HTC Opens First Concept Store in Denmark


A while back we heard that HTC wanted to take a cue from the book of Apple and other manufacturer’s by opening their own chain of retail stores geared specifically towards peddling their line of phones and mobile devices. Today marks the opening of their first concept store in Europe, as HTC welcomed a line of eager shoppers to their Copenhagen, Denmark location. The location was chosen for the strong brand recognition HTC holds in the country.

The store offers HTC’s lineup of mobile devices at off-contract prices without network subscriptions, but, according to HTC’s Nordic director Peter Frolund, does not aim to compete directly with carrier sales. They hope the store will serve more as a platform to show off their smartphones and tablets and highlight their HTC Sense user experience.


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  1. man that is so cool.
    they better open this in the us.

  2. too bad here in the us they would die in a week because all of our american friends think there droid x really costs the $200 they get with a 2 year contract……

  3. i would love to see a store like this in nyc!!

  4. @austin

    Totally agree. This concept works well in Europe where people buy unlocked phones all the time, but in the US, its all about carrier subsidization.

  5. Next stop, LONDON
    Really hope so

  6. So, in a Danish-speaking country, the phrase “Quietly Brilliant” over their doorway is still rendered in English? What in the world????

  7. I was there this morning, got myself one more desire. This time in white. Only 200$ without contract. :)

  8. @ Kevin. Yes Why not. Don’t you think we know how to read. He he he

  9. @ Kevin
    Why not, we can read it :)

  10. I doubt it is the first one, there is one just like that in Prague:!5615585/who-knew-htc-had-actual-physical-stores

  11. That does seem really cool but like Austin said people here don’t really get the idea that phones cost like 5 or 6 hundred dollars off contract. Still, it’s cool as a concept store.

  12. Great ! I might pay a visit sometime soon (I live nearby). The article states that HTC has a good brand-recognition in DK (and they do, no doubt). Also I read somewhere else that Denmark (as well as the rest of Scandinavia/Northern Europe) has a high concentration of “early adopters” so that might also be an incentive for HTC and their shop here in DK.

    @Kevin: Most danes (I guess more than 80%) has English as a 2nd language so most slogans and movie titles are not translated. And theres absolutely no dubbing/dual-language on danish TV so people are used to it I think :)

  13. Denmark gets all the cool stuff!! Concept store, Androids falling out of the sky and landing on cars, doobage…

  14. Just imagine if Google opened up a couple of ‘experience’ stores…. really…just imagine!

    Forget the marketeers and the creative agencies… you just need Larry and Sergey to just chill for a while, sit on the beach, have a beer whatever….but…for them to just remember how hungry they were a decade ago….and for them to apply those same emotions, man the Google Experience stores would be AWESOME!… ;-)

  15. @ToastnJam that was in the Netherlands :)

  16. Google has marketeers? Seems all they do is put a tiny text ad on your gmail for some obscure bookkeeping agency.

  17. my bad, good catch Genford.

  18. This is totally cool. I’m going to Copenhagen next month on business. I have to go check this out!

  19. Would they bring one to Canada that would be sick.

  20. Not going to lie. This looks like a direct (scaled down a bit) copy of the Apple store with HTC’s own color shceme. Still, looks nice.

    I agree with others who are saying something like this would completely fail in the US. We are all about subsidy here…


  22. @Bela

    Well yeah, if Apple stores are a copy of Sony Style stores.

  23. @Richard Yarrell, obviously that is the only highend Android phone that you have. Well except for the super slow graphic chip, mediocre camera and short battery life parts.

  24. @ACR… You must be some new jack here… Keep it moving buddy… Go place your USELESS JARGON ELSEWHERE….. BUM………..

  25. @Kevin it’s the same here in Norway.
    We do not translate slogans or movies.
    Even commercials are in english.
    The are many signs in english and almost everybody speaks English as their 2. language.

    Why translate when meaning of the slogans may be lost in translations?

  26. pulver til pungen = powder to the money/gold bag = balls deep in snow

    some things just don’t totally translate the same, heheh

  27. Anyone got the address? I’m off to Copenhagen next week. Cheers.

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