Motorola XOOM WiFi Presales Start at Costco, Shipping April 1st for $589.99


Costco is one of several carriers said to be officially launching the Wi-Fi-only model of the Motorola XOOM. They’re now offering a presale opportunity for the device at their website. For $589.99 – $10 less than the base price – you can have this thing shipped to you starting April 1st.

That last bit is odd considering Motorola gave a specific March 27th date, but availability is different from retailer to retailer. It’s only a few days, though, so we’re sure it won’t be too big of a turn-off for some of you. Check Costco’s listing out over at their site now. [CostcoThanks MigFig!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. well, it comes with gel case too, so I guess thats good.

  2. They’ll have the same deal in store as well. Trust me…I’m there 40 hrs a week!

  3. Absolute bargain, the 32gb ipad will cost more with an HDMI adopter. Getting the zoom instead.

  4. It matters to me. By coincidence, I have Monday the 28th scheduled off, for a three day weekend. I’ll be spending the day playing with my Xoom! So somebody better have the thing stocked up prior to that day.

  5. Damn it Motorola, stop tempting me! I want to wait for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 but I’m finding it hard!

  6. Shit on both the Ipad2 and Xoom

  7. Gee, save a whole 10 bucks by buying at Costco? Thank god I also have a Sam’s membership so I can save 70 if the rumors are true.

  8. price is still way to high.

  9. I would rather have $300 extra dollars in savings. It’s $350 for ipad 1, 65,000 more tablet apps, 15,000 more video titles, more developed tablet OS. The tegra dual core is likely not optimized yet by the android apps that came out Before the tegra even existed, thus rendering it just about useless.

  10. @dork, the materials cost on the Xoom was reported at around $360. The WiFi probably a little less. How much cheaper could they make it and still recover development costs, marketing costs, and turn any kind of profit?

  11. I am tempted, but I really like the idea of something like the Asus Transformer, with a keyboard dock. If I remember correctly specks are similar, and it will be less expensive.

    Interesting, don’t see much info on that.

  12. Pre-Ordered mine last night on Amazon $610 with 1day shipping. Im feint out, those of you who are compaining about pricing, apps, or specs havent yet played with one. The sh*t just makes you want to take it home. Took all of 4secs to have me hooked and the will of a Giant to not eat a 2yr contract

  13. Why not buy it from Amazon? It will be $600 but should be tax free, I’m sure that woudl save most people at least $30

  14. I agree with GPL, I’m waiting to see if the rumored $539 price was correct at Sam’s …. If not I will wait until pricing drops.

  15. Motorola Xoom WiFi has GPS. Wifi-only ipad2s don’t have GPS.
    as Xoom 4G/3G it will have 32Gb RAM, USB, HDMI, SD (to have Xoom WiFi 64Gb), 2 *good* cameras, 1Gb RAM (ipad2s have 512Mb), Flash and Android Honeycomb. Xoom looks and feels really great.
    If you can compare objectively, not with help of bias:
    Xoom is better than ipad2s clearly, it’s the best tablet computer out there and with every Honeycomb update will become better and better.
    Xoom as hardware and software is worth its price, everybody just need to find their optimal way to buy it.)
    If Apple put EVERYTHING Xoom has into its pads2, their price would start from $699. They just want you to compare poor and not expandable 16Gb wifi-only non-GPS ipad2 for $499 to Xoom multimedia powerhouse. It’s a marketing trick.
    * I have felt in love with Honeycomb and Xoom.=)

  16. I preordered mine from costco. If it shows up in the store, I’ll pick it up on the 27th and return the shipped one.

    costco returns are nice ad easy :)

    Plus the 90 day return and 2 year warranty is worth the cost of having to pay tax.

  17. FYI. . .
    Costo extends the warranty to two years for such devices.

    From the Costo Motorola Xoom’s page:

    “For COMPUTERS, TELEVISIONS and PROJECTORS, Costco extends the MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY to two years from date of purchase. Please call Costco Concierge™ Technical Support @ 1-866-861-0450 for warranty assistance.”

    So it’s a pretty good deal when you factor in the addition of the extra warranty. Purchase it with your AX and the warranty should be doubled–not sure if AX will double Costo’s extra warranty or not.

  18. Amex doesn’t double the warrenty…they add one additional year on top. So you’d be looking at a 3 year warranty if you bought it at Costco and paid with your Amex.

  19. It’s all about perceived value with these things. I still think iPad will outsell this. It’s just too expensive IMO. I suppose time will tell, but I really don’t see many sales to those that aren’t already crazy android fans.

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