Did the Samsung Nightwing Just Pass the FCC with Model Number T839?


Way back at the beginning of the year rumors of a new Samsung handset headed for T-Mobile flared up under the Nightwing codename. The name reminded us of the super hero, or at least a gadget Batman would use, but we have heard little about the rumored phone since. At that time it was believed the phone would carry a rather measly 480×320 screen resolution, but a new FCC filing for a matching device with model number T839 not only shows us this handset is not forgotten, but also bumps the display up to 480×800 and mentions an ARM 11 processor.

Other than that, there isn’t much to add. Chances are this will fall into the mid-range category when it eventually lands on T-Mobile.

[FCC via TMoNews]

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  1. Nightwing is what the original Robin changes his name to when he leaves Batman in some comics.

    but is also:


  2. 4g sidekick?

  3. This is the Sidekick.

  4. It could be the new galaxy devices Tmobile is slated to carry

  5. First thing that came to my mind was sidekick also.

  6. Sidekick

  7. Tmonews confirms – this *is* the new Sidekick 4G.

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