Kik Updated to Add Group Chat and Photo Sharing


Kik has just updated their Android application to add two highly sought-after features: group chat and photo sharing. These are two features that make up a great deal of Blackberry Messenger’s backbone. (And I’m only comparing the two because Kik wants  nothing more than to be its platform-agnostic replacement.) It might be a step or two behind new competitors that have recently joined the market, but they’re trying. You can find the new version of Kik in the Android market now.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. They could very easily make a run at the title if they used the same cell phone linking scheme that Beluga uses. Without that, it’s just to hard to figure out which of your friends use it (facebook integration would also help).

  2. They do have a leg up on Beluga and Kakao Talk b/c it’s Android, iOD AND BlackBerry whereas the other two are only iOS and Android.
    There’s the one other service that is on all 3 platforms,but it begins charging a monthly rate after the first month (fail). The name of that one escapes me, but it’s ok b/c I’m not about to pay monthly for a service that others (namely kik and some of the other various other IM services) offer for free.

  3. Good addition but I still feel liveprofile and ping are better liveprofile to me is the closest thing to bbm jus needs da group chat

  4. Great news. I’m sure there are better messengers but I have most friends on kik. And now with this update kik does everything I wanted it to do

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