Playstation Suite Coming to Tegra-Equipped Devices


Today via their Tegra Zone portal NVIDIA announced that the PlayStation Suite, Sony’s Android gaming platform, will make its way to devices powered by Tegra processors. While the PlayStation Suite is slated to be available for most Android devices, the only so far confirmed is the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. That device doesn’t use a dual-core chip like the Tegra 2 found in phones like the LG Optimus 2X and tablets running Android Honeycomb.

With the added power of dual-core and even quad-core Tegra chipsets, it was mentioned that we can expect to see PlayStation 2 titles ported to Android. Several games from the original PlayStation lineup are already planned for release.

[via Android and Me]

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  1. Yes! PlayStaton gaming on my future Bionic!

  2. Wow! Awesome! Sony is bringing Playstation games and Nvidia is bringing PC games to Android, and you can have all on the same phone, too! What could be better than this?!

  3. Yes! PlayStation gaming on my future Optimus 3D! ;)

  4. finally games games games playstation will be the emulator for all these phone and games will run smooth that wat im talking about

  5. it would really silly and a strategic flounder if they just limited Playstation Suite to just their Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. I will defiantly purchase a couple of quality Sony playstation games if they come to all tegra 2 devices :)

  6. Smart phones I bet will really start to eat into handheld console sales soon. Why would I need to carry around my gameboy or psp when my phone can play PS2 quality games???

  7. Sony uses Qualcomm for their phones, is it safe to say the PS Suite will make its way to HTC Phones soon (even if not officially)? So, the PS Suite might make it to all of the big Android OEMS, then?

  8. Currently iOS reigns supreme in the smartphone gaming world. Releases like this have the potential to allow Android to leapfrog the competition. If done right, Android will go from playing catchup to being the downright leader. The only caveat is that the vast majority of current Android users won’t be able to utilize any of these services/features without a hardware upgrade, which is potentially a two year (or near it) wait for people.

  9. Yes! PlayStation gaming on my future HTC Pyramid! ;)

  10. The experia play does not have a tegra chip or any dual core chip.

  11. can’t wait to play ff8 on the go ^^

  12. GT4 on a phone.

  13. looks like NVDIA wants to be the lone chip maker for android devices

  14. Nice!

  15. Something: except that even Sony isn’t using tegra 2 for its own playstation phone. We’ll probably see similar announcements from other chipmakers soon.

  16. I think the Tegra 2 will be a recommended minimum for these titles.

    Much like the “HD” versions of apps in the market now, you can download them for older devices, but your mileage will vary.

  17. Great news for mobile gaming and Android but I wonder what the battery life will be like when playing PS games on your phone.

  18. #

    3.Adrian wrote on March 10, 2011

    Yes! PlayStation gaming on my future Optimus 3D! ;)


    No. Cause Optimus 3D dont have Tegra :). Looking forward to this and awaiting my lg optimus speed.

  19. WANT!

  20. But you still can’t get Netflix. Clearly iOS is the superior platform.

  21. You may think you’re cool but iOS still has netflix, and we know that’s all that counts. Netflix, I mean iOS ftw!

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