EasyRoot for HTC Thunderbolt Should Make Your Life Easier


The folks at XDA want to help get your Thunderbolt rooting experience started with an easy way to unlock that deep-level system access. Easyroot + S-Off aims to do that and sounds simple enough for the average “sort of savvy but not really” user to apply. The instructions do look daunting at first glance, but just take your time and don’t get ahead of yourself when following them. The happy people at XDA are always happy to help, too, so be sure to ask any questions you have there. [via Brief Mobile]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Wont work for me. I will wait for unrevoked or another to create their 1 click root

  2. I wonder about future HTC phones.
    Not a happy thing to read. Here’s to hoping it isn’t true.

  3. ^ to be fair, they didn’t say anything specifically about actual encrypted bootloaders, but I know that they are doing their best to make it difficult.

  4. how are your battery life seriously!?

  5. @dj

    who said anything about encrypted bootloader?

  6. Let the rooting begin!

  7. Well i will use Swype on this thats for sure.. :)

  8. battery life is fine on the Thunderbolt. Disable useless widget likes FriendStream and others that will suck up battery power and you’re fine. Friendstream is pretty useless anyways.

  9. Now if someone could just hack a way to toggle 4G/3G like you can 3G/2G maybe we can save this phone from having a battery life that makes the EVO look good.

  10. @G11 Download Phone Info:


    It allows you to toggle Between LTE and CDMA.

    Anyone with a VZW 4G phone should check and make sure that you don’t already have LTE in your area, before turning it off. I am in Portland, OR and we’re not supposed to have LTE anywhere accept the Airport, but I am finding it covers much of the city.

  11. @10

    There is one. Search Network Mangelow on the market.

  12. I get 18-24hours everyday with nothing disabled completely stock.

  13. @chris the post right above that one contained a comment and link regarding htc getting tougher on locking down phones and the difference between encrypted and signed bootloaders. I’ve noticed that posts regarding subjects that phandroid hasn’t yet reported vanish. My first post was there, and coincidentally vanished just before the article about htc and tougher rooting came up on phandroid news. *shrugs*

  14. Only works for certain people the OP is working on an updated version for people.

  15. If you are interested in rooting i would just follow the normal instructions. the knowledge you learn from doing it will be extremely valuable later on when more custom roms come out.

  16. Those are some enormous hands, or a mini thunderbolt

  17. To cer! Lmao….nice observation!

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