Mar 17th, 2011

It’s nearly 8:00 AM on the west coast and that means most people who were anticipating this phone already has it in their hands. We want to know what kind of speeds you’re getting with your brand new HTC Thunderbolt now that more than a few devices are pinging that shiny new LTE network Verizon’s put up.

Below shows what some of our tipsters have been getting just two days before Verizon officially launched it (March 15th). As you can see, these speeds rival and – in my case – surpass the capabilities of broadband cable and DSL home internet. That is absolutely amazing for a phone.

Not even a few weeks ago, speeds paled in comparison. Perhaps this is what was taking Verizon so long to release it: the Thunderbolt probably wasn’t taking full advantage of the LTE network and it had to be fixed. Those results compared to today’s are like a night and day difference.

If you remember a while back, Rob did some speed tests on Verizon’s LTE network using his data stick. Download speeds were comparable to what they are now, but upload speeds seem to have gotten a major upgrade since then.

It’ll be interesting to see how things are looking after a week or two when most of the early adopter crowd has the device in their hands. If you already have one, post your own screenshots and compare them to ours and others’.

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