Best Buy Extends $249.99 Thunderbolt Price Past March 20th


At one point in time, we learned Best Buy would be asking for $299.99 if you wanted to walk out with the Thunderbolt and a two-year contract. Later, it was confirmed that the device would eventually cost that much, but not until March 20th – early adopters would get it at Verizon’s asking price. And now they’ve chimed in to let us know that the $249.99 price point will remain active past March 20th. We’re not sure how much longer they’ve extended it for, but you may want to jump on it now as it could jump up to $300 at any time. That or just get it from another retailer.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Just played around with the ThunderBolt…It’s Blazing Fast. Speed test needle almost cracked off, 13mb Upload 27 Down!


  2. who cares if they increase the price just go to verizon or another place and get it cheaper.

  3. Imagine paying $749 for it.

  4. not dual core….dont see why people are even jumping on this if they already have an android device. I guess for the lte, but whatever. Im waiting for the bionic

  5. Just FYI… I bought mine this morning on Verizon web site. It was $199.99 on a new contract then another 30 off that for the new every two. Total… 169.99. Seems fair….

  6. just got minee..sick ass phone..anddd i got $100 cuz i been wit verizon for over 2 years =D..soo $150..YEAHHHBUDDDY

  7. Not worth $300…what a hype!!!!

  8. Just came back from a Verizon Store…this phone does not stand up to the hype…forget about it.

  9. Well I think I have all of you beat… I was on the phone with verizon for an hour but I got the new every 2 discount as well as 110 dollar discount due to an older issue with my new every 2. Bottom line is I got this phone for $40 dollars. You cant beat that with a stick.

  10. Good job reddawn.
    Retail is for suckers! Why someone would pay 250 for this is beyond me. Not when you can wait a week or two and get it for less than half that. Or wait a month and get it for a penny from Amazon or Wirefly. I guess even in this economy, people have money to burn.

  11. I checked online this morning, and i was able to get the phone for 199, with my NE2 discount. I go to the store, and the sales rep wouldnt budge a penny under $269 I told him he was crazy, and i would go home, buy the phone an come back up there an stand out side, an tell everyone what a douchbag he was.

  12. This phone doesn’t have to be dual core to be awesome…Android can’t even fully support it anyways. Why put it in a phone that doesn’t have the software? It would be essentially useless.

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