Mar 24th, 2011

For far too long, Phandroid’s comment system has been a rugged terrain ruled by rebels and tyrants, shooting off everything from vulgar obscenities to personal trolling attacks. They took advantage of the Editorial Team’s relentless pursuit of quick, reliable, thorough Android news coverage and as a result our comment system quickly became a chaotic battleground.

No more. Hide your kids. Hide your wife. We’ve installed DISQUS.

We’ll be optimizing the options and settings over the coming weeks but be informed that not only will DISQUS help keep the comments clean, but it will be moderated by two very important groups of individuals:

  • The staff – a loyal group that has helped keep AF the leading Android community through good judgement and a focus on keeping conversation fair, open, but appropriate and friendly.
  • YOU… the community. DISQUS allows our readers to “Like” comments, “Reply” to comments, “Flag” comments and all that great stuff.

Little kids out of the pool – you’ve peed in it far too long. It’s adult swim and Phandroid is about to reach a new level of community sophistication when before there was mostly just awkwardly warm water.

On your mark.

Get set.