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COMMENT: Adult Swim, Little Kids Out Of The Pool!


For far too long, Phandroid’s comment system has been a rugged terrain ruled by rebels and tyrants, shooting off everything from vulgar obscenities to personal trolling attacks. They took advantage of the Editorial Team’s relentless pursuit of quick, reliable, thorough Android news coverage and as a result our comment system quickly became a chaotic battleground.

No more. Hide your kids. Hide your wife. We’ve installed DISQUS.

We’ll be optimizing the options and settings over the coming weeks but be informed that not only will DISQUS help keep the comments clean, but it will be moderated by two very important groups of individuals:

  • The staff – a loyal group that has helped keep AF the leading Android community through good judgement and a focus on keeping conversation fair, open, but appropriate and friendly.
  • YOU… the community. DISQUS allows our readers to “Like” comments, “Reply” to comments, “Flag” comments and all that great stuff.

Little kids out of the pool – you’ve peed in it far too long. It’s adult swim and Phandroid is about to reach a new level of community sophistication when before there was mostly just awkwardly warm water.

On your mark.

Get set.


Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. Thank God!

  2. :-)

  3. so it works… cool

  4. About time

  5. WOW, I thought this might never happen. This was desperately needed!

  6. something tells me i will miss the old wild west days of comments. but then again, things must change for the better

  7. This should be good. But i am mad someone stole my carmendiva nickname :( oh well im mscarmendiva now lol

    1. They stole mine to. I think there’s gonna be a lot of comments by fake posters around here. Must be the juniors retaliation for no longer being able to troll.

      1. Whats sad is some ppl probably did go to that extreme.

        I been commenting on Engadget with the same nickname for the past year so I was straight.

    2. We might eventually integrate code where your AF username would be used to operate your DISQUS on Phandroid. But don’t hold me to that… that could happen WAY down the road or not at all.

      We’ll see. Baby steps. At least we’re moving forward!

      1. I’d certainly prefer that.

      2. This is f-ing sweet Rob, I think it’s cool the way it is.

  8. Great move. I just plain lose interest when that stuff goes on and move on to the next site

  9. Bravo! Needed to be done.

  10. Looks like most of you don’t use Disqus on other sites. Where’s your avatars??

    1. I been using it for the past year, I just dont have an avatar. I dont have avatars on most sites I join now.

      Maybe I’m getting old…lol

    2. I never even heard of it before today. But it seems like a better way to run this.

    3. I like your avatar.

    4. yeah!

  11. Interesting

  12. I love disqus, great idea. lol and I love the imagery used to describe the commenter landscape.

  13. Nearly there, add the new comment box to the top.

  14. So will this stop all this “first” crap?

    1. Probably not but now the mods can delete those comments.

      1. But… how will I be able to know who is a tool without the whole “First” thing??? Did no one think of the ramifications!?

  15. It apparently isn’t working, either that or phandroid thinks that above post by “Dick Goesinya” was appropriate.

    Can you set it to automatically delete “first” posts?

  16. And in light of some offending comments the last few days….I forgot all about the Flag system thats in DISQUS.

    Wish it was hear the past few days…

    Great having DISQUS here.

  17. Disqus is cool.

    1. Sure is. What theme are they using though? I cannot find the comment box, and the reply box is all messed up (IE8, no choice).

  18. This is greatly appreciated. some of the foolishness that was going on in the comments section was stomach turning.

  19. Glad to have some order in the comments. looks like it needs tweaking though. :-P

    1. Well the fonts arent gigantic anymore like when I first posted in here

      And we might need the Flag button ASAP….

      1. The flag button is there, you just need to hover over a post for it to appear.

        1. I very well might be an idiot, but I’m not getting it to come up. Would prefer it to be next to the “Like” option (with a confirmation after that, of course).

          Then again, I’m likely to flag myself. lol

          1. lol

            Yea it not showing up for me either. Hey like Rob said…baby steps. I guess I should say I’m using the latest version of Firefox if that helps tha admins.

            I just like that I can directly reply to someone now. The old way on a very hot topic it might get lost in 30 replies after I did mine…

          2. Yeah, not sure if flag is in place yet or not, but it will be soon enough.

        2. You guys need Mod tags in your names.

        3. Lol I just emailed Phandroid last night about the flavorful comments on the site. Nice to see you guys already had a plan in motion to clean it up..

        4. Okay, I just found out today I can see the Flag button in Opera and Chrome, but not Firefox.

          Since its been locking up lately and some software I use daily might finally work right with Chrome and Opera …it might be time for me to ditch Firefox again. Dont even feel like trying to fix the problem.

  20. muhahaha

  21. I started ignoring the comments here because they were always just a flame war. Thank You!

  22. Finally!

  23. yay!
    and i thought adult swim games would come to the market :/

    1. thats what i thought this was about too. ;p

  24. Thank God. No more “first” or having 97 comments of which 6 were actually on subject and not people flaming one another or talking about something completely irrelevant.

  25. I love Disqus

  26. About time. The internet has been a place for misplaced aggression far too long. Kids, stand up to the bullies that push you in lockers, not troll the blogosphere.

  27. well its about freaking time! :)

  28. I suppose this is a good time for me to actually sign up and post comments instead of just reading the articles.

    1. Please do! Comments are what add to the articles. I personally love reading comments because I can then understand what the users of Android really think!

  29. Thank You Admins!

  30. Yessss!! I’m glad you guys finally added this!!

  31. I think this is an improvement

  32. I’m just leaving this comment to try it out. I want to see how this works. Sounds like this is going to be a lot better for everyone involved.

  33. Thank you so much for doing this. I love to read about Android stuff and the comments from other readers but sometimes people are really rude. Thanks for cleaning up your corner of the Internet!!!!

  34. what’s that….yes it is angels singing…my comment prayers were heard.

    ****random edit….***** because I finally can!

  35. Thank God, a real commenting system.

  36. This was much needed. I love this site, but the commenting system was rough.

    1. I agree with your avatar name. I never went back to any of their sites after that.

  37. This is niiiice. Perhaps no more of that Richards guy or any of the other wankers that trolled this place. And the comment section looks really nice on the eyes!

    1. Just remember to do your part and flag the trollish comments.

      1. Yes, please flag comments! It will make it much easier for us moderators when you as the user flag comments that you find inappropriate.

  38. This is great…. I really disliked the tolling rabble on Phandroid. Thank you. Now my phan experience will be more enjoyable.

  39. Good job:)

  40. The flagged comments still show up on the Phandroid app. The comment by Dick Goesinya is no longer on this page but still is displayed (10 times) in comments on the app.

  41. So does DISQUS work in the app? Apparently not.

  42. This is my first comment ever on Phandroid and I’d like to say:
    Thank you, Phandroid.

  43. Glad for the change

  44. I am on board..Thanks for steppin up Phandroid!

  45. I say flag em! Flag em all to oblivion! LOL

  46. Is there a way to turn off displaying the Reactions

  47. Does this mean not more “FIRST” posts……… WoooHooooo :o)

  48. Sweet. I’ve always liked Disqus.

    1. Sparhawk!! Love the user name!!

      So is it just me or am i the only one that doesn’t see the ‘flag post’ option?

  49. The only problem is now i am having trouble posting from my phone with the Phandroid app.

  50. Woot! Now you can all check out my profile and see how many likes I’ve got! I wear it as a badge of honor cause I have no life! :)

    1. lol!!

      Hey, from posting on Engadget for the past year, I didnt even pay attention to it in the beginning. I still dont really. I just post what I think is relevant or reply to folks. If you like it, fine.

      Some ppl on Engadget….I swear they post JUST to try to get likes. I admit some of the posts with alot of likes do be either on point or funny.

  51. Yay! Thank you! I will now actually start to comment here knowing that I can get immediate notification of responses and my comment won’t get buried away and forgotten. Thanks guys! (That may have sounded sarcastic but it wasn’t, I’m genuinely happy).

  52. test ignore

  53. Um.. did this change break something?? I see like 300+ comments on here and each persons comment repeated a bunch… is this just a bug with the phandroid app maybe.. ?

  54. DISQUS is definitely better than what was here before. That was a mess if you wanted to reply to someone’s comment because you couldn’t do it outside of putting “@ insert-commenter-here” at the beginning of your post. This will be much better.

  55. Hey look! I just replied to someone without having to go @OtisFeelgood, and be 20 comments down the list from the comment Im replying to! Neat!

    1. Pretty futuristic huh?!

    2. you can even sort by newest posts


  57. Hey sorry for latching onto your comment. I can’t find the comment button, just the reply button.

    Good that you are upgrading the comment section, but to be frank I think it will only be marginally better at best. Unless your ban team is really vigilant, and aggressive, the comments will still remain a bastion of filth and decay. Engadget also has Disqus, but that hasn’t stopped the trolling nor the inane comments, the off-topic, and the wise-cracks and lolcats to get attention and LIKES. I hide the comments there completely. Then there’s sites like Gizmodo, that I avoid completely, who’s tabloid staff are on about the same level as the trolls they claim to hate, so it is all an orgy of perversion with the mods both condoning and inciting it. The snark and lolcat pictures are 50% of the comments, the other 40% flaming and trolling, and at most 10% are decent, intelligent people armed with real facts and discussion.

    In fact, I’ve never seen a good comment section anywhere, be it AndroidCentral, GSMArena, Tech Site A, Tech Site B, etc. and definitely not on Phandroid. Your namesake is a fanboy magnet and they love to troll. If you are really serious about cleaning up the place and presenting a safe and friendly environment for all Android users, from the hardcore to the casual, the first thing you need to crack down on is the Apple hate and slurs that consume 90% of the comments/forum posts. It’s beyond juvenile and shows how arrogant and exclusive/intolerant and senselessly hostile your core viewership is. The same can be said to a lesser degree with Nokia, and pretty much anything else not Android-related.

    Can Phandroid really be a shining beacon in a sea of putrid waste? Can it shake off the stigma of its namesake? I like the staff here because you tend to be fairer than most even though you are android-centric here. But the comments, I completely avoid, and even in the androidforums there are plenty of bubbles of rot within individual forums. I hope there is a light at the end of the tunnel. But changing an entire internet culture is hard.

    1. Very well put. I tend to prefer Phandroid for their fairness over Android, the different UIs and over different devices. Though you’re right, they aren’t afraid to show pros of Android through the cons of competitors. It’s at least better than what happens in the comments where people tear each other’s phones and carriers down just to be heard. But still, I fully agree, it wont be easy to stop these people.

    2. For me, Its not so much the trolls but the old setup that was irritating at times. We have to admit this setup is better than the old way.

      Direct replying to ppl, Flag button whenever it gets put in, sort comments, spaces in between groups of words. The old setup I had to put in periods for spaces so I wouldmt have one gigantic paragraph. This setup is alot better IMO.

      Trolls will be trolls. There isnt much you can do about it unless you police the comments section 24/7.

      I did notice the past few days or last week there was some individual who took it to the absolute extreme. A Flag button would been welcomed then. But for anti Android, anti Android manufacture, anti Apple trolls, as long as it doesnt get too personal and over the top, its par for the course.

  58. Def doesnt hurt, thanks phandroid staff

  59. Good deal – thank you!

  60. does my old forum nickname transfer over?

    1. yes :-) very nice

  61. Awesome. Much better system.

  62. There is definitely bugs in the phandroid app comments section now though.

  63. Testing…testing,1, 2

  64. Sweet. everyone else uses Disqus, so why not Phandroid?

    1. And if everyone were to jump off a bridge???

  65. Awesome news. After reading through a pretty bitter comments section on a recent article, I was thinking Discqus would be a great idea. All of the other tech sites I go to see to use it.

  66. When will you guys fix your app?

  67. :|

  68. hey im logged into disqus already whoaaaaaa

  69. Please fix the app already!

  70. Sounds like some Phandroid people have really thin skin….

    1. If you woulda seen some of the recent comments here before they switched to Disqus, I wouldnt call it thin skin. Some things ppl post really should be kept to themselves or said to themselves and not posted.

      Put it like this, I been posting on Engadget for the past year and either the Flag feature cleans it up quick or the mods clean it up quick but what I saw posted here recently I never ran across on Engadget.

      It got so bad recently I didnt go back to the article and was looking at the comments in other articles cautiously.

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