Things We Missed, You Shouldn’t [March 16th]


It’s been a bit quiet in the Android world today, but we managed to scrape some leftovers from the big green pot. The list is rather short so be sure to take a quick glance and let us know if you find something you like.

  • The LG Optimus Me P350 has launched in Germany, coming to the UK later this month.
  • Wallpapers and ringtones from the LG Revolution system dump are available for download. [AndroidSpin]
  • Google’s showing developers how to use hardware acceleration in Android 3.0 for their own apps. [Google]
  • SaskTel will release the HTC Incredible S. [MobileSyrup]
  • FatBooth for Android is now available. [Market]
  • Just as we’ve heard before, Intel’s looking to create a stronghold in the Android sector. [BGR]
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