Doodle Frog is a Frogger Clone in a Scribbly Art Style [Video]


Doodle games always seem to hit home with us, so when we heard that a new game called Doodle Frog was in the Android market we had to check it out. Doodle Frog is a Frogger clone that looks like it was drawn by a 2nd grader. (Don’t get me wrong: that’s a good thing. And some 2nd graders are probably better drawers than I am.)

It’s as simple as simple can be, but that’s what made Frogger a timeless classic to begin with. You’re updated on how far ahead you are of everyone on the leaderboards in real time. (I got to position 47 before I stepped in front of a car.) You can play the trial version for free, but the full version will give you access to more levels. Go ahead and check it out for yourself for $1.38 in the Android market.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I’m actually quite sick of these “Doodle” games that look like a high school dropout’s sketches. It’s a style that’s been overdone and it’s time to move on, sorry.

  2. ^disagree

  3. ^Agree to disagree with you Keller!

  4. ^Cool mofo, lol :)

  5. ^lol wut

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