Jan 4th, 2011

It looks like Samsung is preparing a few Androids for T-Mobile, most notably the Samsung Nightwing which was first leaked back in November with model number T839. Few details are known, but with a 480×320 resolution and a name like Nightwing, the teenage market is a good guess for targeting.

In addition to the Nightwing, CellPhoneSignal says Samsung is also preparing the higher resolution Samsung T759 for T-Mobile. And don’t forget about the Motorola Cliq 2, LG Optimus 2X, and Dell Streak 7 which could also hit T-Mobile’s shelves in the near future.

Most importantly, whenever I think of the name Nightwing, for some reason I think of Darkwing Duck. I’m really not that old. Come on. I swear.

Hope we see some of these this week!

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