Need More G-Slate in Your Blood? Check Out This Video From the Official LG Girl


Like the HTC Flyer, LG’s G-Slate headed for T-Mobile is another one of those devices that we haven’t had the pleasure of spending a whole lot of time with. The Official LG Girl, as she’s called, has uploaded nearly 3 minutes of footage and a “mini review”, if you will. She does a pretty good job of showing the ins and outs of the tablet. It’s not much different from any other Honeycomb tablet on the market or set to come out soon, but the unique 3D features are finally shown off here. You can find that at just around the 1:42 mark. Take a peek above. [via TmoNews]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Its sort of refreshing to have a hot girl do a review on a tablet for once…but its just another over priced android tablet…smh

  2. t-mobile is the place to go for fun fun fun on Friday!
    Tomorrow is Friday
    And Sunday comes after…no wait a second, that’s not quite right.

  3. How do you know it’s overpriced? I don’t think they’ve announced, yet.

    Oh, right. -F- off, iLoser.

  4. wow i might have 2 chek this out
    wifo only ?
    cuz i can always use my mt4g as a 4g hotsppt anyway

  5. Obvious pandering to tech blog world. There is no way T-Mobile girl is a nerd.
    T-Mobile’s successful attempt at viral marketing.

  6. Comment #1,

    Bahahahah….F off iLoser +1

  7. See 0:40 – Google Talk video chat? Is this for tablets only? Where can I get this!?

  8. 1. Put a blonde wig on her and she’s Chris Crocker.

    2. She obviously doesn’t really know much about technology.

    3. 3D is a gimmick. Please let it go.

    4. NEXT!

  9. This is the first tablet that really impresses me. It blows the xoom out of the water imo and the LG girl is hot!! Not like that corporate tool Tmo girl who has the looks but lacks the brains. It will be interesting to see what they price this tablet at. LG ftw!

  10. Could care less about the 3D, but if this thing is reasonably priced…and if T-Mo doesn’t charge an arm and a leg for their 4G service on the Slate (like what Vzn is doing with the Xoom) then I might pick one of these up.

    …the only problem with technology is that if you wait long enough to see if something is what you want, there will be something else that pops up as “coming soon” and then you have to wait longer to see if that’s right for you too…because it could be a better deal than what you wanted before. GAH!

  11. Holy crap she is HHHOOOTTT!! I’m definitely going to be watching her videos :D

  12. 3D seems a bit gimmicky to me right now. Anyone know of a practical app for 3D. Like home movies maybe ;).

    I’d consider buying it but I wouldn’t be willing to pay extra for the dual camera 3D thing. Will have to see what it costs.

  13. That hit my g-spot

  14. I love how everyone’s like, whatever, Next! This is next. It’s more reasonably sized than the Xoom and hopefully more reasonably priced. Other than size, the G-Slate only has more and better than Xoom, dual cameras, 4G out of the box. Everything else is the same and I bet this comes in as cheaper. T-Mobile’s tablet plans are already cheaper than the competition. Look up what it costs for the Streak 7 and Galaxy Tab and that’s likely what it’ll cost for this (data-wise).

  15. @fred @todd, dudes am a proud owner of the EVO, and android loyalist. am just disappointed that all these android tablets wont be able to compete with the ipad price wise, thats all chill

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