Logitech, Still Banking on Google TV, Brings More Bacon [Video]


I love bacon. Turkey bacon, real bacon, Canadian bacon, bacon-wrapped bacon, bacon-flavored bacon – I love it all. I don’t know if I love a guy named Bacon – Kevin Bacon – that much, but it seems Logitech does. They’re back at it with an extended version of the Kevin Bacon promo they originally introduced with the Revue Google TV unit. This one came back in February, we know, but we thought it was cool to see the thing in its entirety. Check it out above. [Android Central]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Has to be one of the creepiest commercials ever..

  2. If the market becomes available for Google TV and Slingbox releases an app for it, I am totally sold on getting this!!

  3. Does anyone know if logitech might be working on a revue 2? I want to buy a box but not if they might release another unit

  4. Hopefully this is a sign of an update coming. Market with the ability to video chat with something other then the logitech vid software would be perfect.

  5. That was awesome!!!

  6. that main picture made me super hungry.

  7. I was really interested in getting the revue until I learned that you are unable to install plug ins for a lot of online content. I have found many “media pc’s” that have a lot more functionality. Only downside is that there is not google tv on the media pc’s. I can’t decide which way to go.

  8. What happened to all the other Google TV devices that were supposed to happen early this quarter? I know Google, told everyone to hold off while they revamped, but many said they would make announcements in spite of that.

  9. Still lacking Apps, still priced too high. They need to fix core issues before dumping more money into ads.

  10. @Jonathan Drake – I agree. Do those two things and I would buy one TODAY.
    @Leon – What I’m hoping is that we’re going to see some big things at Google I/O. Mainly a switch to Honeycomb so that apps work on the big screen. Apps being allowed. And some sort of deal for the content providers to stop blocking their sites. I don’t see how they get away with that anyway.

  11. logitech needs to spend more money on improving the device and less on commercials. my unit drops its wifi connection constantly, the media player is a turd, the netflix app fails to launch half the time, and i need to reboot at least once a week. to the extent that these problems are google’s, and not logitech’s, then logitech should focus its energy less on kevin bacon and more on getting google to update this awful product…

  12. Has nobody noticed that they are auctioning off a lot of those items he shows off on Ebay?

    If you hover your mouse why the video is playing, a link box appears around the things he shows off (Rubber weiner, trophies, etc.)…

    When you click a link, it brings you to an ebay auction of that product sold by Ivan Cobenk in the ebay store “Kevin Wonders of the World”…

    Sneaky Logitech, Sneaky!

  13. Haha, I get a kick out of this commercial. Thanks to Phandroid for posting the extended version!

    @Mitch Samuels – good catch!

  14. chocolate bacon?

  15. google TV will take off once google gets away from Intel and we see it built into all the new TV’s.

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