Motorola ATRIX 4G Having Call Quality Issues?


If you’re on Ma Bell with the Motorola ATRIX 4G and have been noticing that your calls don’t sound as clear as they should, don’t fret – it’s not the network acting up. (Zing!) For some unknown reason that Motorola’s already looking into, the device is having some issues with call quality. We usually think hardware or some sort of infrastructure when that happens, but no one knows at this point. Motorola’s opened up a thread at their support forums if you want to chime in and help them figure out what’s going on. [via Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. What?? DISQUS for Pandroid???

    Anyway, if it is anything software related Moto will just have a maintenance update. Seen it with the Droid X and 2 last year weeks after they launched.

    1. That’s right!

      1. Thank u thank u!!

        Anything was better than the old way. I saw how yall tweaked the spacing in the comments. I was just happy with that. DISQUS caught me totally off guard..lol

  2. This phone looks great on Paper but i bought it ON Friday then i took it back on Monday the sound is not good the speeds with bell is not what a 4G is My Iphone4 & HTC Desire HD where either same or faster. So why name this motorola a 4G when this 2 phones can beat it. I have not bought a Motorola Product in 8 years.I gave it a chance but nope will not buy one again there where some cool features like the power button on the back and the finger scan. The screen was nice but for being a 4″ screen didn’t seem big for the text very small my old Galaxy S seem much better than This phone..

  3. Turd phone. Motorola sucks.

  4. I get issue with call quality I’m in the us

  5. like the new comment setup. Now we can be like Endgaget and be trolls. JK.

    Glad Motorola is acknowledging the issue!

  6. Hmm….New coments section. I like it.

  7. Oddly it is more powerful than you new evo, shall i post a link again sigint? On the flip side of thinhs i love the new sense, gives everyone else a little something to look forward to

  8. Why is the fonts for the comments to big?

  9. it’s AT&T……. no wonder they got call problems.

  10. My wife just picked one up on Saturday and the call quality sounded really good. Maybe we got lucky… She loves the phone by the way, and when I was setting up all of the goodies for her I ran quadrant and got a score of 3000+ :)

    Speed on the phone is unreal.

  11. I have no issues with my atrix.

    1. Yeah, me neither. Call quality is great!

  12. Shut the fuck up nigger shit!

  13. hello… can you hear me now?

  14. comment system is nice

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