ARCHOS Gen 9 Tablet to Boast 1.6GHz Dual-Core A9 CPU, Launching with Honeycomb in June


ARCHOS is at it again, improving their tablet lineup and pushing the boundaries of slate-style Android computing. While they typically don’t get as much hype as the big ticket brands like Motorola and Samsung, ARCHOS has managed to push out a few serviceable Android tablets over the past year, even if build quality has suffered at times. The latest effort, their Gen 9 series of tablets, sees a 1.6GHz dual-core ARM A9 CPU driving the action, which at the time ranks as one of the most powerful processor in an Android portable.

ARCHOS is also doing work within the Android software to support hard disk drives, and will feature up to 250GB of storage available in their Gen 9 series. You can also expect a 3G radio to be present. The whole shabang comes running on Android 3.0 Honeycomb, and should launch in June for 400 euros.

[via AndroidPolice]

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  1. Title: 3-key technology differentiators
    Subtitle: 4 keys differentiators in gen 9 tablets to be released in june 2011


  2. @toddy

    The 3-Key Tech Differentiators:
    Arm Dual-Core 1.6Ghz
    Hard Disk Drives
    Disruptive 3G Modem

    The 4th Differentiator is NOT necessarily a Tech difference:
    Stainless Steel Structure

    The presentation is grammatically correct.

  3. @JodyS

    You can never accuse Kevin of writing something grammatically correct!

    “The latest effort, their Gen 9 series of tablets, sees a 1.6GHz dual-core ARM A9 CPU driving the action, which at the time ranks as one of the most powerful processor in an Android portable.”

    He never proof reads anything.

  4. I would like to see more Honeycomb tablets use an HDD or have an option for it. Toshiba’s 1.8″ HDD is very power efficient. Also, checked out Tom’s Hardware and they did some SSD Vs HDD power efficiency studies and while the first set of studies were flawed, they did find that some SSD brands used more power than an HDD. And 160GB would be nice!

  5. The big question will be whether or not it has official access to the Android Market. Previous Archos tablets have not been approved by Google for access to the market.

  6. @Tabman, Not really an issue. Every archos android has had the android market installable with out rooting and no warrenty voiding. It just simply doesn’t come pre-installed is all.

    Archos make really nice tablets. They have been making them since before the iPad and know their stuff. Though their production since the boom seems to be lacking when compared to the demand.

  7. And the screen?

    All those Jigaherts term is useless if the screen quality sucks. Time to put S-AMOLED, or IPS or Pixel Qi + respectable resolution.. I just dont want my eyes to suffer….

  8. Hmmm, seeing as Archos tends to focus on multimedia consumption, and that’s what I want a tablet for….and it has Honeycomb…and a sizeable HDD…I’m sold. I hope it plays back MKVs with subtitles well. Other than that, I found my tablet of choice right here.

  9. @yamiyaiba no joke, Archos knows what’s up in the media department. I was *so* close to getting the Archos 101 but when limited quantities proved frustrating I stumbled across an article about the dev community behind the G-Tablet on xda and went and bought one 30 minutes later at my local Sears. This hardware sounds amazing, count me in!

  10. I bought my wife an Archos70s which is a very serviceable tablet for the price. Without rooting it and the addition of Flash 10.2 it is playing flash internet videos decently now (Archos has 1ghz processor dialed back in stock mode). If you root it with SDE you can overclock it and it makes it awesome. It’s hardware build is very solid, and they’ve updated Froyo firmware 4 times since releasing Froyo back in November. Sideloading Google Market (Thanks to XDA!) and Flash was no problem. If they come out with this tablet in June and it has Honeycomb and GPS capability I’m definitely interested. Kudos to Archos, keep up the good work!!

  11. More garbage from Archos. I was one of the suckers that bought the 101 and I really regret it. The case has the yield strength of wet spaghetti. The choice of memory was horrible. I could go on and on. Screen cracked after a setting it down too hard. Just go to their fan site and read all the complaints. Look around and see how many people swear it is their last Archos ever…there are many of us.

    Sure it has good media support but that is about all they have…and seriously are you gonna spend 5-600 on an Archos when all the major players are gonna be releasing solid well made tablets for the same or less?

  12. Another Crap coming down the pipe.

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