OpenFeint and The9 Want to Give Funding to Android Developer Converts


While many developers of popular iOS titles have already taken the necessary steps to port their games over to Android, some smaller software makers with much to offer have yet to make the switch. OpenFeint along with Chinese game publisher The9 are teaming up to make sure money isn’t the issue when it comes to getting developers on board with Android.

Drawing from The9’s $100 million investment pot dubbed Fund9, money will be doled out to developers selected by OpenFeint based on past performance in other app stores and the quality of the developer’s body of work. The games will also be counted among the ranks of OpenFeint’s social gaming network, and certain titles will be localized for sale in China.

The push to discover developers that may not be raking in as much as Rovio or other big developing houses but still create worthwhile content should help to pad out an Android ecosystem that has seen some pretty big strides in terms of gaming as of late. A year ago, associating Android with gaming may have been a bit of a stretch, but it is quickly becoming a go-to platform for mobile entertainment.

[via VentureBeat]

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  1. “.. and certain titles will be localized for sale in china ”
    what does that mean ?

  2. @Moses92: That means that someone will translate the games into Chinese (both dialects?) and perform other changes required for the local Chinese market. “Certain titles” seems to indicate “only good ones The9 or OpenFeint think worthwhile for China”. I don’t see anything harmful in that statement.

  3. Hint: Read up on what localization means in software development.

  4. yeah get your games localized in chinese and they’ll get zillions of downloads.

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