HTC DoubleShot for T-Mobile: What Is It? [Rumors]


Another rumored phone for you T-Mobile folks. We still haven’t gotten confirmation that a supposed HTC Pyramid exists, and now rumors are starting to swirl about a supposed HTC DoubleShot. We’re not sure why HTC insists on naming (or at least code-naming) their products after coffee sizes, but it makes us think: is it more than just a phone? What makes this shot double? Could we be looking at their version of the HTC Flyer? A tablet is roughly double the size of a phone, right? TmoNews mentions that their source says it’s a phone, but even they weren’t extremely confident in that. We’ll be on the lookout, of course.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Dual core? Double shot? Just an idea

  2. Idk why but i think slide out keyboard, or two screens.

  3. T-mobile and coffee codename make me think “Espresso” Crossing my fingers that it could be a myTouch 4G Slide.

  4. Dual bootable tablet with Anroid and Windows?

  5. Pyramid was a code name that will later appear on sprint as the Htc Evo 2/3d. The name reflects there Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor I am only guessing on this one. Either way I wish tmobile luck on whatever it might be HTC is clearly a winner and has served android well on all carriers. They truly are the best

  6. what happened to the damn new sidekick?

  7. Hopefully its tmobiles flagship phone we all have been waiting for..HTC/android 4.3 inch qhd display,1.2 GHz dual core processor,dual cameras for 3d video capturing that would be great but farfetched..maybe double shot means 2 cameras.that new evo is rumored to have dual cameras for 3d..maybe tmobile is finally ready to unleash the most powerful superphone to hit the market..lets keep our fingers crossed

  8. Evo, G2, Mytouch are all cool names, but “double shot” for the name of a phone is just gay.

    I hope T-mobile changes the name.

  9. coffee = Starbucks (Seattle) + Washington State + tmo corporate offices (Bellvue)

  10. Sidekick is coming in spring I have a feeling it’s going to be April 6th just after the sidekick ownerdeals they are giving now

  11. Why wasn’t this announced at the MWC!?!?

  12. Two screens?

  13. If this has 2 screens, I’ll wait for the venti white mocha.

  14. @joe, mytouch is a cool name? since when?

  15. Kinda down for a double shot of vodka.

  16. Those of us in the Seattle know full well that Charbucks isn’t a quality coffee shop to stroll into for espresso. You want the real deal, with authentic espresso production methods and exquisite roasts, you go to Vivace, Stumptown, Victrola and the like. Charbucks…great drip coffee, and sandwiches.

    Double shot brought dual core to mind for me. Other than that, I have no clue what if refers to.

  17. DoubleShot? Sounds like an autobot from the original Transformers series. Pardon me while I DoubleCheck my toys, I mean collectibles… er, I mean I’m gonna Google it.

  18. it can serve alcohol?a dual screen phone?or a dual screen phone..a screen in front and back?a phobe that can run windows and droid…ok i dont know i hope it awesome..lol awesome..

  19. Gee, another HTC phone with the same specs and design and a different name, just what we need *eye roll*

  20. Double cum shot.

  21. Verizon is stupid to not release HTC ThubderBolt now, their 4G network isn’t ready, but it’s their problem. They will have a problem, screwing its customers. AT&T already sells 2 powerful Android 4G smartphones.

    I’m waiting for a dual-core HTC smartphone. HTC creates the best smartphones. I love that they use so much aluminum in their devices to make durable premium-level quality and provide excellent call/connection quality. Maybe 4G/3G? Sense 2.0? Maybe from silver aluminum like Flyer? Maybe, sAMOLED? Maybe on Sprin-T-Mobile (80 million customers), that, seems like, are going to merge with a help of 4G LTE technology.

    HTC, work harder and faster!:) I want to see what you have in you pocket for us=)

  22. I wonder if the “Double-shot” showing 2 lenses will feature a 3D camera?

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