MIUI Weather Beta Brings You Weather Widgets in a Beautiful Package


The folks behind MIUI have created an application that lightly mimics the beautiful iOS-esque ROM. MIUI Weather has hit beta and is available as a free download to anyone who’ll dare venture off to XDA. You’re fed your weather with beautiful graphics and animations depending on what’s going on outside, and geo-location is supported. (But you’ll have to install separate APKs depending on which region you’re in.) Let’s hope they bring more of what makes MIUI great to all users in application form. Head on over to this XDA thread to get started. [via Android Police]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. No Canada

  2. Beautiful widgets is better

  3. I just found about MIUI last night and from the videos everything looks very fast, smooth and bouncy.

  4. I swear, some of the articles on Phandroid are paid-articles, including this one. It’s so obvious that developers pay this website to write certain articles about their apps.

  5. @joe, if you look at the source its actually from another website that they got their info from. In fact most of it is…and if you dont like it you can go some where else

  6. Won’t install… DX. Also, why the heck does it need to make phone calls in the permissions???

  7. @joe
    What are you telling about? Its a new app and iut deserves some recognition as do all new apps.

  8. meh, looks ok. don’t get the miui hype, too ios-ish for my taste :)

  9. hi there, just wanted to drop a line.

    please change your source link to (miui-dev)
    I feel it is more appropriate to point to the original source instead of the xda thread that also directs people to miui-dev for support/questions on the weather app.

    should’ve given credit to the source.

    Noobs don’t know how to manually install apps. That’s Phandroid for yah.

  11. Hi,

    Please edit the news post to credit the people who reverse engineered this application for the community.

    The app originates from not XDA-Developers.

    Be really grateful if the post could be edited to reflect this.



  12. OMG Ryan!
    Thanks for saving the day!
    I mean gosh manually installing apps is like sooooo hard!!!
    You are the young dumbguy who thinks you are so smart yet everyone around you is like twice as bright as you.

  13. Man Bobert…who crapped in your easter egg basket!?

  14. ^lol

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