Apple and Steve Jobs Are Still Afraid of Android, And They Should Be [Opinion]


It seems we can’t get through an Apple press conference these days without Steve Jobs or whatever Apple representative is presenting taking a jab at their competitors – namely Android. I remember a time where Apple believed they were in their own bubble. Things were much nicer then.

Now, they have a bit of an unbridled passion to diss any and everything Android whenever they get the public opportunity to do so. (More so now that Eric Schmidt has left their board of directors in what seems to have been a clash between two titans.)

Jobs must always remind everyone that the Apple App Store has more applications in it than the Android market. (Quality pending, of course.) He must always remind everyone that they were the first to change the smartphone industry while everyone else are just imitators.

The War Continues

His latest antics have spilled over from the smartphone side of things to tablets. Apple introduced the iPad 2 at their press event last Wednesday just as everyone expected them to.  There was one huge difference, though, between this revelation and the one for the original iPad: Google didn’t have a tablet specific operating system.

At the presentation, Steve Jobs plastered the logo of all their competitors who have either already released tablets or have revealed plans to do so all over that nice big slate behind him. Motorola’s logo shined through right up there with Honeycomb’s and Samsung’s. They weren’t the only ones who were called copycats, though. RIM and HP were also called out.

They singled Android and Google out because they were the only big competitor with a tablet shipping with their own operating system so far. They showed the number of apps in the Apps Store compared to the Honeycomb-specific Android market count: 65,000 compared to 100.

It’s a harsh reality and it does well to take us back to the days where the T-Mobile G1, the HTC Dream, and the Android Dev Phone 1 (same devices, if you didn’t know) were the only Android-based products on the market.

The best thing about that, though, is that we’ve seen the saying “history tends to repeat itself” proven true time and time again. Why can’t we expect what happened with smartphones to be the same for tablets? Just as with phones, Google’s looking to create an ecosystem driven by developers – as is Apple. The difference will be competition.

Competition will always be healthy

Not only will OEMs have to compete with Apple, but they’ll have to compete with each other. Major manufacturers will see at least three of their competitors with Honeycomb tablets in Q2, if not more. We’re not even counting tablets that may run other operating systems such as Blackberry OS and webOS. That competition will drive costs down and will spur innovation.

The iPad 2’s $499.99 base price is attractive and the moment one manufacturer matches that, the rest will fall in line. (Samsung may soon initiate that wave as they look to rethink their pricing strategy for the new line of Galaxy Tabs.) Carriers will look to set themselves apart with different offerings as I’m sure they don’t want to be carrying the same iPad 2 as the next guy. The cycle will always continue.

Apple knows this. They probably know it better than anyone, I bet. While they’re projected to ship 10-12 million iPad 2 units in Q2 this year, it might end up just like the iPhone has: fast start, but will soon see someone – Google and Android, we hope – catching up and surpassing them. And once that happens, it’s going to be hard for them to take their spot back.

History tends to repeat itself

Android tablets are expected to dominate the market by 2014, and while that’s three years from now, you have to guess that that time will go by fast: we’ve only just recently surpassed the two year mark since the first Android device was introduced. It seems like just yesterday I was buying my G1 without knowing how far Android would come, and now it’s one of the biggest names in smartphones.

Steve Jobs has a very good reason to be afraid, I’d say. Sure, their business model differs greatly from Google where they rely on huge profit margin and the amount of money they scrape from App Store sales. (And you better believe they make a ton from that.) But I’m a firm believer that mind share is just as important as market share and revenue, and Apple seems to be slipping in two out of those three.

Folks should be wise not to forget that the first Android tablet with Honeycomb has only been out for two weeks. Just like with the iPhone, the iPad has had a one year head start. In the end, how fast you start really doesn’t matter. It’s how you end that’ll define everything. It’ll be an interesting few years, to say the least.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

comScore: Android Tops BlackBerry to Become No. 1 Smartphone Platform in the US

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  1. Not quite sure why Jobs is obsessed with attacking everyone else.

  2. hahaha wow.
    this is sure about to stir up some controversy.

  3. Because he doesn’t have anything good to say about his own stuff.

  4. Steve jobs has nightmares about android..the guy seems so paranoid…he knows deep down Apple is screwed…i hope Android destroys Apple this year

  5. Dont you guys remember the droid ads pointing out the lack of multitasking and antenna problems? This happens back and forth all the time, nobody’s innocent.

  6. Well, if VZW keeps sucking the teat if Apple and pushing the release dates of Android phones back and back and back until they aren’t relevant … Jobs won’t have to obsess over anything. ;)

  7. How many Touchbtablets did these companies make before the iPad?

  8. I think it’s good to have strong competition. It drives down prices and keeps innovation flowing. Keep it coming Apple/Android.

  9. I can’t stand Apple!

  10. [OPINION] or [FACT], Hmmmmm?

  11. Android will be the dominant smartphone out there soon and apple will have to either accept that or just join with Android. Which by the way would be AWESOME!

  12. @Phannymay – That’s kind of like saying “who cares that your car has rubber tires, my stone wheel is so much better because I made it first”.

  13. Of course they should be very very afraid cause they see how much money and support their getting from every manufacturer. Motorola and HTC only two companies selling hand sets all over the globe. AND HTC THE ONLY COMPANY THAT CAN BEAT APPLE IN IT’S OWN GAME. And why you ask I hate APPLE cause they think their better than every one else and also their strict on their Mp3 Ipods.

  14. I’m getting tired of Apple’s thought process. Fact is Android has tem beat yet they still fight tooth and bone. Chill out Apple, you’ve seriously never heard of friendly competition have you? It’s all fun and games for Apple until someone like Android pops their techy bubble.

  15. Unfortunately, Google’s own policy will be the downfall of the Honeycomb tablets. Manufacturers continue to make phones despite an absolutely saturated smartphone market because the potential customers is absolutely astounding; it’s a percentage of the total demographics for cell phone users, which in a handful of years will be every single person on the planet. On the other hand, tablets are more expensive even when subsidized and less justifiable as a necessity. Every new Android tablet will cannibalize the meager sales pool of the other existing tablets, and the logical end result is one where every company misses sales projections. No matter how hard carriers push tablets, they can’t benefit from the near-commodity status that cell phones enjoy, at least not right now.

    The iPad has proven that singular, vertical platform is the most (and perhaps only) profitable business model for tablets, and the nearly year long headstart and aggressive marketing campaign has amounted to a public understanding that THE tablet = iPad. It’s the iPod all over again, but this time, the devices aren’t $200 or as widely accepted in utility as a music player. There’s skepticism of tablets even amongst the tech aficionado community. This will not end well for Google, but at least the Android phones shouldn’t be affected by the unsustainable, house-of-cards Android tablet strategy.

  16. Steve seems to like to attack who he is afraid of.

  17. I don’t think it will take nearly that long for Android to rule the tablet market. Yeah it took 2 years with smartphones, but we didn’t get good hardware matched with good software and good marketing until the original Droid. Before that, it was a half-assed effort.

    With Honeycomb and the Xoom, Google has opened with a class-leading OS and hardware. All they need is a healthy app store and a competitive multimedia experience (Google Music/Movies perhaps?) and they’ll have a great alternative to the iPad. I expect this to happen around summertime. Maybe sooner.

    Plus, unlike the early smartphone market, in 2011 the Android name means something. They’re not the upstart competitor anymore. They are the market leader.

    If the OEMs get their act together and start pricing these new tablets accordingly, and all indications are that this is indeed beginning to happen ($539 Xoom Wifi, Samsung reducing the price of the 10.1), I expect $399 dual-core Honeycomb tablets by Christmas. If we don’t see an iPad 3 before then, expect Android to take 40-50% of the Q4 market.

  18. Honestly…. Screw Apple and Steve Jobs straight like that… Htc pimp slaps apple always that is why they always try to sue htc…. Android for life… htc for life… Evo rules

  19. I use to be a huge fan of apple but I hate there advertising its so annoying!!! All they do is bash Android, this Malware thing, is going to be the pun of a lot of jokes for steve jobs, and most likely a lot of iPhone commercials.

  20. Remember when Apple was claiming Honeycomb and the Xoom tablet were just hypothetical’s? The year of the copycats? What a joke. Steve Jobs will never admit that Google has gone the extra yard and designed a tablet specific OS that offers PC desktop functionality. Just wait till Jobs realizes Apple needs to step their OS up–adding widgets and other beneficial tools. iOS 4.3 is laughable, because nothing has changed. But wait iOS 4.3 now offers mobile hotspot capability. Who’s copying who? I can’t wait for Android’s tablet specific apps to catch up. Then Apple will truly have nothing to offer.

  21. Meh, Cancers a bitch.. He’ll be dead soon.

  22. Apple will lose in this market to android just like they lost the computer market to windows. It is a problem with their business model. They are too closed. The iPhone had so much potential to be a great product, but Apple stuck to their losing strategy.

  23. Honestly, what is the point of this article? The pricing is better on the iPad. The OS is more stable and better refined. There is no arguing that. I like Android phones. But right now, Apple owns the tablet market.

  24. Just remember, Jobs is a dying man. Estimates are that he has at most 3 years to live. And that’s only from doctors that know his condition but not specifics. Stay home, Steve, enjoy your family and friends (if you have any). And know that you’ve pushed the industry forward.

  25. Yes, Apple needs to be afraid. They may have had a head start, but the specs for the 2nd Gen are still less than most first gen Droid tablets. Add the quad core tablets to come out later this year and there’s Apple already behind by years end.

  26. This is why I love HTC. Just a classy company. At a demonstration, they actually focus on the products. Their commercials are one which focus on their own products. It isn’t about the competition, they are not attacking in their marketing. Just remaining quietly brilliant. Simply the best.

  27. The war is between apple and google (and android phone manufacturers). We, the consumers benefit from the war. We do NOT want either side to win this war. I will root for whoever is losing, but I’d absolutely use an android phone as long as I have a choice.

  28. Its funny how jobs always drinks hatorade…always bitching about Apple store has more apps than Android..who cares since Android will surpass Apple in apps and your paying for alot of Apps in the Apple store..and ipad has 60,000 apps compared to 100 for Android honeycomb…honestly that’s all the smack he can talk…saying 2011 year of the copycat…ahahaha its so funny since ipad is a giant iphone…hes copying himself…dumbass

  29. will Android always be a year behind I have to wonder

  30. The problem with Steve jobs is…fear. plain and simple. he uses words like, imitators and copycats. The fact is, he is scared. Android is kicking his ass and he knows it. because android is constantly changing and evolving to suit the needs of the consumer. Cant say the same for Apple. The iPhone is getting tired already and very soon Android will surpass it in every category. android is a train that is not slowing down and will not be stopped any time soon. Nuff’ said.

  31. Apple should just stick to what they’re good at, making computers…oh wait.

    Nah I kid, I actually like their line of laptops, but I never really liked the iPhone, and the iPad is just a glorified obese iPod touch.

    If Apple really wants to benefit, they should stop mud slinging, embrace Android, and start focusing on innovations in their computers…which have been suffering from all this focus on trying to out-do companies that have been making mobile devices for years before they even thought about doing so.

  32. As much as I don’t like what Apple has become, I think that their marketing strategy server a very important purpose. It light a fire under every other manufacturer’s asses.

    Nothing else pushes innovation forward like a healthy competition. A nasty PR slug fest is just icing on the cake ;)

  33. I noticed that HTC is not on that slide. Maybe Steve has respect for them

  34. Let’s not forget that iOS devices outnumber Android devices by more than 10 million world-wide. Sure, Android has a slight lead when only counting smartphones, but most of those phones don’t even compare to the iPhone, and it is only one segment of the smartphone OS market. I think it is more fair to count ALL devices that run a particular smartphone OS. We don’t exclude netbooks or desktops when calculating Window’s market share…

  35. God, I love Phandroid and the entire Android community and ecosystem. iOS users only get one phone and one tab a year. Because of Android’s innovation, I get to get a new phone or tab every few months thanks to Google and it’s awesome partners like HTC and Motorola etc. I’m rocking 4 phones and 2 tabs using a combination of Froyo, Gingerbread and Honeycomb right now and I get to look forward to the Thunderbolt, Xperia Play, Bionic and Flyer to come, and those are just the devices we know about. Someone needs to do a study on users and multiple devices. It’s not about any single device, but the ecosystem. I would bet Android users prefer multiple devices as opposed to a single device and carrier independance or being carrier agnostic thanks to VoIP, Skype, Google Voice etc. I beg to ask that question of fragmentation, what fragmentation? Android OS updates are the best thing since sliced bread.

  36. At first I was going to talk about the author’s one-sided story that comepletely ignored Droid’s jabs at Apple’s multi-tasking, hardware, closed platform, etc. But then I read the comments section and quickly realized that this really isn’t about discussing competing hardware and software. This is about a group of low life scumbags that want to joke about Steve Jobs’ cancer and wish him a speedy death.

    One trend I am really starting to notice is the difference in demogrpahics of Apple buyers versus Driod buyers…Apple buyers tend to be more intelligent and are higher earnings, than Droid buyers.

    Wishing death on Steve Jobs because you like Google products more than Apple products says it all about some of you. Enjoy your menial jobs for meager pay.

  37. Y’all sound like a bunch of b*tches!

    Apple dictates everything with their product and Android phones are locked down by the carriers. Same sh!t.

    They both make excellent products.. We should encourage the competition. It will only make the products cheaper for us.

  38. @SciReal If you think competition is going to make Apple lower its over inflated prices, you’ve been living under a rock the last 20 years.

  39. Apple will have to innovate. They can’t bank on apps that other developers made for the ipad because they can be convinced to port over to Android. Same goes with itunes. They didn’t make all this music. Put google music on all those androids out there and so much for itunes dominance.

  40. Why should Apple be afraid of Android?

    I find it hilarious that people speak of how “Android is going to dominate the mobile landscape, Apple will fall behind, hurr durr” when that is not the competition at hand. It isn’t population of users that wins, it’s finances gained. If Android OS has 50% market share while iOS has 40%, or even 30%, Apple is still winning, since Apple has made a substantially greater amount of money than any of the Android tablet producers, or even Google itself, with their measly OEM fees.

    What none of the diehard Google fanboys recognize is that no matter what, Apple’s market penetration and longevity will mean Apple will win. Their profits and longevity means their success is guaranteed.

    Stop thinking that the mobile “wars” are for market share, and start thinking in terms of profit, you sheep. iOS and Android fanatics alike need to get over this asinine view that one side should be afraid of the other, or that for one to win the other has to lose. All that matters is that you have a device you’re happy with.

    Let the businessmen (Jobs and Schmidt) and actual investors (me) compare ePenises, and argue over things like who is winning the mobile war. The pathetic people who need to compare their devices to justify their purchases of plastic toys should step out and focus themselves on other things, like how to live a meaningful life.

  41. Lol, 10 million units in Q2? Not gonna happen…People don’t like tablets, and those that do will already have the first iPad. My projection for Q2 iPad2 sales: 3.5 million units.

  42. I wonder if anybody is dumb enough to believe that the iPad 2 is the “first dual core tablet to ship in volume.” (yes Apple did say exactly that).

  43. Hey Ace curry, you really want to tell
    Me that htc doesn’t attack apple in their commercials. Really….. I happen to have just seen one that says and I quote “can go toe to toe with the iPhone and win.” interesting must I must be delusional.

  44. @thehornedone
    I think Android definitely has a great thing going, but why would one person need so many different devices that all do essentially the same thing?

    I prefer Android’s notification system, and the widgets are nice, but iOS is my preferred mobile OS because of the apps… For example, iOS has had Netflix for months now. It will eventually come to Android (on select devices), but waiting months for it is not on my list of things to do. You also mention Skype, which is funny since the Android version doesn’t have video chat yet while the iPhone version has offered this for months. We’ve also had live MLB games via At Bat for 3 years. Android finally gets it this year, but only on select devices…

    Point is, the best apps will always come to iOS first, and sometimes exclusively.

  45. What SciReal said is correct –

    “Y’all sound like a bunch of b*tches!
    Apple dictates everything with their product and Android phones are locked down by the carriers. Same sh!t.”

    The day T-Mobile gets the iphone I’ll be jumping ship. I wont miss my buggy, slow, battery hogging Android for a second.

  46. @ Jake that’s was a sprint commercial not HTC.

  47. jake there’s a difference between winning over phone X and taking potshots at the competition for simply being there. Steve did this during antennagate even though he had his own problems to deal with.

  48. Android was nurtured by Verizon becouse it had no access to the iPhone at the time, I don’t see it happening with the iPad. Also I don´t think the “iPad like” devices would see a great sale trhough carriers, just like netbooks they are not going to be carrier device

  49. you say steve took shots at the competetion even though he had his own problems but you forget that thats what you fandroids are doing now- or is fragmentation not a problem?

  50. @Scott: I wasn’t referring to Apple products… I own a Fascinate. I’m talking about the $800 pricetag for a tablet.

  51. FU Dan,
    Not only your roncor rant of disapproval will be found incorrect in the near future it will be a blip on the black hole. You’re gone.

  52. Phandroids:

    Android is not one company. Its a collection of companies and device manufacturers that combined approach Apple’s market share. Like a well informed person mentions above, iOS still dominates the mobile space and will for some time.

    If you want to compare apples to apples; please name me ONE phone running android that has sold over 100 MILLION phones?
    Can you? Name one? I didnt think so!!!!!

    iPhone = Over 100 MILLION phones sold.

    iPhone = WINNER.


    Game over!

  53. The reason why android is #1 is because the iPhone was just on one carrier up until now. Things would be a lot different if it was offered on every carrier day one. I am not an android hater, I have used android since day one on a G1, but I really truly think we lucked out on being number 1 because apple failed and went exclusive. As far as tablets go, I’m pretty sure apple will remain in first in thus market

  54. Android = Malware, Spyware, Adware,

    Oh and yes android market has a few apps too!!


  55. iPad 2 will dominate between 60-85% market share this year!!!

  56. The sad thing about Mac they are thinking that everybody that bought an iPad is going to buy the iPad2? I have one simply because it suits my sitting on the couch surfing needs. Does that mean I need a lighter faster model? Well I have that in a phone.

    I just don’t get their tactics. Lets bash others just to well promote our own stuff. Why not just lay it out and show me why I need to buy yours and not tell me the down falls of everybody elses. I’m rather capable of reading reviews elsewhere.

    As for his comments about everybody copying him. I still don’t see everybody else wearing turtlenecks as of yet.

  57. Game’s just begun, Bay. iPhone will be another RAZR (which sold 110 million units and nobody cares about anymore)

  58. @Justin
    Which OS gets apps first will ultimately be decided by overall market share. Developers will go to the platform that makes them the most money. As recent reports have shown, Android market share is beginning to eclipse every other mobile OS, so developer support for it will inevitably follow.

    I’m not the first one to say it, but Android vs iOS is the same battle as Windows vs Mac. Open platform vs vertical integration. I don’t think Android will end up with 90% market share like Windows, but I think it’s inevitable that developers will make Android apps a priority just like they make Windows apps a priority.

  59. @ari-free
    The game actually began four years ago… and iOS is up by 10 million.

  60. You’re right, and the fact that iOS has 10 million more devices in the hands of users is why devs pick iOS first. There are obviously other factors, like the willingness of users to spend money on apps, ease of developing for all devices that run a particular OS, fragmentation, etc. Until Android overcomes these obstacles, they will always be second in line…

  61. @Bay Area CA Male – android is an operating system, not a phone, can’t you tell the difference?

    Stupid comparison, its a bit like saying show me 1 pc thats sold a specific number, you don’t have to as the os is used on hundreds of pc’s so how exactly does it make the iphone a winner when your comparing a iphone to an mobile operating system? what an idiot!

    And if it was game over, why are major companies like apple, microsoft and Nokia fearing the march of android!

  62. lol gets my bowl of popcorn and sits back
    and reads the heated arguments between
    the tech geeks(android) & preps(ios) lol

  63. I lost total respect for Jobs and all the PC bashing he does. Its just blatant outright lies out of his mouth. You would think someone who is supposedly so ill, would have a better attitude towards life.

    Jobs also ignores the fact the desktop/laptop market is owned by the PC (not Apple)… by around 85%. That speaks for itself.

  64. Ugh articles are so tiring. I’m just tired of these nerd wars on sites like this. I don’t understand why people want to see apple or android fail. If you don’t like ones sides products or policies choose the one you do like. I see no need to bash the other side, to me it just reeks of insecurity and that these people need to reassure themselves that they chose the “right” platform or else they feel inadequate.

  65. @Phannymay, HP is up on that screen and they’ve been making touchscreen notebooks for years.

  66. Pfff. Obviously “Bay Area CA Male” can’t for the life for his miserable self tell the difference between a phone model and a phone brand. No company has sold 100 million phones. The “iPhone” is five different models.

    Shame on you kid. You obviously can’t count. You should never have dropped out of elementary school.

  67. Justin: 10 million isn’t much in the global mobile market. Eventually people will want bigger, better devices and you can’t bank on the same old thing for long.

  68. Who cares how many iPhones were sold fact is the IOS hasn’t changed much in years…years..boring os no widgets no social network integration ffc suck on the iphone..ohhh and u have to pay for a shit load of apps where on Android alot are free..yes free…fact is htc/android is killing the iphone its not even close…iphone 5? Ahahahaha that’s a jole compared to all the high end phones htc/android will make not just one superphone per year..many

  69. @ari-free
    I agree. It won’t be long before Android surpasses iOS in total number of devices. It could already be there if it didn’t take so long to get into the tablet market or if they weren’t completely ignoring the PMP market. However, they still need to overcome the other obstacles I listed above. Fragmentation and security being two of the biggest. A dev doesn’t necessarily care that one OS has X many more users if it can’t easily reach ALL of those users. Also, iOS users are much more likely to download and pay for apps. That is a pretty big motivator for a developer trying to make a living. If Android does overcome all of these obstacles and starts attracting devs first, I will consider switching. That won’t be for several more years though, if ever… until then I will be enjoying Netflix movies, video chatting via Skype, Word Lens, and playing games like Infinity Blade while all the Android fanboys are claiming victory in the smartphone OS market share race. PS- I will admit I am a bit jealous of Android and Web OS’s notification systems, but other than that I am 100% happy with iOS…

  70. Coming from a mac guy I hate the iPad, iPhone and iPod…..I just cant stand how locked down there products are, damn MP3’s force you to use iTunes. I switched from a iPhone to Android 6 months ago and cant be happier. Apple aka steve jobs is scarred of android now, thats why he is talking bad about them and being a bully now.

    The open OS or software is what one me over with the Androids, cant stand apple with “oh you brought it this way you have to use it this way”. Yeah you can jailbreak your iPhone but cant take it to Apple with a problem like that. My Android phone I dont have to do anything to it, can customize, drag and drop and everything else. Damn android even has rooted apps on there market.

    Yeah yeah yeah it has a million plus apps but do you use a million plus apps, thats all he ever talks about. Still people are hypnotized and will buy it and they will sell millions, damn shame. Well at least I opened my eyes and say the light

  71. LOL at some of you guys saying Android’s app market will rival or be better than Apple’s store.

    Unless Apple does something crazy to piss off developers, it will be the first platform that developers develop for. It is the case now, and it will be like that for the near future. Android has big issues with piracy, as well as different hardware and software which make it hard to develop for. Look at a big app like facebook. The iOS version is far superior. My Nexus S doesn’t get facebook notifications pushed to me anymore and this has been an issue for at least a month. They still haven’t fixed it. The iOS version get fixed fast. Then you look at a stupid, but great selling game like Tap Tap Revenge. That app has made a lot of moeny for the developer on iOS, yet they didn’t even announce it for Android until the Honeycomb event several weeks ago. The word with friends app that finalyl released after more than a year, yet it still sucks. They don’t even sell a paid version in Android app market because they know how much piracy exists that they would rather force you to watch ads and get their money that way. iOS will be the premier and first OS that most big time serious developers will be developing for. Until the app market gets better, I won’t be using an Android device after my Nexus S. The hardware is useless if you can’t use it to run software.

  72. All ios fans……………go back to your icrap sites if your icrap is sooooo good………oh yeah its not…… thats why your here?.

  73. I have said it once I will say it again, for a phone I wil also stand by android, but for a tablet, a honeycomb device right now is like buying a high end cd player in 1982.

    We are a right now world and right now ipad has the apps and content, android has a long way to go,one example is low latency audio, I hate apple but they did a good job on this and idk how android will catchup and court devs for audio/music apps as they get more and more comfortable coding for ios.

  74. The iOS UI is so 1999, even diehard apple fans are getting bored by the wall-o-icons, no wonder more people are picking up Android phones…people want choice! Android FTW!

  75. @Bay Area CA Male – lol, iPone 100million phones sold to the same 20 million people. over and over the sheep spend 2-600 each year on mediocre technology and mediocre, closed, restrictive software.

    Appel’s decade is over and people are just starting to see how apple just over prices under techs with each mediocre release.

    Macs may be the BMW when compared to Windows (maybe) but they are just a VW when compared to Android and this,is,google’s decade, you watch iponeboy!

  76. Justin the reason why Android ignored the PMP market (which is basically just an iPhone without the phone) is because google didn’t have a Google music service yet. Other PMP’s failed (Zune, Zen, etc) because they wanted their own way instead of working with others to create a service that would work for many different devices.
    But in the end, a PMP user is someone who doesn’t have a smartphone yet.
    And the app argument works both ways. ios won’t have Flash, Firefox and other apps that many people use every day 90% of the time they’re on a computer.

  77. @ari-free
    PMP or not, I love me some apps :)

  78. Apple is the most valuable technology firm in the world. They are sitting on about 51 billion in cash. I am pretty sure they could care less about Android. They will continue to make money hand over fist with their iProducts regardless of how good or bad android is.

    As soon as the android fanbois learn that Apple doesn’t really care about market share, never did, they only care about making money you will be much happier people and can spend your time doing something more productive.

  79. BAD APPLE’S! !!

  80. Funny tho, they said mcdonalds would never last, because everything was the same, fries always the same, burgers all the same, from day to day, store to store city to city State to State, people will get tired of it they said..but…they are still here. walk into a Mcdonalds, fryer is on the left. Boreing? Maybe, dependable, easy to use, public does not have to think they know what to expect when ordering. People, the public, want a system, want it fast and uncomplicated. Does Mcdonalds have the best tasteing food in the world? Not by a long shot. But people still wait in line to get their food.

  81. Also, I’m pretty sure very very few people, if any, on this forum have met Mr. Jobs. All any of you are doing is repeating crap you have read online about how evil and awful Jobs is. only shows you are a mindless drone. Some have even boasted about his imminent death due to his illness. Sick cold cruel and more evil than Jobs ever will be. This because he has launched successful, popular electronic devices that you don’t like? i don’t get it. Really really don’t. God forbid anyone close to you has a serious or terminal illness. If people like the ones I’m talking too actually have a heart and are lucky enough to have someone care for them in anyway. So apple doesn’t care about people, jobs does not care about people, all they care about is money, profits. Well, Google has never given me a smartphone or pc for free, nor any tablets either. Or HTC or rim, or Samsung or Motorolla. this is the grown up world kids, companies are built to make profits. Way too many whiney kids these days.

  82. Android has 30+ companies and all carriers (until last month). It doesn’t seem like they’re taking apple or blackberry customers, just taking the “any free phone will do” customers. As far as high end smartphones apple and rim match 30+ android companies, that’s pathetic. By the way even windows mobile has netflix, you have 1/2 the apps of ios (dont even bring up tablet optimized apps), and having all these android customers does nothing as far as attracting developer’s interests – the proof is in the pudding.

  83. @ Bill- If you love Jobs so much why don’t you marry him. Jobs is obviously losing his mind from all the AIDS medicine he’s been taking. It’s really pathetic that he has to spend his last days being such a bitter prick, but what else is he going to do. Nobody can stand the guy and he has no true friends. He’s surrounded by yes men and mindless followers.

  84. Those 65,000 Apps are for the iOS, not the iPads :)

    Also, Apple copies and markets way better.
    First touchscreen = iPAQ
    Tablets prior to the iPad = by IBM, HP
    Magnetic cover for the iPad2 = direct copy from InCase.

  85. @the htc commercial comment
    I hope you realize thats a sprint commercial…and thats what someone SAID about the EVO, not what HTC said. Watch the commercial again, and tell me I’m wrong

    The reason people hate him is not because of who he is as a person but how he treats competition. He likely doesn’t even think up 80% of what he says in public. He has advisors that help decide what tactics are best to show off iOS and the apple brand. I will personally say anyone who agrees to say those things is kind of a coward. I compare it to pepsi vs coke, pepsi constantly picks on coke in their commercials…coke doesn’t need to be a bully, they have the product people want and all they advertise is their brand. I just tend to prefer the company that stands on its own merits, not the guy giving low blows.

    I believe you have things backwards, RIM has been the company to give away free phones for a LONG time. Droid Incredible is a year old and still costs $100. Not that it matters because a free phone has nothing to do with hardware capabilities. If you’re only defense is you guys don’t have netflix, then I would counter with I’ll take customization on my phone over 1 app I’m likely to NEVER use on my phone (most people watch movies on a tv not their phone). Lastly if android hasn’t attracted developers then why are we getting more iOS games everyday?

    Android isn’t perfect, but I don’t think anyone but fanbois believe that. Same with ifanbois thinking anything made by apple is perfect in every way.

  86. The argument over who’s better is pointless. If you like the iOS buy an iPhone. If you like Android by one of its many different phones. They both have pros and cons. It’s up to the user in the end and its nice to have different choices.

  87. When it comes to netflix, android’s strength us its downfall. It’s open source format makes the movie producers nervous. Which is dumb, anyone who is pirating isn’t using a phone to do it. For me, it all comes down to, I don’t buy into Apples version of communism.

  88. unbeliveble!

    the competition between all of them is good for the end user, and inovation,and pricing. we all know that. all the bitching coming after that belongs to fanboys,witch,in all onesty, is a huge obstacle for inovation,and it all started with this jobs character that sounds like a little boy who ran out of candy. that stands for imaturity and lack of character in my book,but since APPLE is all about the money,they have to be excluvists like that…good builds,but “personality” sucks APPLE,and Jobs. stop being freakin’ comunists…
    it is great to be able to appreciate a device for what it is and what it can do,from build to OS,and the overall quality of these 2 combined .
    look at GOOGLE. all about inovation,delivering it throw a variety of manufacturers and devices,and pricing,so that EVERYBODY can have acces to it,and literally make it theyr own…
    that is all that there is required for good bussines,inovation,marketing,in one word GOOGLE. that is a company that matured.

    and about that commercial with the htc phone bitching at APPLE:
    1) 2 (or more) can play the game Apple is with the marketing strategy they have,wich is giving shit to everybody else just cuz they think they where the first… big NO on that one. ideeas flow,and whoever picks it and materialises it should not be bitched at,but encouradged.
    2) that HTC EVO commercial,as the one for MT4G, are CARRIER commercials,not HTC’s. they actually respect the logo and motto they use,carriers just do what they think they need to do to make good bussines,cuz that is how APPLE showed them it has to be done.

    i’m rocking a plum MT4G, rooted with CM7 android 3.3, oc’d at 14**, with a ~15-20 hours of battery life,wireless calling,and TMO H+ speeds.
    where i live at, TMO is the SHIT. that’s enough to make this end user happy…quality guys,not kindergarden babble,please!!!

  89. Why are you guys so mean about Steve Jobs and his iPad? I don’t understand why how many of you guys have heartless and careless? You just like to lash out and make yourself feel good, huh? I can’t believe listening to this crap. You don’t know how long Steve will live and he works very hard to do his best to be successful with his own desing of the products. Android is a bit scary me because I have Android cell phone and it always have bugs in it from the Android Market, which bothers me. I can’t wait to get rid of it till Dec 2011 to end of my contract with stupid Sprint and I will never go back to Android phones ever again. Go ahead and say something to against or disagree. Not worth it. You guys are making me sick in my stomach.

  90. @joe c
    “If you’re only defense is you guys don’t have netflix, then I would counter with I’ll take customization on my phone over 1 app I’m likely to NEVER use on my phone (most people watch movies on a tv not their phone).”

    First, that’s not the only app or feature you are missing. You don’t have video chat on Skype. You are just now getting Live MLB games (after 3 years and only on select devices), and you got Angry Birds over a year after us along with hundreds of other examples. Point is, iOS has the best apps first, and sometimes exclusively.

    Second, I use the Netflix app on my phone all the time. I don’t really watch too many movies on the phone itself, but I do use the video out function a lot when I am traveling to watch movies ON A TV, whether it be at a hotel or friend’s house, or even my own bedroom.

    Third, the level of customization on Android can easily be had on iOS by jailbreaking. We really have have the best of both worlds…

  91. Why do we Android lovers even talk about Apple?
    RIM lovers don’t, or at least not to my understanding, although I’ve never really looked into it. WebOS… I don’t know much about it either. But why must it all be competing? Why not just be there, and leave each other alone, instead of being cut throat?

  92. zack,you are right. i so agree with u on that one. still,if u think about it, logically all of this babble is good for bussines,both theres and owers.
    what i cant understand is why does it have to be on such a low-leveled point of discussion,when in fact it should be logical and resonable,since these are the devices we are having these polemics about?…

  93. Steve Jobs is not afraid of Android, but he is worried for sure. He wishes that android were not around.

  94. All of your bashing comments that are rich with hate mean nothing. Todd put it best.

  95. Android is about an inconvenient as a fart to Jobs. Android has to step its game up in a big way before Apple will feel threatened.

    If the Iphone5 dropped tomorrow on all four major USA carriers, Android would be regulated to bargain bin phones overnight.

  96. @Sigint

    If Android was nothing to Steve, he wouldn’t feel the need to mention it every time there is an Apple conference or product announcement. Apple has a superiority complex and nothing bothers them more than REAL competition.

  97. Fact is, Android phones will only ever be truly appreciated by people who understand technology and enjoy freedom to do as they wish with their devices, like watching flash movies for example. Lol. Apple products are only being bought by sheep who think something is good because it is popular. Same happened with the ipod. Very popular device, but there was better tech for cheaper out there (sandisk sansa) don’t worry isheep – a new shepherd awaits! (android)

  98. lol @ #15 Mark

    “Manufacturers continue to make phones despite an absolutely saturated smartphone market because the potential customers is absolutely astounding;”

    You’re point lost all credibility after that oxymoron

  99. What a joke, Apple didn’t make the first tablet so there copycats, not the first mobile, so copycats, not the first mouse, so copycats….

    In the end every company is a copycat, what’s wrong with that? They just deliver what the market wants…

  100. Len wrote

    “Meh, Cancers a bitch.. He’ll be dead soon.”

    You guys are a joke. With people being ill and parts of the world going into meltdown all you can do is ‘hate’ Apple, or tell us how rubbish Android is.



    Like what you like, if someone else disagrees that’s fine, but ‘HATE’, really… you ‘HATE’ someone or something. You must have pretty shallow lives if that’s what you get worked up about.

    PS. I used to read Phandroid because I wanted news and opinions on stuff happening in the Android space, not to see the blog take cheap shots with self-opinionated link baiting crap.

  101. I think a lot of people are right about Apple being its own downfall because of how closed off and exclusive they try to be. I remember the 1984 Add in which Apple sought to destroy the IBM computer image of the “Man” controlling the masses like zombies. But it seems like Apple has become what IBM was… Not saying that Apple has not been innovative! but when it comes to products and market saturation, they can kiss my ass…
    Every 6 months there’s a new Apple product just like the last one, but with a small upgrade that makes the previous model obsolete. Creating a huge waste stream full of Apple products. Their products are not for personalization, they stick to the same script, turning generations of kids and adults into mindless zombies that buy every apple product that comes out… And as long as idiots keep buying into this gimmick, Apple will keep putting out crap and then upgrading it to super crap, then ultra crap, then deluxe crap and so on until people are bored to death

  102. @SIGINT

    I’m afraid you didn’t get the memo: the iPhone 5 isn’t even out yet.

    And why’re you so worked up over Android? Isn’t competition good? Is that what your life is about, trolling the competitors of your favourite corporation? Why not devote your time to charity? I love my iPhone, but that doesn’t mean I have to diss everybody else off just to prove it.

  103. Copying would be using the exact same hardware (CPU gpu ect) and adding a new os and calling it something new. Kinda like apple did with the Mac. Then saying it’s not a pc (personal computer)? How is it different?

  104. @sigint also maybe you didn’t notice that verizon only has 3% of all the iPhones in the world. People are tired of all apple restrictions

  105. LOL@carmendiva.

  106. Copycat? Google invented its own tablet O/S. Apple slapped the same ol iphone o/s on a
    Bigger screen. Google is innovating.

  107. Going with the thought that the iPad’s just a big iPod Touch, does this mean that Apple is its own copycat?! *tear in space-time fabric*

    But to all the Apple fans yelling and screaming about how Apple’s making buckets of money. When Android first came out, I remember reading a LOT of dismissal of Android gaining any significant marketshare and how no one would want to develop for it. The argument back then was all centered all around marketshare.

    But now that Android’s exploded in marketshare and developers, you guys move the goalpost and claim that it’s always been about profit. Kind of sad, really…

  108. “Apple and Steve Jobs Are Still Afraid of Android, and They Should Be”.
    **If you’re bored and actually read this entire thing, and if Phandroid even posts it, this is something I wrote a few weeks ago to a friend regarding the parallels between the rise of home computing and the role Apple played in helping bring home computing to everyone, then locking down and alienating everyone and the parallels in how they were instrumental in the rise of smartphones and how they seem to be on the same track with Android now. I made a few slight changes to fit the context of this thread at this time.**
    Indeed. Throughout my life, I’ve watched home computers grow from a board with microchips, capacitors, resistors, and electronic paraphernalia on it and some wires and stuff that my uncle bought when I was a kid that he had to make a case to put the motherboard in, get a keyboard for it, had to go to Radio Shack to get stuff for a power supply, and hooked it up to a 12″ tv for a monitor and had a tape recorder as a storage medium (I’m not kidding, I had one on my Apple IIe,VIC-20 and C64 before I got a disk drive- if you’re under 35, you’re probably laughing your ass off right now – if you think that’s funny, I remember upgrading from a 150baud modem to a ‘blazing fast 300baud’ in other words about .15- .3Kbps per second). What he had was an Apple I ( I remember lamenting 20 years ago when he threw it out, those things are rare and worth serious money today). Shortly thereafter, the home computer market exploded, and while almost all ran on BASIC, they all had their own version. Apple, IBM, Sinclair, Commodore VIC-20, C16,C64,PET, TI, TRS, Atari, Amiga – just to name eleven – all incompatible except on very (no pun intended) basic levels. Like most things technological for the masses (at around the same time, there were a ton of video game consoles as well – Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Colecovision, Intellivision, Odyssey 2, Vectrex, etc…that’s another story). Honestly, at the time Windows -the first version was actually called ‘BOB’, was a Godsend; you could finally have computers made by two different manufacturers (except Apple) run the same program on computers from different manufacturers in almost all cases ,although hardware may be a limitation just as it is now in computers and as it is in different Android devices. Eventually, only a few survived to stay on top; the market won’t support so many different platforms at once profitably. Apple, IBM, and (briefly) Amiga were on top. For reasons that are irrelevant, Amiga died and Apple and IBM (PC) were left. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, who were programmers for Atari (they were the ones who created Breakout, or on the Apple II “Little Brick Out”), got hold of technology that allowed color graphic interfaces that could be easily used in computers that could be marketed to the masses – from Xerox. Around the same time, a guy who was writing DOS for Apple – Bill Gates – got a lot of what he was doing from other sources. Obviously they were all brilliant; to say that they had no original thoughts would be ludicrous. However, Apple started to get extremely arrogant. They didn’t want anyone creating anything that could run on their machines that they didn’t approve of – even though you shelled out $1000+ in 1980’s money on a machine that you now owned(sound familiar?). Meanwhile, while Bill Gates was coding a DOS for Apple, who was locking everything down, he was allowing basically anyone who wanted to, to create programs based on his OS, which was running on IBM machines at first before the Intel/IBM ‘thing’, which due to a lot of legal pissing matches between Intel, IBM, and others, became just “PC”. Again, does any of this sound familiar? a bunch of people using cool ideas that other people have had and trying to not just use them but often expanding on them? Daily copyright infringement lawsuits are nothing new. Anyway.. meanwhile, Apple has everything locked down, and over 90% of the world’s home computers are running on Windows, and Bill Gates is the richest man in the world. Anyone who walked into a computer store in the very late 80s, 90s and early 00s who asked for Apple software was directed to a dark corner where there was half a shelf of Apple stuff, while the rest of the store was full of windows-based stuff. Apple quickly went from being the greatest to..still making good hardware ( I just saw a retina display the other day, I have to say, it was a lot nicer than I expected it to be), but since they were so locked down and Windows wasn’t…there simply wasn’t much there for Apple people. Obviously, this caused a financial disaster from which Apple almost didn’t recover. Ironically, a lot of PC magazines used Macs for publishing and graphic artwork – they were great for that, but when you’re trying to compete, it’s a good idea to widen your horizons; graphic artists and publishers won’t keep you afloat…Fast forward to the release of the iPhone. Credit where credit is due- Apple did a lot to bring smartphones to the masses. At the time, there were Blackberries, which were basically email phones to me . The WinMo smartphones , which weren’t doing anything to grab the attention of most people, and the iPhone, which, while I didn’t care one way or the other about, but thought was neat – broke out and suddenly everyone wanted an iPhone. Again, credit where credit is due, it had (has) a lot of apps and cool stuff that you couldn’t get on a Blackberry. Palm was cool for what it did at the time, but didn’t have the mass appeal either. The iPhone was released June 29, 2007 with a lot going for it already- the fact that it Apple also was very well entrenched with its iTunes, iPod series, and followed up with the iPod Touch -and had docking systems that a lot of companies integrated into their products – home theaters, car stereos, etc. (the one and only thing that I believe the iPhone has on Android – the universality of docking, but I know this can easily be overcome, and I am sure it will be in some way, sometime in the future). However, Apple has been doing what got them into trouble in the past. They broke out with a few great products, did the get sued/sue others things (all of the companies do – it’s innovation until it’s called theft, then it’s up to the courts to decide who was innovative). Back in late ’09, Verizon pushed out a massive ad campaign for the Droid, which I’m sure everyone knows, was the device that really put Android solidly on the map. This was followed up by some nice offerings from other companies and providers – the Incredible, the EVO, The Galaxy S line (and legions of mediocre Android handsets). Android is growing at an exponential rate, and Apple isn’t. Now, Android has iOS beat, and rather than learning from history, Steve Jobs would rather try to tell people how wonderful iPhone is while trying to use the words “magic” and “magical” as often as possible, and refer to the people who work at the counter in Apple stores “geniuses” (I still think that whole thing is a bit creepy) rather than try to push forward into new frontiers. I see the iPhone’s market shrinking as more and more people just keep doing what they have been – noticing that the iPhone isn’t really “all that” and when you own one, you are very limited in what you can do compared to Android. Apple certainly is in no danger of going out of business, but Apple’s arrogance will be their downfall in the smartphone market if instead of actually doing something new, the powers that be within the company simply sit back and keep saying how wonderful and magical their products are while their ship slowly sinks. For a bright guy, he can certainly make some incredibly bad decisions. Either way, it’s good for Android. Like the old-school computers, and video games, only a few will survive as Palm and a few others found out. Afraid of Android? He should be. He should also take a step back and look at history – and be afraid of the decisions he is making now with his phone.

  109. Astounding how many ifanbois read Android sites. Gotta be tired from defending iOS on Android sites-that & from constantly looking over their shoulder. Lol.

  110. I’m a true Phandroid, but I do think iOS devices work more consistently. (I made the Xoom crash yesterday just by opening the Music app..etc) I like Steve Jobs – if you don’t, then look at his video in 1984 introducing the Mac, and you will appreciate the contribution he made to technology. So fast-forward to now, we have HTC wanting to be like Apple – but who can blame them.

  111. what’s up with all the iTrolls in the comment section? do you guys come to this site because there is no interesting apple news?

  112. ” Apple seems to be slipping in two out of those three.”

    You are delusional. Apple ( jobs specifically ) has learned from past mistakes. Take the iPad. When compared to the competition it is better and less expensive. The old apple would have a better tablet, but it would cost a premium. In the current situation, it takes a real water head to want to spend more cash on a me too device – which is what all the honeycomb tablets are. Hell, android was gonna mimic blackberry until the iphone came along. On top of that, google still doesn’t seem to get the whole ease of use angle. The honeycomb interface ( the fact it crashes etc… aside ) is overcomplicated and not as approachable as an iPad.

  113. Let me clue you visiting iFools in on something. Do you notice how Jobs always talks about the number of apps? Do you notice how everyone agrees that this whole new mobile world is mainly app driven? Well here’s something to chew on. Devs, content providers and companies don’t give a rats arse how much money Apple is making per unit on devices. All they care about are how many devices are in hands because thats how they determine potential customers. They don’t care if its because the people actually like the devices or whether its all they can get or whether its because they are cheaper. They just care about which platform is on the devices that people are buying the most. That is how they decide what they will target.

    So you can continue to make yourselves feel better by bragging about paying more for a device that costs the same or less to make than others (you do know thats what profit margin is right?). Thats not going to stop the life blood of the mobile industry aka the apps from shifting over to Android. Developers have already said before Android had even taken the lead that they felt Android had the best future. If that critical mass point is reached where Android start getting apps first or exclusively you can forget about profit. iOS will slide back to a position similar to the Mac. And we all know that despite a high profit margin without the market share the Mac was not giving Apple success if found with the iPhone market share. And it doesn’t matter if any of the individual OEM’s using Android never reach the height of Apple’s success. It has still saved them from oblivion and they don’t have much of a choice to do anything else. They will be just fine fighting for a share of the pie.

    I just wanted to make sure you all understood that your talk of market cap, profit margin etc. are no more than feel good statements that have no affect on whats going to happen. They are simply results of the current state of affairs which are deteriorating for Apple. If you don’t think they are deteriorating then you haven’t understood a word I said.

  114. With Android phones like Atrix available, I would not carry an iPhone (besides the happy bubble icons, smaller screen, and lack of widgets), Its still great. I might not even hate Blackberry (blackberry users on the other hand…)

  115. I did not ask who has made touchscreen tablets with styluses before, I am wondering which one of these android tablet makers had gotten rid of the stylus before the ipad..

  116. @post#107 TofuWarrior
    Some of us JUST posted about this last week about how some folks move the goal posts when it comes to Android and iOS….lol
    It never fails.
    All I have to say to ppl that keep doubting Android…if the past 5-6 years havent taught you anything it should have taught you never under estimate anyone.
    Like ppl under estimated the iPhone when it came on the scene, dont under estimate Android…
    For iPhone users the de ja vue should be easy to see…

  117. Oh yea…if Apple didnt feel threatened, they wouldnt be thinking about making a cheaper iPhone, or a bigger iPhone. or going to more than 1 carier
    They never let it be known they might go in those directions before the Android came out.
    If they arent threatened, they sure are paying real close attention to what Android is doing..

  118. @Phannymay

    Archos tablets
    Dell – if you count the size of the streak
    Notion Ink – just couldn’t get it to production faster than Apple
    JooJoo/Crunchpad – not Android but still another touchbased pad before the iPad.

    Do you need any more? There are a couple that were talked about and prototyped before the iPad whose names I forget right now. Sorry but again you iFools are completely lost in that distortion field. OEM’s were PRESSING Google for Android on tablets when people were speculating as to whether Apple would even release such a thing. Google wanted Chrome on tablets and wanted to keep Android on phones but the OEM’s kept pushing until they built Honeycomb. Apple simply slid in on the opportunity where Google was bucking the OEM’s on strategy. Apple didn’t invent or lead on anything.

  119. It all comes down this with Apple:

    iSuck but I act like I’m better then you.

  120. @Storm14K aka Phil- “Apple didn’t invent or lead on anything.”
    You’re absolutely right. They didn’t invent the MP3 player, smartphone, or tablet, yet they are absolutely dominating in all three categories because they innovate and value user experience above all else…

  121. carmendiva wrote on March 7, 2011


    This is a fundamental misstep that is going to cause Apple, and apple lovers to trip over their ego.

    Android is entering the mainstream now; and the more time passes, it will become even more so.

    So: “android” is not just for ‘geeks’, or ‘techies’ or whatever stereotype you come up with, just as ‘iO/S’ is not for ‘preps’.

    People that want more, do more, think more, create more will end up on Android.

  122. @destardi
    Apple cares about its bottom line. They could care less that Android is barely beating them in a segment of the smartphone OS market…

  123. Who even needs a tablet?

  124. @phil
    You just blew my mind! :)

    @the ifanbois
    I want to mention I had a LG viewty (european phone) before the iphone launched. It had a touchscreen, 5mp camera, shot divx video, and had a small offering of “apps”. People still thought iphone was the first to do all this.
    You are the same people who told me my g1 was lame because you never heard of android. I showed you google sky map, and you showed me a glass of milk on your phone.

  125. @Joe C
    Apple didn’t invent the smartphone, or the touchscreen, they just made them wildly popular. No other smartphone has outsold the iPhone… ever. Besides, it is pretty silly to be a fan of an operating system. I don’t know too many Android fanboys that would chose a Sanyo Zio over an iPhone even though it runs Android. It’s about the entire package. If anything you should be an HTC, Samsung or Motorola fanboy since these are the only manufacturers putting out Android phones that are comparable to the iPhone. Android is a great OS, but without good hardware this means nothing.

  126. ^Well said.

  127. @JoeC
    I’m not surprised that the phone you mention is made by LG…
    I agree with that 100%. Especially about the hardware part. WebOS is considered the best mobile OS to some folks, you see influences of WebOS in Honeycomb, (and Honeycomb has one of the main guys behind WebOS working on it) the PlaybookOS, Apple and Nokia got some former WebOS folks working for them now..but WebOS is paired with average hardware right now.
    Put WebOS on some better hardware and it could start to be a major player again.

  128. @jroc
    Absolutely! I love WebOS’s notifications and multi-tasking, but it’s subpar hardware and lack of developer support turned me off. Hopefully HP can change this…

  129. Steve Jobs is not afraid of Android. His disdain for Android stems from the fact that Google CEO Eric Schmidt is a snake in the grass. All the time he was sitting on Apple’s board of directors he was plotting the launch of his own rival OS. So yeah Jobs hates Android, but it’s not bcuz he fears them. It’s bcuz of that Google-sized knife he had to pull out of his back….

  130. All this back and forth bickering is pointless! The present and the future is set. One arrogant, narcissistic, skelator of a man and his puppet, pissant minions feable bleatings will not change a thing. I find it amusing. An army, a droid army has came and put foot to ass. Deal with it!

  131. I agree with you that Jobs and Apple are worried.

    I’m not so sure about history repeating itself in the tablet space though. The iPad has been priced agressively. Nobody yet has been able match the iPad’s pricing. That’s why they’re resorting to all sorts of gimmickry (advertising 4G and Flash and shipping without them) to justify their higher prices.

  132. Jobs is deff afraid the guy is always talking crap about Android…why because he wishes he came up with widgets social network integration a good notification system and not just a boring os with no eye candy…plus he is petrified of htc/android devices and he should be since the iphone 5 will get destroyed bye the htc/android superphones that will arrive around the same time of iphone 5..all he does is say we have more apps..umm yea since iphone came out earlier..plus he talk trash about the other tablets…well if he came up with a new user experience instead of tweaking the IOS to fit on a tablet it would have been awesome but of course its just the same boring os like always…and just face it Apple fans bye the end of the year iphone and ipad will be a joke compared to all the high end devices Android/htc will make

  133. an inteligent individul will never bring childish arguments in a conversation with another inteligent individual just to prove them wrong…psichology!
    that being said,@ melanie,spare us the shame of reading what u wrote, your problem is more sprint,than your android device. if u want a handset that thinks for u,go iOS,and stay “protected”,if u want to literally interact with your handset,and customize it your way,you go android,no matter what risk you imagine or think it has,if u dont want any of the above you go with whoever else is left,that is way it is a MARKET, BUT do not bring into discussion such a stupid argument as u did…it hurts me in my brain.
    @ DJ ,awesome input,i enjoyed every word.like a history lesson for me.
    @destardi, you dont even realize how right u are

  134. an inteligent individul will never bring childish arguments in a conversation with another inteligent individual just to prove them wrong…psichology!
    that being said,@ melanie,spare us the shame of reading what u wrote, your problem is more sprint,than your android device. if u want a handset that thinks for u,go iOS,and stay “protected”,if u want to literally interact with your handset,and customize it your way,you go android,no matter what risk you imagine or think it has,if u dont want any of the above you go with whoever else is left,that is way it is a MARKET, BUT do not bring into discussion such a stupid argument as u did…it hurts me in my brain.
    @ DJ ,awesome input,i enjoyed every word.like a history lesson for me.
    @destardi, you dont even realize how right u are.

  135. Steve Jobs should shut up and eat some food…the guy is freaking anorexic.

  136. Steve Jobs is an Apple fanboy, always talking trash about Android.

  137. @justin

    I was Apple all from the II+ through the G4. And over those years all I remember is the debates being between the Apple OS and DOS or Windows, not the hardware. Besides what do the hard core.techies do? They don’t buy some pre-fab product, they build it up taking the best of each part. Maybe a bit apples to oranges in this discussion, but to say one company can do it all is unrealistic.

    As for notifications, unless things have changed since I ditched my Pre a year ago, Android is WAY better than WebOS. Maybe it’s just me, but I like to keep my notifications around for a while when I’m busy. On WebOS if you get 2, you’ve lost at least 25% of screen real estate.

  138. @Wesley, I’m no Jobs fanboy, but cancer and chemotherapy will do that to you.

  139. If Jobs didn’t fill in his conference speeches with trash talk all he would have to say about his new iPad 2 is, “we added a new processor (which is weaker than Tegra and Orion) and some terrible cameras. Oh yeah and its thinner but that’s nothing new.”

  140. @js
    If we are looking at just the OS then all devices that run a particular OS should be included. This includes the millions of crappy Android phones out there along with any PMPs, tablets, etc. If we look at overall market share, Apple has about 10 million more devices in the hands of consumers. This is a huge reason devs choose iOS first and in many cases exclusively. Even when Android takes over iOS as the most ubiquitous mobile OS, they will still have issues with fragmentation, willingness of users to download apps/spend money, security, and content control. I am actually quite thankful for Android. Without it iOS users would probably still be waiting for multitasking, and a revamp of the notification system wouldn’t even be on the radar. I’m guessing we will see an intuitive solution from Apple when it comes to improving the notification system on iOS just as we did with multi-tasking. The way I see it, Android users get to wait for the best apps and firmware updates while iOS users typically have to wait for improvements to core functions of the OS. Playing Angry birds and watching Netflix will keep me busy while waiting…

  141. The Apple jailbreak community has addressed pretty much every single short-coming that you Droid users are referencing when comparing platforms.

    People well-versed in jailbreaking iOS devices(which was deemed legal in the courts last year) are carrying the most advanced feature sets of any smartphone. And that’s not an opinion, it’s a fact…but it’s a fact that Droid users prefer NOT to know about (ignorance is bliss).

  142. @Jailbreak Solutions FTW
    Great point. You can pretty much do anything on an iOS device that you can on an Android device. Some things require jailbreaking, but at lest we have the option. Android users are left out to dry when it comes to apps though. There is no work around for Netflix, and features like video chatting via Skype are impossible on Android. iOS FTW!!!

  143. To all those people who keep going on about Apple losing marketshare is not important because of their profitability.

    Marketshare is a leading indicator of future profitability – don’t you guys know anything about business? Apple’s margins are decreasing, Steve Jobs himself admitted they priced the iPad lower to gain marketshare at the expense of margin/profitability.

    You people love Apple so much it affects your intelligence.

  144. Heh, and we have solutions from the root community that trumps anything you can do on a jailbreaked iOS device. :P But since Android is already great out the box, no need for us to bring up the root stuff. Anyway, it and jailbreaking does not qualify in the real world as a feature. Nothing really to brag about. :P

  145. @144 Exactly, I have the very easy option to root my Nexus S, and I don’t, no need to. It does everything I need it to, out of the box.

  146. @the last 2 posts

    Exactly. One of the big differences between Android and the iPhone is most things Android can do out the box you have to jailbreak an iPhone to do.

    One example is notifications. I read on Engadget about a iOS notification app that looks real nice. It looks like it handles notifications better than stock iOS to me. But you have to jailbreak the iPhone to use it.

    With Android, it already has what most ppl consider a better notification setup compared to iOS. Not only that, but the app thats for iOS that you need to jailbreak the iPhone to use, Android has similar apps thats just a download away, no need to be rooted.

    Bottom line, there will always be pros n cons in the Android vs. iOS debates for both sides. I do notice with both OS’s the pros n cons lists is getting smaller with each OS update..

    That can only mean good things for both Android and iOS.

  147. About those 100 apps for Android tablets … well, maybe 100 tablet-optimized ones. But I can easily run any Android app on my Archos. It might look weird, but it works.

    Did anybody try to install an iPhone app to an iPad? Did it work? No! That’s why the developers *HAD* to re-compile their apps for the iPad.

  148. Apple or Android? WHO CARES…its a FREE market, people can buy what they want. This world has bigger issues at hand than stupid lame apps. Apple and Android suck…The Motorola Star Tak phone was pimp and revolutionized everything in the 90’s. Nuf said

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