (im looking at you tmobile, verizon and att). Although to be fair verizon and att’s phones feature the screen of the gs2.

  6. Hey man it’s ok cheer up

  7. Just pre-ordered the xoom from the U.S. not knowing it would be available in Canada so soon.

  8. Ctia was great, and it’s great to see the new comment system. No more bums.

  9. can someone tell me how to change my avatar?

    1. Go to http://www.disqus.com/andulas
      Log in, then go edit your profile. When you select the pic to upload, click it once, not twice. It will give you a choice to crop it.

  10. I am so glad to finally get Disqus on this site! Thank You!!!!
    All of my blogs are on Disqus now, but 1. I’m looking at you AC.

    1. I mostly hate Disqus because of the lack of downrank button (particularly on what appears to be the number 1 gadget blog), but AC can’t do anything that doesn’t improve on their commenting system. Can’t even post three times on an article before they assume you’re spam. On the beg E blog I post at least 20 comments on a single article. (Actually, I guess it’s little e because they don’t capitalize.)

  11. i like the new comment system.

    1. I, for one, welcome our new Disqus overlords.

  12. Wow

  13. So much for the HTC Pyramid on Tmobile…Here’s to hoping Tmobile actually gets the LG Optimus 3D but with quad-bands (Att 4g + Tmobile 4g).

    1. Man for real. From the looks of it TMO will avoid 4.3″ Androids until the day they die(some 51 weeks from now)

  14. disqus platform testing

  15. I like this new comment feature.

  16. what ever happend to the samsung galaxy s wifi 4.0 ?

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