This Music Video Shot on an HTC EVO 4G Looks Like it Was, Well, Shot on an HTC EVO 4G


If you are going to issue a press release about a new music video shot entirely on the HTC EVO 4G, you better make sure the thing is at least a bit impressive. Sure, it has some cutesy moments among the country twang of the song “Crazy in Love” by Lauren Rainey, but it doesn’t look like anything we couldn’t have made ourselves. OK, maybe that’s the point, but you don’t see these music videos shot entirely on the iPhone holding back on production value (hate if you must, but the footage speaks for itself).

Sprint says the video “was shot using the phone’s standard settings straight out of the box without enhancements, additional lighting or special effects.” Maybe instead of showing us what the phone is capable of at a bare minimum they could have taken some time to show us how truly awesome EVO footage could look with a bit of care and attention.

[via Sprint]

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  1. To be fair… I think that is impressive for a out-of-the-box shoot.

  2. Its unfortunate that people think that a video like this is showcasing the EVO. I’ve seen productions produced by the iPhone or by high end DSLR cameras that are high production value, and you would have no idea that they were shot with those pieces of technology.

    The EVO is a superior phone in comparison to any current iPhone. Videos like this do not do justice to the EVO.

  3. But wheres the HD for these iPhone music videos?

    Kids were cute but where this video could’ve been better was the clipping of the clips and the transitions

  4. I believe it. When the Evo first came out I’d seen videos with quality just as good. The one thing they all had in common were they all took place in beautiful weather, & lively places with color.

  5. Sometime around 1985, country music became pop music+steel guitar+fake hick accent. This bitch — and most of the “country” music people working today — spits in the face of real country musicians.

  6. Michael Y., I agree with you. I grew up listening to classic country, and all this new stuff sounds so over-produced and fake and market-tested…

    Oh, and I want to see more Android videos showing off what the app(s) can do!

  7. thats the quality? Android can beat iphone 4 any time any day, but never on camera and video recording quality.

  8. The framerates!!! AHHH….At least set up a steady-cam mount for it, geez. That said, the iPhone 4 videos aren’t any better in terms of picture quality. The iPhone uses such horrible compression, but I’d prefer that over the nicer picture but choppier framerates of the EVO.

  9. Ok, after watching a bunch of “HD” videos made with Vibrants, iPhone 4s, and EVOs, I just have to say that I don’t think manufacturers should be allowed to call this HD or 720p or whatever. I don’t care if it has enough pixels when it looks like it was shot at 480p tops, compressed down to 256kbps, and then enlarged to 720p.

    When I think 720p HD, I expect a crisp picture, 1500kbps h.264 encoding at least.

  10. @ Michael Y & John Clavis – who cares? Classic country sucked too.

  11. Stand by your an…droid
    Give it two arms to cling to
    And something warm to come to
    When nights are cold and lonely
    Stand by your an…droid
    And tell the world you love it
    Keep giving all the love you can
    Stand by your an…droid

  12. she got my attention

  13. I still like what’s become the Evo Anthem – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79obr9T_26Y

  14. Not too bad. I’m not a country music fan by any means, but I liked the song a little bit. It sounds more like lighthearted pop than country to me..
    And it doesn’t hurt that Lauren Rainey is adorable.

  15. Who the hell cares about shooting a music video with a mobile phone. For that matter, does anybody really expect their phone to double as a production quality video recording device. lame

  16. zi, EVO isn’t the only android phone out there.

  17. Am I the only one that seems to realize that these phones take video as nicely as a $150-200 pocket camera (flip hd, kodak playsport, etc.)? Most of us paid about that for the phone on contract, and this is just a feature thrown in “for free”. To be completely honest I don’t find iPhone 4 videos looking better than those on the EVO, and I have an iPhone 4 currently (my personal phone where the EVO is my business phone). I just don’t get where people are coming off saying this thing takes bad videos. They are perfectly fine when comparing them to LIKE PRODUCTS. Certainly they won’t shoot production quality video, as someone has already said, but do we really expect that? For a device that you presumably carry with you everywhere, to have video recording out of the box this good is amazing, and things are only getting better…

  18. Gong!

  19. terrible, awful song

  20. for a phone i would say it’s a decent video… i personally think that my galaxy s phone takes better video, however the cameras in these phones are changing, and the picture and video quality are going to get alot better!

  21. Smash or pass?

  22. Htc Evo 4g will always be #1. The device that started it all in june 2010…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HceTo4NN6sU&feature=youtube_gdata_player

  23. hillbillies.

  24. I have seen many camera comparison websites. Camera quality goes something like this. From best to worst.
    Nokia N8 12MP, Xperia X10 8MP, Galaxy S 5MP, iPhone4 5MP, Droid X 8MP, EVO/Incredible 8MP.

  25. That’s terrible quality. The HD video I’ve shot on my vibrant looks lightyears better than that!

  26. She is hot, as is the girl in the yellow dress. As for the video, I don’t think it’s bad for being a phone. But then again, you compare it to the competition, and it scores somewhat on the low end. I love my EVO, but it’s not the best HD video relative to the competition. The 25 recording FPS doesn’t help, but I don’t care too much because I rarely ever record video, although it should be at least 30 FPS. What settings are recommended for getting the best quality on my EVO?

  27. That was decent. But, I have one question: where’s Richard?

  28. Boy you guys just can’t stop talking about the iPhone can you??? You’ll bash guys like me for coming on here and “trolling” but the truth is if you didn’t about I wouldn’t (maybe not as much…lol!). I smell ENVY!!!!

  29. Are there no mods in here? Calling a woman B**** isn’t right, no matter how much you dislike the lady’s music.

  30. @iKing…. We know your lonely and nothing goes on anywhere that ios exist so welcome we like pimpslapping iphone owners with there little phone…. Real men have android d/evo’s

  31. I already cummed inside of her!

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