Kazaa Claims The Internet Is Revolutionary


Kazaa issued a press release today that made me wonder if an amish person is running their company. In defiance of Apple’s policy to keep 30% of revenue generated by subscriptions and media purchases through the App Store, Kazaa announced today that:

subscribers to its Kazaa digital music subscription service are already entitled and can access the Kazaa music service on the iPad, iPhone and on Android compatible mobile devices by simply navigating to, without the requirement of downloading and installing a dedicated application. This exciting innovation allows Kazaa subscribers to immediately stream music via a broad range of wireless devices

In related news, when I flush my toilet…  my toilet flushes.

I’m really not sure what Kazaa is all amped about. Perhaps this is unique to some degree in terms of what streaming music offerings are out there on the market now, but that’s because there aren’t any users who would rather visit the mobile site over downloading the mobile app. Put it in the context of HTML 5 and yeah – perhaps there is an upcoming revolution worthy of discussing. But the ability for your phone to connect to a website, allow you to login, and play audio? Color me unimpressed.

Maybe I’m missing something. Maybe I’m overlooking something. If so, by all means correct me in the comments. I do appreciate Kazaa’s efforts but to try and package them up as an exciting innovation just makes the whole thing sound foolish.

In any case, a note to all our Android-toting Kazaa customers: visit on your phone and discover the revolution Al Gore invented in 1999 as it FINALLY reaches mobile phones more than a decade later.

[Via TechCrunch]

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  1. What’s with the Al Gore’s quote?

  2. Kazaa is still around?

  3. Feels like its 1997.

  4. Wasnt the Intrawebnets invented in the early 90s by Gore?

  5. I’m going with Mimsy’s comment.

  6. no but he invented the Al Gore rhythm

  7. I read that more as “we aren’t letting Apple cut into our profits. If you want our service, go to our website.” I wish more companies would follow suit rather than capitulate to Apple’s new model.

    Also…I concur with the sentiment: Kazaa is still around?

  8. there just pointing out the fact that cloud based music servers have been around for a long time. But if apple makes an app out of it and calls it something catchy all of the sudden its magical.

  9. I fully endorse this. I think too many smartphone users think of the app store as the portal to Internet content, when these phones are equipped with fully capable Web browsers, and Google and Apple don’t get to have any say in what you put on your website.

    But I have a question: can your browser app play music when it’s not open? Because that would be a dealbreaker.

    Also, Kazaa is still around?

  10. Am I the only one who saw the Kazaa logo and suddenly worried about getting a virus?

  11. I’m not familiar enough with html to tell you if this was possible before html 5, but I know a long time ago in html you could only play a single file at a time and not a continuos audio stream with out adobe flash.

  12. Good for them.
    I was just telling my wife: The browser on the Xoom is so good, I think app usage will go down. You no longer ‘need’ an app for a lot of things, as the websites often work better. The only thing they need to figure out is background streaming of music.

  13. I think they’re just catering to their demographic, “subscribers to …digital music service”. I think we all know who those people are…

  14. I bet that every single song parody available for download there is labeled as by Weird Al Yankovic.

  15. @Mimsy


  16. When did Kazaa go legit?
    Memories, I remember learning about Kazaa and the orig Napster at the same time..
    U are not alone my friend.

  17. Seeing the Kazaa logo also reminds me when I had that super fast DSL…lol
    I thought I was doing something back then with my DSL. That speed is probably dial up today…

  18. wow i didnt even know these guys are still around. Seems like all of the groups like this are didnt these type of music services now. Napster, Audiogalaxy and Kazaa.

  19. Gore actually did help create the Internet, not sure how that morphed into him saying he “invented it”.
    Clinton did use Kazaa to download a copy of RHCP’s Califonication. He was all about the song “Purple Stain”.


  21. I’m with kazaa on this. They’re essentially telling Apple to fuck off and that they can build a successful service without bowing to the ridiculous subscription policies.

    What I hope this still mean it’s that users on other platforms such as Android get a better native experience than the iClowns.

  22. It streams… also my toilet flushes.

    What it does not do… is stream when you leave the page or go to another application.

    Which on an iPad makes it useless, unless you want to turn your iPad into a kPad.

  23. It’s probably to do with the new Chrome feature of “background apps” that stay open/alive even when the browser is closed. Maybe that feature has already been pushed out to smartphones, but not promoted? I think it has been sitting dormant in WebKit for quite some time.

  24. Please make sure your friendster accounts are updated as well…

    p.s. not all apps are king

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