European Android Shipments Grew 1580% in 2010


While Android has taken the lead in the US smartphone market, we shouldn’t forget that other parts of the world are loving Google’s smartphone OS just as much. As evidence to this, new data from analysis firm IDC shows just how massively the platform grew in Europe over 2010. When tallied during the fourth quarter of 2009, Android shipments numbered at 470,000 handsets. Turn the calendar up one year and the number rests at 7.9 million. Do the math and that equates to a 1580 percent growth.

Android’s 7.9 million handsets shipped rests well ahead of its nearest competitors. Apple moved 5.2 million units while RIM had 4.8 million smartphones headed to Europe. In terms of total share, Android now holds 31 percent of the smartphone market. A year prior it held only 4 percent.

With numbers like these, it is easy to see why IDC is predicting even more growth over the next four years as Android continues on its path of smartphone dominance.

[IDC via AndroidCentral]

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  1. what will 2011 bring ?

  2. I guess the argument that Android doesn’t sell well in developed countries is thoroughly invalidated–#1 in US & Europe. . . and the word. 2011 will be a massive year for Android!

  3. Oh but I can only imagine the fit the iFools will throw when this hits Engadget lmao. Anyway I’m CERTAIN this has to now put the ball in the court of companies like Netflix to get off their butts and make their apps universal to all phones. I think we should also see a boom in apps. Games I’m not so sure since people aren’t going to give up native code (not even sure if they could) which requires more per device attention.

  4. Why would Netflix care? I don’t think they provide any services at all outside of North America.

  5. MYTH: “oh android is only for geeks and not for ordinary people like iPhone”

  6. Better believe it.
    80% of people i know are now on android.

  7. acupunc but android will completely wipe the floor in developing countries

  8. hardware OEM’s are also looking at these figures and thinking “let’s make more competitive android phones”

  9. @Peter maybe Netflix is a bad example. It was just the first to pop in my mind that doesn’t seem to be moving all that fast to try and get their services going Android wide.

  10. netflix has DRM issues to deal with

  11. @Storm,
    Netflix will not ever (oficially) be seen on the Android devices out today due to DRM nonsense. Only phones that have them natively due to a different (more secure) chipset will be officially supported by netflix. The mod community may be able to port this (although I am not sure if this would be considered a pirated port) once we get phones launching with Netflix installed out of the box.

  12. @bela, In native app form you are correct. However, Netflix can put together a web app that provides them the same security protection as comes with a computer, plus this would be cross-platform for them which’d give them a boost.

  13. Screw Netflix and little captions. I am waiting for Hulu Plus.

  14. Steve Jobs will wet his pants after he saw this.

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