May the Luck of the Irish (and these Apps) Find You this St. Patrick’s Day [App Roundup]


Top o’ the morning to ya, my dear lads and lasses, for today is St. Patrick’s Day. For most, the 17th of March marks a day of drinking and revelry. For the Irish, well, it also marks a day of drinking and revelry. So whether you have plans to head to your local Irish pub or if you will take it easy at home with a nice tall glass of Guinness and a heaping serving of corned beef and cabbage, here are some apps that should help you get into the holiday spirit.

Get into the Irish Spirit

Speaking of getting into the holiday spirit, you will most definitely want to have the luck of the Irish on your Android phone. Consider the following Irish themed apps and St. Patrick’s Day wallpapers:

  • Irish Slang [Download Link] – Go ahead and put on your best Irish accent and pop open this app, which promises to get you accustomed with the working man’s Irish. Sure to make a fool out of you later in the night if you do happen to run into any real Irishmen.
  • Irish & Celtic Music Podcast [Download Link] – Nothing like a bit of traditional Celtic folk music to set the mood, right? This app gives access to episodes of the Irish & Celtic Music podcast right at your fingertips.
  • St. Patrick’s Day Droid LiveWallpaper [Download Link] – Androids drink green beer, or at least that is what this goofy St. Patrick’s Dat livewallpaper wants us to believe! What better day for good old Andy? He doesn’t even have to do much to show his Irish pride. He might just be the next best thing to a leprechaun.

Drink with the Power of Android

Now that we are feeling properly Irish, it’s time to head to the pub. If you plan on spending the night out with friends have a few (OK, maybe more than a few) beers, the following apps should help you make some sense of a night that might end up being a little hard to remember. And remember, don’t drink and drive!

  • Brewster [Download Link] – Keep a map of every beer you consume with ratings and percentage of alcohol as you crawl from pub to pub. The next morning you will have tidy a record of what exactly led to your hangover.
  • Beer Counter [Download Link] – Similar to Brewster, Beer Counter helps you keep track of your tab by allowing you to enter each beer and its price so you always know what you owe. It can also automatically update your Twitter so all of your friends and followers know just how smashed you are.
  • Blood Alcohol Calculator [Download Link] – After a night of hard drinking use this app to see which one of your friends pummeled their liver hardest. Thankfully you have used Brewster to keep track of the alcohol content of each beer. Don’t drink and drive, but if you were to make that silly decision it might be best to do a quick check of your BAC before hitting the road.
  • iBeer [Download Link] – Can’t get out for a brew or would rather skip the crowds and sit at home? iBeer has you covered with a nice frothy pint right on your Android homescreen. Not nearly as fun as the real thing, this fake beer won’t quite drown your tears of loneliness.

Games for St. Patrick’s Day

Not heading out for a night of drunken antics? Or perhaps you are looking for something to entertain you before and after. Either way, these St. Paddy’s themed games should keep you occupied.

  • Angry Birds Seasons [Download Link] – Not much more to say about what is arguably the most popular mobile game of all time. The latest update to the Seasons edition of Angry BIrds gives you a healthy dose of St. Patrick’s Day fun.
  • Bubble Blast St. Patrick’s Day [Download Link] – This fun puzzle game is given an Irish makeover with pots of gold, shamrocks, and leprechaun hats. Pop the items strategically to eliminate as many as possible.
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