Samsung to Rethink the Galaxy Tab 10.1’s Cost Due to iPad Launch


Samsung – in what seems to be a classic case of “oh my god, our product has been totally outclassed by Apple” – has gone on the record to say that their new Galaxy Tab is not quite up to the standards that Apple has set this week when they introduced the new iPad 2.

He says they’ll be looking at how to improve their own product and will look to improve the areas they feel are inadequate. A change in hardware for the model that was introduced at Mobile World Congress could mean a delay is in store, but Samsung might instead choose to price their model competitively.

Apple has put the industry in a bit of a tight spot as they’ve introduced the most advanced technology found in a 10.1-inch form factor for the same price as the model they released last year. (You can get the absolute cheapest model for $499.99, FYI.)

It’s a godsend for consumers who are looking to buy Android 3.0 tablets but fear that they’ll continue to remain expensive. With Apple putting the heat on Samsung, Samsung will be putting the heat on LG, LG will do the same to Motorola – getting the trend here?

Prices will come down across the board eventually, but “early adopters’ tax” is something you folks will have to live with until competition really gets going. Honeycomb isn’t as fleshed out as we’d like it to be at this point anyway, so waiting might do a bunch of you some good. [Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Finally, someone sees the light!

  2. This is good new for pricing but I’m wondering what Samsung feels is inadequate with their hardware…

  3. Android was suppose to be a free OS so that they could sell great devices at a lower price but why are all the tablets the same or more than the iPad, WTF.

  4. High end pricing on Android tablets made no sense in the first place. Apple tends to hold a relative price point once established and then just increases features as supplier technology advances – they’ve been doing this for years.
    Love ’em or hate ’em – Apple makes personal computers and knows that market as well as the smartphone market, and understood the tablet market from its netbook attempt.
    That background of knowledge is lacking at Samsung and Motorola and their pricing has shown it. Now we see the benefits of competition – the consumer wins.
    The iPad was new. If Android tablets are truly going to dominate, makers might well consider less expensive rather than cheaper tablets.

  5. Samsung – in what seems to be a classic case of “oh my god, our product has been totally outclassed by Apple”

    So I guess that means they should lower the RAM, resolution, get rid of 4G, Flash, SD etc in order to ‘outclass’ the ipad2.

  6. @ari-free I believe all that is thrown out of the way when you consider the massive software ecosystem sitting behind the iPad. Samsung can’t emulate or surpass that alone.

  7. Maybe I missed something, but what was so advanced about the Ipad2 technology that has Samsung scared? According to most comparison charts the Ipad 2 showed off technology that at least competes with the Xoom, and those same charts show the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tab with similar hardware.

    Oh well.. at least one thing is for sure.. Prices will be reasonable for Android tabs thanks to Apple!

  8. Honestly Apple has laid the law down and PIMP SLAPPED everyone especially MOTOROLA… I am definitely not an apple fan nor would I purchase any apple product but they do deserve MAJOR credit for not only producing there ipad2 it looks great but they deserve credit for producing a better product than last year’s ipad and not expecting MORE MONEY FROM THERE CUSTOMERS… Something MOTOROLA should TAKE NOTE and I am sure samsung has taken note…. BOTTOM LINE HERE… Apple rules TABLET WORLD….But ANDROID RULES THE SMARTPHONE INDUSTRY… Can’t be #1 in everything

  9. @EarlyMon –

    I don’t think Moto priced the Xoom too high, I think they failed to give consumer choice out of the gate. If the Wi-Fi only was available at launch at the projected $599 price point (apparently $539 at Sams Club), then they would have been priced right in line with the original Ipad, and everyone would have said what a great deal the Xoom was. As it stands, they delayed the Wi-Fi only and pushed out a single SKU $800 tab, which is why it appears much more expensive, even though the same specced Ipad 2 is going for roughly the same price.

  10. EarlyMon – if you think about it, it actually makes perfect sense why android tablets cost more. They are much more powerful, include things such as hdmi out and sd card reader built in. They also are more powerful and have more memory. Lastly, you get a tablet OS with your tablet and not a phone OS.

  11. Nice. Healthy($$$) competition. Nice indeed.

  12. how is Galaxy Tab 10.1 inferior to ipad 2? alaxy Tab 10.1 is way above ipad 2.the only thing I agree is it is expensive. it has higher resolution,micro SD card,audio speakers,camers with higher megapixel. stop worshipping apple.

  13. Same loser douchebag self there richard?

  14. jdog25 is right… i dun understand why android tablets and phones are priced as high (if not higher) than phones with proprietary OS.

    as for the samsung tablet feeling inadequate… i’m puzzled. rumours of the specs have been out long time ago… and more importantly, its not like there’s a big improvement over ipad1. is samsung tablet that lousy?!?

  15. Richard Yarrell, you realise they left off features from the iPad 1 in order that they could add it to the 2nd gen right? Knowning full well apple fanboys would buy both. They care about their profit margins, not their customers.

  16. Yes, Samsung doesn’t quite understand the software side of the equation. They just know how to sell it as hardware, like a TV and not as a computer.

  17. Apple tried to take the wind out of moto’s sails. I wonder if the ipad2 was ready for prime time? Or did apple gave to do something quick about android tablets.

  18. I still think the samsung exec is being misquoted or misunderstood ….. other than pricing and thickness, I don’t see anything that is outclassed by iPad2.

  19. @Richard Yarrell
    Don’t fully agree on that, yeah give it to Apple for being able to produce a newer product and keep the price point the same. However the thing about Android is that OS is open, which allows users and OEM to choose what they want. High, mid’s and low end products. Note it was crazy for MOTO to think they could get away with such high prices but it’s not like it’s that hard to change. Also only hands on can say how much better the IPad2 is then 1.. Once prices start to drop Apple will be in trouble. 1 OS on 1 product vs 1 OS on multiple products with a variety of specs. Means more choices for us which for apple is bad for apple.

  20. I respect apple’s abillity to put out quality products year after year. I guess its not as hard for them when they “Nazi” there OS. I wont buy simply because of the “kiddiness” of all their products that is forced on consumers.

  21. @Sri – agreed.

    @mydragon – The advantage Apple has is that they are able to lock down manufacturing costs because they have a huge reserve of capital, and they can guarantee that they will sell a lot of product. All this keeps their costs down. Android tablets on the other hand have to fight amongst each other for the remaining parts they need, and since they cannot buy a ton at one time their manufacturing costs are higher.

  22. @Yourissues.. and @Lekky… You both are right I have to say I was surprised with there showing it was a great little gathering that has me thinking was could they have possibly left out of the ipad3??? Probably quadcore by the Christmas holidays

  23. Good to see that no one is using CAPS to make a point here. It’s great for us that Apple has decided to price it competitively for once, Samsung is a huge company and they should be able to cut prices and still make a profit.
    Not so sure about HTC though….

  24. I wonder when all these apple fanboys like the author. And Richard Yaeell signed up for phandroid? apples ipad doesn’t outclassed and Android tablet except maybe for the originalGalaxy Tab. Android tablets like the Xoom completely outclassed it. Whether Samsung feels they have to go back the drawing board in order to come up with some killer feature …is their own business (lack of confidence more like it). But then again I ha e lost confidence in Samsung anyways cough Galaxy S. Updates cough. Nothing from what I have read of the ipad 2 spec impresses me. Android tablets will have equal or better battery life.better resolution, hell even for the screen mirroring they are trumpeting any android phone that came out within the last year can do that so tablets …forgedaboudit. apple still uses the same crappy proprietary cable. The ipad 2 has the same crappy look same limited crappy os. apple has impressed noboddy but their fan boys, and they are officially in catch up mode. So why don’t you fan boys head on over to endgadget or gigaom or mashable, and leave talking about Android to the adults

  25. Sri thinness is a big deal to Samsung. Their latest phone is the thinnest thing out there except for the NEC MEDIAS N-04C phone. Personally I think all these things are thin enough and just want better specs.

  26. Until Apple unlocks the bootloader and allows anyone to write apps for their device ala Googles appinventor, Apple will always have a second rate offering in my mind. That being said, this is a good thing because it might force Moto to chop the price on the Xoom. Already saw that they are going to be offering the Wi Fi only one for $539 at Sam’s, so they should be able to to even lower. Most buyers don’t care about things like how much memory it has, they are driven by how much it’s going to cost when they walk out the door. They really don’t care if it has 16 gigs or 32, they care if it’s going to cost them 500 or 800 when they walk out of Best Buy. Motorola unfortunately just doesn’t get that.

  27. @NIsme… Hey ”DOG BREATH”.. Always great to see you here… ROVER

  28. Sorry Tom :)

  29. People say that Apple charges so much because of their “Apple Tax” and thats what doesn’t make any sense why would the Android tablets be priced anywhere next to the iPads price. The only way they can beat Apple for sure is to put out a quality product and price it cheaper, is there a new Android Tax that I don’t know about?

  30. They wanted to be the premium brand for once. They were tired of Apple having all the specs first and they’d be the budget option. So they played a different game and lost.

  31. Dear Steve Jobs, THANK YOU!!! Now the price war has begun:)
    To Samsung, don’t screw your new upcoming 8.9″ tablet (will be announced next March 22). Add SUPER AMOLED, USB port, 64GB and I will buy 2!

  32. Douchebag fits perfectly there richard.

  33. Competition at its best :) The best thing about price wars, the consumer wins in the end. No matter how much we *bitch* about Apple, we can always count of the company to ‘set the standard’ and have other companies try to beat ’em.

  34. You should be prepared to accept the truth no matter where it comes from. Even from a douchebag. Even from Steve Jobs.

  35. The reason why Apple can offer such a low price is being they easily recoup the difference that in iTune’s purchases. Their hardware is the gateway to the online content purchases.

    Unfortunately for the tablet manufacturers they have no marketplace place to make additional revenue after the sale of the hardware.

  36. I believe the android tablet prices need to go down.
    A company as big as Samsung should make the effort to offer better prices that Apple, and stop taking us for granted.Same goes for Lg and Motorola.
    I honestly was hoping that android tablets were going to be cheaper and was surprised at their cost.
    Looking at it from the reverse side of view.( i don’t care if the android tablets have better specs or what)

    The QUESTION: Can I have an android tablet with Honeycomb the same price as an Ipad2 with the same specs?

  37. This has nothing to do with APPLE as being better/smarter/faster. This is simply two companies in competition and the second company finally woke up for a change and realized they better get their act together because first company is pwning them on price.


  38. Android tablets will do the same thing to Apple tablets within a year or two; it’s simply inevitable.

    Further, Samsung, IMHO makes decent smartphones but they’re LAGGY and SLOW as all get out.

    I switched to Samsung Fascinate after my Droid X bit the dust, and I miss the DX quite a bit.

    I don’t get what makes the Samsung slow, and the DX so much smoother.

    C’mon Verizon where the hell’s the thunderbolt?

  39. Competition= always good for consumers. I’m glad apple plays the foil to our droid driven lifestyle – brings down cost though I could do without the iFanboys.

  40. Samsung was using some really bad filesystem.

  41. I don’t believe this article, why would any Samsung rep say that. The only advantage of the iPad 2 hardware (Quentyn software has nothing to do with it) has over the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is the thickness.

    The Galaxy Tab 10.1 will at least have a much better and higher resolution screen, a microsd card slot, more memory and a camera flash.

  42. @destardi install a voodoo kernel and your fascinate will be super smooth.

  43. Android tablets need to follow the pc model from the 80s and 90s. Everyone knew the Apple Mac was a better computer but the windows pcs were more adaptable, open and after the initial gen prices dropped below apple’s products. if the Tab and xoom could be $100 cheaper than Ipad and get close to the same specs, they would be a serious competitor.

  44. Obviously there will be cheaper android tablets. but can the xoom and tab get cheaper than the ipad2 with all those extra specs? The price is the real issue here because it’s not as if you can actually do anything like MS Office or photoshop on any of these things.

  45. I dislike apple for their philosophy and dictatorship way. One thing separate crapple from everyone else is they control their app store and they design everything in house and has their own retail distribution. Ibelieve it is the major reasons why they are able to price the ipad competitvely. Android OEM’s does not have that luxury and is at a competitive disadvantage.

  46. If Moto was smart, they would get their better specc’d Xooms at a lower pricepoint than the Ipad 2. For example, a 16gb Wifi only Ipad 2 will cost 499.99. I think if Moto got the 32gb WiFi Xoom at the same price, they would sell like hotcakes.

  47. @ chimphappyhour. Led light!

  48. I said the same things when the original Tab pricing came out and said it again when they first announced the Xoom pricing. I’m glad to hear an exec at one of the Android manufacturers is finally realizing the same thing. In general people KNOW about the “Apple tax”, yet are willing to pay it because of the simplicity, ease of use and great software integrations. Until Android can match that ease of use and software catalog you can’t out-tax the consumers. Samsung, Motorola, LG, et al. want to steal away a piece of the 30-40 million tablet sales Apple will see in the next year, and until you can provide a similar end-user experience the only way you can steal a piece of the pie is to offer a lower price.

    Most of you posting have little or no understanding of the tablet market. You are niche users looking for niche specs like an extra .1GHz of clock speed and supra-HD quality displays when the VAST majority of end users will see no improvement to their experience with these incremental (and sometimes just fanciful) hardware improvements.

  49. @Sean – I agree that the Android tabs can’t compete with Apple’s software catalog (just like the Android phones are playing catchup with Iphones software). But I disagree when you say that we are niche users looking for niche specs.
    What qualifies you to make that statement? Are you in the tablet industry? There are plenty of people who are happy without knowing the specs of an item, but I think there are plenty more who truly care that they are getting the best for their money when compared to the competition.
    Android doesn’t have to give the same end-user experience as Apple. Thats the point, give consumers choice. If the tablet experience is going to end up as a homogeneous user experience across all tablets, then Android manufacturers need to quit now.

  50. Specs are not what really matters and price is not what will give Apple the long term advantage. Just like video game consoles it’s all about the software and a 65,000 tablet app lead is the real story even if somebody can match the price.

  51. This article is garbage, the iPad2 doesn’t destroy tablets like the Xoom.

  52. Samsung and the others need to make their products more “adequate” and think price first (entry level 8 GB tablet for $400 with SD card maybe?). By adequate I mean they should focus on what REALLY matters in a tablet. 8 MP back cameras? 3 MP front cameras? CMON!! Useless costs added to the tablet. Don’t focus so much on “extras” and focus on improving the quality of the build, make it lighter, sexier, improving the screen (SAMOLED+?), increasing the resolution (1920×1200 with Tegra 3?) and of course keeping pace with high-end chips, because faster performance improves the experience, too. But most importantly, FOCUS ON PRICE FIRST!!! ($400-$500 wifi only for at least same quality as iPad)

  53. what are you talking about. ipad 2, hardware wise is same as the most of the current tablets. maybe it’s lcd panel is better but other than that I don’t see why samsung would feel inadequate.

  54. I’ve been paying attention to the Phandroid articles written by Quentyn and it’s beginning to look clearer to me that he/she is an Apple shill in disguise. The iPad 2 hasn’t outclassed anybody it merely caught up and even so it still lacks the specs of some of the others. Motorola and Samsung do need to reconsider their pricing if they want to attract the average Joe and I think they are
    beginning to come around.

  55. Captivate 2.5 – Ha ha! Whatever keeps me from stubbing my toe on my bed frame in the middle of the night. :P

    Nlsme – Wow! You really are a troll. Do you know anything other than name calling? Although, nice to see you’ve graduated past something other than idiot. Way to grow!

  56. Dude stfu, you are an idiot. You made that clear by calling the xoom disposable. Richard is a douchebag, he makes that clear in everything he posts. Now move along. Idiot.

  57. Hold on doesn’t samsung slap the iPad down with it’s far better camras, screen, web browsing capability (flash, honeycomb browser UI) and possibility RAM? Oh and weight! Even though iPad is a few millimetres thiner? Apple had a spec and hardware bump samsung had a whole new UI and hardware. So who’s ment to be innovative?

    (Not a fan boy will be buying both and uses iPhones)

    P.S Apple does have 65k apps on android though

  58. taptapir It’s not adequate if it costs $700 for the extras I mentioned that most people don’t want anyway. They need to make a competitive tablet at $400-$500, not at $700 or so. Most potential tablet buyers won’t pay that much, especially when you consider that there are no apps for it yet. That’s why Samsung themselves said their tablet is not adequate and they needto adjust pricing, too, which was supposed to be bigger than the first Tab’s $600 price.

  59. I dont get how people want the xoom at 150-250 less then their phone. Seriously, you want a tablet with a bigger screen, faster processoor, more memory, yet less cost. Never gonna happen. As pointed out numerous times, comapring the pricea to the ipad, the xoom is riced accordingly. You guys must think a bentley should have a price point in allignment with a toyota. If ut is too much for you, dont buy it. They are selling them just fine to those that are truely in the market.

  60. Also, as I said, if they are going to make it $100 more expensive, I’d rather see them put a 10″ SAMOLED+ display on that tablet with a higher resolution, than put a 8MP back camera with 1080p recording….on a tablet! The truth is they still don’t know how to plan a tablet yet and what features should have priority. They think a tablet should be planned in the exact same way as a phone, and that’s not how it should be. A tablet doesn’t need everything that a phone has and in the same quantity. By making the mistake in believing that they are pricing themselves out of the market, and making their products un-competitive with the iPad 2 (competitive doesn’t mean just specs, it also means price). The Android manufacturers are letting Apple show them how it’s done once again, and it’s sad. Hopefully, the 2nd wave of tablets that are currently still on the drawing board, will be much better, and they’ll finally get it.

  61. How hard can it be for Samsung to bring down their prices? The quality of their products are crap.

  62. course apple can sell theres cheaper. theyll sell 20 or 30x the number of tablets so can afford lower profit per unit. and they know the apple fanboys will run out and get the next model in 12months. so that profit doesnt have to last as long either. its not a case of samsung, motorola etc being greedy or ripping us off, they need to make considerably more on each unit to make it worth their while. they could have a table twice as good and half the price but it still wouldnt attract a significant portion of apples customers because its missing one of the main features those customers require…the apple badge! but if apple are charging $499 then the android boys need to aim for a maximum of $599

  63. And some of those “extras” are the 3G/4G chisp, which add consirable cost to the tablets. Manufacturers need to stop letting carriers dictate them to use 3G/4G chips that add $100-$200 to the final price, thinking that most people would want such a tablet at the higher price or on a 2 year contract. New flash – most people don’t want 3G/4G in their tablets because they are not as portable as a phone, but more like a laptop, and most people don’t need 3G/4G connection for thir laptops do they? A tablet will mostly be used at home or in a place with Wi-Fi connection, so the 3G is unnecessary in most cases. I’m sure some people do want this in their tablet, but it’s not the majority of the market, and they could just put them in their high-end tablets, or offer different versions like Apple does. Apple understood this from day one, but Android tablet manufacturers seem to want to push their $800 4G tablets as entry-level devices. Ridiculous.

  64. If ipad had amazing specs and features that only Apple had patents on, if ios had revolutionary features that Android could only dream then I would bow to Apple. But this isn’t the case. What we’re seeing is just business 101 stuff. The Android price is too damn high hehe

  65. I am happy to pay more for the high rez screen and decent camera, finer design( note the smaller bezel :) ) Samsung please do not lower your standards!!!!

  66. WTF Samsung, you didn’t know this ahead of time? After all you do make most of the parts for the ipad. That article is from applegadget anyway so I’m sure they twisted the words from Samsung.

  67. Ugh. Sorry for all the typoes. I wish Phandroid had a more advanced commenting system.

  68. Nlsme – Ha! And you make it quite clear that you can’t cite sources or provide proof and that you lie and just call people names. Thanks. ;)

  69. 3g/4g radios do not cost $200. Again, you want a larger screen, faster processor, more memory, stronger battery, yet you want it at hundreda less then your phone. Not gonna happen.

  70. What exactly do I need to cite a source for? My definition od disposable/durable can be found in ANY dictionary. I covered that then. You even posted my definition for me then. Idiot.

  71. Quote: “Samsung – in what seems to be a classic case of “oh my god, our product has been totally outclassed by Apple””

    Woah what? Price aside, the Galaxy 10.1 by far outclasses both the original and the iPad 2 in terms of specs. I agree that it should be cheaper but that doesn’t mean the iPad 2 outclasses the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Not by a long shot.

  72. Wtf did I lie about?

  73. I’m being picky, but the article is slightly wrong. The paid is 9.7 inches, not 10.1

  74. Nlsme – Let’s see you’re lying in post 60 here. You never could verify that because it never happened and you also lied about never trolling those other android forums. You seem to lie and name call a lot. So you really have no grounds for calling either me or Richard any names.

  75. Android may be free to manufacturers but iOS is also free.. Apple is not paying anything to use their own OS, no licencing. And if you wanna say “But development costs… yadda yadda” … the answer lies in our beloved Android Markey and the App Store. Moto, Htc and Samsung are making nothing from the Market Place, while I suspect the App Store is making Apple much more then the iOS development costs.

  76. Stfu, you posted the same definition I did, and beat your chest as if it backed you.This IS the ONLY android site I visit. The reason you and richard are called names has nothing to do with my ground, but yours. IDIOT.

  77. This is the problem with Android Vs. Apple. Apple makes a ton of money off their App Store, so they can price their tablets cheaper because they will make the difference up in app sales. Look at this article…,news-10308.html

    Moto and the other tab makers will not offer their tabs at a bargain price because they will not make as much profit as Apple will off software sales. But honestly, if Moto priced the Xoom to make a small profit off each sale (like $499.99 for the 3g/4g version) then they would probably sell a large volume of product and make a pretty decent profit as well.

  78. Apple has the stigma of being cream of the crop to average Joe consumer. Whether the iPad has better specs or vise versa really doesn’t matter to the average Joe. They see Apple devices as a measuring stick, so the Xoom and other higher end tabs seem over priced, regardless of specs. There needs to be a mid level Android tab that is priced just below the iPad to steal some market share. They have the POS Android tabs and the high end. The high end only appeal to people reading these messages, certainly not the masses. I want a nice Android tab pretty bad but I work hard for my money and I’m not an idiot. I’m not paying $800 to surf the frigging net in my recliner.

  79. Nlsme – And you just proved my point, once again with more name calling instead of actually backing up your statements. Thanks for proving my points once again. ;)

  80. Most of you really have no clue.

    1) A higher resolution 10″ screen at the average viewing distance of a handheld tablet does nothing for viewing quality. Better contrast, color, more efficient, etc, THAT’s what you should be worrying about, because that’s what you’ll be able to discern with your eyes. Nevermind the fact that your compressed blu-ray and DVD rips, streamed Netflix content, and Youtube HD aren’t pushing the limits of the displays as they are. As for higher resolution cameras? With a better camera in my cellphone I’m not going to be flipping out the tab to snap pics when I need them. Other than a FFC for video chat (which doesn’t need to be crazy since I’ll be compressing and streaming that video anyway), I couldn’t care less if it has a rear camera. Most people won’t.

    2) No one is expecting the tablets to cost less than the phones, and no one has said that. You know what the average end-user pays for their cell phone? $76 in 2010 according to JD Power. “But that’s subsidized pricing” you might be wanting to bash out on your keyboard, and to that I’ll say it’s almost 8x the subsidized price of the subsidized Xoom, and about 6.5x times of the price of the soon to be replaced, recently lowered Galaxy Tab from Verizon. Also, I most CERTAINLY expect it to be lower in price to a far more functional laptop.

    3) The pricing is a barrier to entry for Honeycomb tablet users. Apple’s price for entry is $499, unsubsidized. Right now the entry price for a Honeycomb tablet is $799 unsubsidized. As someone who WANTS a Honeycomb tablet, and has eagerly been following the news hoping to buy one, I’ll be getting an iPad 2 (32GB, wi-fi) because right now there is no justification or motivation to spend the extra money. Fewer apps, even less proof that the manufacturer will be caring for/supporting it in a year, and feature differences that I know won’t matter on a media tablet.

    Next week I’ll be picking up my iPad 2, and in a year when the Android tablet market has some real competition and the app support behind it I’ll be able to sell the iPad 2 at only a $100 loss to an Apple fanboy to fund a new Android tablet purchase. Meanwhile, your $800 Xoom will have been eclisped twice over, making it worth $200.

  81. Hmmm last time I checked the new tab blows the IPad 2 out of the water in terms of everything. Whoever wrote this article needs there head checked.

  82. Lol at the idiots who are still crying bloody murder about how great their 1GB 1280×800 hdmi-outing honeycomb tablets are and how much Apple sucks. Even Samsung is calling your bluff and being realistic. What metrics does Samsung use to describe itself as “inadequate”? Why the most obvious one is engineering prowess. Samsung, the avant garde of superthin gadgets, has been eclipsed handily with that 8.8mm clean aluminum body, still with a $499 pricetag. A 10.9mm plastic slab that is priced over $1000 in some areas ain’t gonna cut it for real consumers in comparison. No one gives a flying fart about 512MB vs 1GB, and they BOTH have dual-core and HDMI. The iOS on the iPad2 is super-speedy despite any RAM crying and the half-baked Honeycomb beta release is still clunky and hiccups. No one is gonna care about 1280×800 vs 1024×768 either. The difference is not drastic. Even 42″ plasmas use XGA instead of 720p and most people just don’t care. What they will notice is how messy and childish the Honeycomb UI looks and how unoptimized the programs are and pixellated icons look. Standardized resolutions make a difference. Elegance and ease make a difference. ePenis comparisons with pointless numbers don’t make a difference. It’s the actual PERFORMANCE that you can see and feel that does. Samsung is being practical, and I am a big Samsung fanboy, so I applaud their honesty and diligence.

  83. “Meanwhile, your $800 Xoom will have been eclisped twice over, making it worth $200.” OUCH! BUT your not taking into consideration that the iPad 3 will be out before a year and therefore you need to subtract an additional $50-75 loss on that iPad 2. By the end of this month I expect to find an iPad 1 on Craigslist for $300(someones’s $200 loss)

  84. The wonderful thing about the Apple release schedule is I know if I’m planning on upgrading, I need to sell it a week before the big Apple spring announcement for maximum usage/money. A 40% after announcement loss is still nothing compared to what I would expect on one of these Honeycomb tablets. Just take a look at used prices on the ~3 month old Galaxy Tab! In another 9 months people will be giving them away, since carriers most certainly will.

    I also know that I’ll get at least one (and probably two) major release support directly from the manufacturer with no delays. Are you so sure Motorola, Samsung and LG will be doing the same?

  85. #64 won thread: “The Android price is too damn high.”

  86. Guys at Sammy aren’t bright. If they thought of themselves as a corporation, they would actually go all in, with all their divisions to compete with Apple. Instead, they sell components to Apple and make a half-hearted effort at competing with them.

    No reason the Tab 10.1 can’t better spec’d and cheaper than the basic iPad 2, when most of the compnents are from Samsung.

  87. Let’s make it simple.

    Joe Consumer doesn’t pick up a tablet and wonder about core count, resolution, or RAM. He/she picks it up and says “Wow, this one is so thin and light, and is made of metal. That one is big and chunky and plastic — AND it’s more expensive.”

    The Samsung rep isn’t talking about Apple out-speccing them on CPU. He’s talking about design, price point, and perceived quality of materials.

    None of which care about gigahurtzzzz. Those of you who keep shouting “Samsung Has Better Specs” are missing the point.

    That leaves the whole app thing out of the equation completely, even though it’s another point of win for Apple.

  88. Sean,
    You make a good argument, and you’re right. In a year the Xoom will most likely be dead to Moto since they will be on their next product. Hell, look at how quickly Samsung appears to have dumbed the galaxy tab. To be honest, if the galaxy tab was updated to honeycomb, I would probably buy it right now. After all, its big limiting factor was the fact that the U.I. was not designed for the tablet form factor. I still don’t understand the price argument. If your getting an Ipad2 Wi-Fi only, then you are spending the same amount that you would for the wi-fi Xoom (yes I concede that it is not out yet..). The one thing that will not be dead with the Xoom is Dev support, just like every other Android device out there. The Dev community is the reason why the T-Mo G1 has a honeycomb rom in the works, just like they are the reason why the Nook Color can be a fantastic entry tablet device.

    Now of course the apps are a whole different story, and until there are enough apps to take advantage of honeycomb the user experience will be downright disappointing.

  89. After some quick googling, it seems like you need to pay to use the sd card readers (to the SD Card Association) and also pay to have a usb ports on your devices sold (USB Implementors Forum), this might be one way apple is able to sell their products for less. Apple uses usb on the pc/mac end, but not having it on their device would probably cost less in royalties. The more ports and storage options android devices have the more royalties they need to pay to use them, nobody is going to spend a lot of time and research costs on inventing ports/card readers for charity..

  90. Just calling a spade a spade. You havr yet to prove a $2700 dslr/xoom are “disposable” or disprove any of my “lies”. Piss off. Idiot.

  91. Someone’s getting fired, saying Samsung’s device is inferior to that device which is the paragon of inferiority. Oh, look, it’s the iPad 1, but it has the two cameras they left out, and a dual core processor. Oh, and a bigger speaker grill. Yawn.

  92. Nlsme – Just because you also can’t read doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. And again, you try to bolster your bad argument with name calling. Thanks once again for proving my point. ;)

  93. Had Samsung put an external MicroSD card slot on this new Tablet it may have helped…. but who wants to purchase a Tablet the same as an i-Pad for less features but costs more.

  94. LOL. Quentyn isn’t an Apple fanboy. After much internal debate over iPad2 and Xoom. I think I may go with Xoom.

  95. Samsung: “ipad ftw”

  96. makes no sense, the only thing I can figure is Samsung has something hot up their sleeves to differentiate one of their upcoming devices from the crowd.

    And the IOS operating system works and is simple…but that is the thing, way to simple, no more imagination…when you fanboys want to grow up and use a device designed for you the individual vice a cult, then come on over…we will be here, because Android just keeps getting better and better and better

  97. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, something like libre office, would give us droiders a market advantage, 750 megs of ROM would be pleanty. There are tablets out there, with 4G ROM, lets use some of it to have a fully functional office.
    In Aussie we have a company Pioneer (check on that spelling [where’s my spellchecker],) selling dual core An 2.2 for $200. Company says battery time good, one reviewer says bad, still even if bad, modification, at that priceoint could yield huge demand.
    I have read of Chinnese 2.2’s, dual core $250, don’t quote me, $35 single core in India, (could that be heavy government subsidy ?) Don’t count droiders free OS advantage out yet. I suppose Apple will be bringing out quad cores sometime after we do in August. But will they be able to get as much out of Java microwarchitecture as we can, or 12 core gpu’s.
    Just rave time, if your busy skip this, my leader will be addressing a joint sitting of the US congress and senate, perhaps when you see it’s a woman, you’ll lose the crocadile dundee steriotype. Remember we invented wi fi and 2, $12 billion a year intellectual property exports. $6.8 billion a year services exports to China, now exceding our services exports to the US, if we don’t succumb to the resources curse, we’ll do well in the second tech boom. Come and visit Oz, it’s lovely, if not cheap, ($US at near parity with $A.)

  98. let’s say samsung matches ipad wit price, still on top of that: 65,000 tablet optimized apps (moving it passed a big smartphone), netflix abc hulu cbs (15k more video titles), flash video (skyfire and cloudbrowse apps), adobe photoshop, about 10 web browsers, a couple hundred thousand more apps (official; mk3, streetfighter4, gta, tablet optimized microsoft word processors, tablet optimized microsoft excel), and all of this without needing to get a homemade (by r2d2 wanking unemployed programmers) hack. and all that was just the ipad 1..

  99. @stuart brown = the aussie charlie sheen of phandroid. what the hell are you talking about???

  100. You idiots! It’s obvious that the iPad 2 has inferior hardware when compared to many android tablets, but whether you believe it or not, the apple ecosystem trumps anything google can offer with android. I’m not an apple fanboy, but believe me, I would much rather spend less money on a better user experience than more money on something with powerful hardware, but terrible software.

  101. I love how apple stories are the most commented ones in this site.

  102. Heads up to samsung as they’ve been very vocal and humble. The only thing i love about apple is their tablets (iPads) compared to their products. I just don’t know the reason on why other companies can’t lessen their price. And yes, why can’t apple be as humble as samsung? they’re fckn annoying esp. steve jobs

  103. Im not making any arguement here other then your an idiot, and richard is a douche. I finoshed the other aegurment a long time ago, when i realized you truely were an idiot.

  104. A hardware revamp would be delicious. No one wants a tablet made of cheap plastic.

  105. Nlsme – Nah, you ran away when I exposed you as a troll and a bully who can’t back up an argument. Bullies and trolls tend to do that when exposed. Thanks yet again for proving another one of my points for me. ;)
    Oh, and you look like a stark raving loony just leaving your comments hanging out like that. But I guess if the label fits, you wear it well. ;)

  106. @eileen

    Cloudbrowse / skyfire = crap compared to any of the Android browsers. Cbs, abc works just fine on Android. Netflix is coming to Android. Honeycomb will get the same games and with better video performance. Only an idiot will want to run photoshop on a crappy low res screen like that on the ipad. IPad still can’t do widgets and Android will always have the excellent native google apps. Plus all the office suites will be tablet optimized for Android. Sorry but the iPad is old news already.

  107. I left that thread because I realized you were too stupid to understand 2 simple definitions. For the fifth time, this is the only android site I visit. Period. Now, kindly fuck off. IDIOT..

  108. I think too call the xoom expensive is damn ignorant!
    I believe the biggest mistake moto made with it was not releasing a competitively priced wi-fi only version alongside it. Had they done that this article would not exist!

  109. Except, this article isnt about the xoom.

  110. Nlsme – It wasn’t hard at all to find you on those other forums and it is very obvious it is you. And remember, if I am able to hold a reasonable debate with citing actual real sources and facts and be backed up by others AND you’re calling me an idiot, what does that make you who can only form arguments of delusion and name calling? ;)
    Oh, yeah, that reminds me. What is it that you do for a living again? You never did say. I don’t think the tax people will allow you to claim “angry little troll” on your tax forms. :P

  111. @NIsme… You are a total.. DICK WAD.. Just where do you get off attacking everyone cause they don’t understand your blabbering… Go some place else and leave US ALL ALONE… You IPHONE LOVER… Your not no android follower… TROLL

  112. Yeah your backed by richard stfu. Everyone tells him to stfu, and you brag he backs you. You truely are an idiot. And again, this is the only android site I visit. Period. End of fucking story. If you didnt make idiotic statements you wouldnt be called an idiot. Go back and read that thread, I wasnt the only one there to say you were wrong. Idiot. @ Richard, i only called you a douche and him an idiot. Please dont assume im here as an apple fanboy, and attack everyone. I just call it how i see it, and im not the only one. there are at least 5 differant people in this thread that would like to see you just stfu. All you do is go on and on about a shit phone on a shit network. Your videos are comic genius though.

  113. And the ONLY thing you have cited was MY definition. Nobody agreed with you that the xoom is dispisable. Beating your chest like you won does not constitute winning. Or having a valid point. Idiot.

  114. Nlsme – Aww, is angry troll angry? :P
    Hmm, let’s see. I see you attacking jdog25 on techalps about the Motorola Xoom. Oh, and at androidwebportal. Yeah, you see, I can tell it is you as it is the same username, same bad spelling, horrible mistakes at totally omitting words or sticking in the wrong words (far beyond the internet norm) and let’s not forget your favorite name to call people… idiot. Now, each alone means nothing but all stacked up, it clearly points to you. Which means, you’re a liar and a troll. Thanks. :)

  115. Jdog knows why me and him disagreed, he recanted the statements that started it all, since then me and him have been fine. THIS IS THE ONLY ANDROID SITE I VISIT. PERIOD. Get it through your idiotic head. Idiot.

  116. Wow! Just contradicted yourself there. Nice job. Btw, I think you’ve worn out that insult. I know trolls aren’t very bright but maybe it is time for you to invest in a new one. ;)

  117. You just make this waaaay too easy for me. Really, you’re way out classed.

  118. And how is that? You have failed at everything you said you “proved”. You truely are idiot. People agreed with me then too.

  119. Nlsme – You only have one oar in the water there. You keep going in circles. ;) Your arguments go nowhere. Really, you should leave this to us adults. You’re not an adult are you? That’s why you can’t answer the question I keep asking about what it is that you do, isn’t it? Go back to playing your video games and playing with your toys. We’ll take care of everything for you. Thanks. ;) Oh, and you should really learn some manners.

  120. Your the tool.that keeps saying i contradicted myself but wont answer how. Your the idiot that claims i dont cite my source when you do it your the idiot that cant understand this is the only android forum I visit. Wtf does my occupation have to do with anything? Seriously, idiot.

  121. And, you need to learn some reading comprehension when looking at a dictionary. Its two simple definitions, yet you cant comprehend them. There were even other people in that thread that were flat out telling you you were wrong. Hillarious. Idiot.

  122. Because I asked you numerous times and just like any other argument you’ve tried to put forth, instead of a direct answer, you make stuff up and try to redirect. Very clear signs of someone who has something to hide and someone who doesn’t know how to properly argue their points. I quite clearly cited sources for my arguments and VERY clearly showed how yours were NOT supported by those sources. You? You just say I have no idea what I’m talking about because you’ve decided I’m an idiot. Oh, very effective debate skills. (That’s sarcasm by the way.)
    You can’t spell, you can’t debate, you’re a all out liar (yes, you did contradict yourself by acknowledging your debate on those other sites.) and all you do is name calling. I hope others are as entertained by you as much as I am as that would be about the only worth you seem to have on this planet as far as I can tell. So far, it looks like you make no other contribution to, well, anyone really.

  123. “Nlsme wrote on March 5, 2011

    And, you need to learn some reading comprehension when looking at a dictionary. Its two simple definitions, yet you cant comprehend them. There were even other people in that thread that were flat out telling you you were wrong. Hillarious. Idiot.”

    Really? Go back and give me the post numbers. ;) Oh! I’ve asked you to do that before and you haven’t… because you can’t.

  124. Yeah, it really comes back to that. Put up or shut up you angry little troll. :P

  125. Omay, the definitions you citede were mine word for word. We covered that then. Others chimed in, and said you were wrong in your arguement. Jdog and me debated on this site. Phandroid, the only fucking android based site I visit. Period. End of fucking story. I havent answere to you what i do for a living because it doesnt matter. In any way. But, it has been said on this site. The only fucking android site i visit. Ever,end of fucking story. As far as my spelling or debate skills, who gives a fuck. When others chime in and say they agree then i dont. Especially considering im doing it all on my phone, while taking a shit(sarcasm there btw, im not always taking a shit, but this is hardly a setting where it matters). And when i say “others chime in and agree” i mean where the chimed in and said they disagreed with you. In that thread. Numerous times.

  126. Give me the post numbers then. If anything you say is true, prove it. Give me the post number. ;)

  127. Go back and read it. You posted the same exact definition i stated. The same exact one that can be found in any dictionary. I put in parenthesis (not uses) yes, because that it is a key word in the definition. Remember this arguement. The one where you think “use” is plural, and where you think the fact they didnt put “uses” didnt matter.

  128. So show me the post numbers where all this stuff you’re claiming to have said was said and all this back up you got. See, you couldn’t produce the post numbers then as you can’t now because you’re delusional. As usual, you can’t back up a single thing you say. ;)

  129. Android “fans” have to stop looking at a spec sheet to compare things.
    Given, the ipad2 is probably a tad less powerful than the new 3.0 tablets.
    But it has a whole ecosystem built around it.
    It’s also a lot better looking, and thinner than any android counterpart.

    And that’s coming from someone who went for a desire over an iphone, and who is waiting for the android side to get their ass into gear rather than going for the easy alternative with an ipad2.

    People love the ipad, and will love the ipad2.
    You are not superior, if people love them, it’s not (only) because of the morkeshing hype.
    It’s because they’re better. Period.

  130. To add to this:
    I read it was just like the old time where people were looking at MHz for their CPU or mega pixels for their cameras.

    Specs aren’t everything…

  131. Fuck off troll. Go read the fucking thread or shut up.

  132. Ohh, and I love how you shut up about me visiting other sites. Thats right, i dont. Never contradicted myself, and glad to see you stfu about it. Idiot.

  133. Trust me, if you actually had bothered to go look up the post numbers, you would know I had already read the thread. ;) But no, instead of actually backing up your claims with some simple post numbers, something that should be soooo easy yet you can’t do it, you resort to more rudeness. Why? Because we both know you’re making stuff up. If you really believe you’re so right, prove it. Put up the post numbers like I keep asking you. I backed myself up with sources, surely you can back yourself up with some simple looking and posting of numbers, can’t you?
    I bet you can’t. And you’re calling me the troll? Put up or shut up.
    Oh, and I’ve tried posting links to those other posts in other places but the censoring here seems a little tight. Let’s just say Googling your name with the names of those places should yield the results you ask for. ;)

  134. The only source you have posted was. My definition. Post number 1-200. There you go. Now please, explain again how a $2700 dslr is disposable. Or, an $800 dollar xoom is disosable. THE definition of disposable does NOT fit. They are both LEGALLY considered a durable good. Hence, the legal requirement of a warranty. You tried comparing plastic cups to the xoom and failed. You make idiotic statements, and get upset when someone calls you an idiot. Sure, Im rude. But, your an idiot.

  135. Ohh, and for the last time, PHANDROID IS THE ONLY ANDROID SITE I VISIT. Jdog and me got into it HERE. You failed again. Idiot.

  136. Gee, there aren’t 200 posts on that entry. Try again with the exact post numbers please. If you can’t back up your own statements by finding, uh, your own statements then you’re pretty worthless. You realize that, right? Put up or shut up.

  137. Galaxy Tab 10.1 inadequate

  138. Fact remains, the xoom and the dslr are legally considered durable goods. You cant inderstand simple definitions, so therefore you are an idiot. Im done with you. Yes, there is a legal reqiquirement for them to provide a warranty. Idiot.

  139. You’re done because you lost this argument a long time ago and you’re just realizing it now. ;) You haven’t shown one single verifiable shred of proof of ANYTHING you’ve said. If this were a court or law or even a school debate, you would have lost as soon as you opened your mouth. I’ll state this in simple terms that even you understand: You suck. You’re an idiot.

  140. Yet, you are the only one who defines the xoom as “disposable”. Btw, you have yet to prove anything you said. You proved my definition was in the dictionary. You also proved for me that you are an idiot. Fuck off now,kid.

  141. Oooo! Big words from angry troll. I’m sorry, I did ask you for your post numbers and still I don’t see them. Put up or shut up. So far all I’ve seen is extremely rude and juvenile behavior from you. The only person you’ve proven an idiot is yourself. You know that saying that it is better to keep your mouth shut? Yeah, that saying is about you. You haven’t said one intelligent thing yet. Those video games you play are rotting your brain. And that’s why I think we should all be aware of what it is that you do for a living because you’re obviously not someone who should be responsible for, well, anything. Hell, I wouldn’t trust you to work at McDonalds.

  142. Fuck off, you have yet to disprove anything I have said. You have also failed to prove that the dslr/xoom are disposable. Like I said, you fail REPEATEDLY. You failed in EVERY statement you have made. So maybe you should keep your mouth shut. Considering your the one who started it. IDIOT.

  143. Ha ha! Ah, see, your lashing out behavior there is indicative of someone who knows they’ve lost but are too dimwitted to accept it. If you were so certain in what you have said, you could have easily produced post numbers. I’ve done so in the past, it wasn’t hard at all for me. Why? Because, I have actually said the stuff I’ve said I said. You? Not so much. You’re just a ranting looney. :P

  144. And, unless you’re actually going to do your research and proper citing with even the simplest thing like posting post numbers here, I consider this done and over. Some of us have these things called jobs where we actually do have to produce such proof and name calling is a sign of someone with a tiny brain and no job. So, unless you actually post some specific proof of anything, It’s game over for you. Sadly, I won’t have anymore time to play with you so you’ll have to play with your toys and video games until your mom calls you for dinner. Me? Well, due to my working, I’m about to take off on a three week vacation overseas and I’m taking not just one but two disposable DSLRs with me. If they break on me, you bet the cheaper alternative is to go buy something else than try to have it fixed. ;P

  145. And, unless you’re actually going to do your research and proper citing with even the simplest thing like posting post numbers here, I consider this done and over. Some of us have these things called jobs where we actually do have to produce such proof and name calling is a sign of someone with a tiny brain and no job. So, unless you actually post some specific proof of anything, It’s game over for you. Sadly, I won’t have anymore time to play with you so you’ll have to play with your toys and video games until your mom calls you for dinner. Me? Well, due to my working, I’m about to take off on a three week vacation overseas and I’m taking not just one but two disposable DSLRs with me. If they break on me, you bet the cheaper alternative is to go buy something else than try to have it fixed. ;P

  146. Funny, you get hung up.on me calling you an idiot. Saying it is a sign of my tiny brain. Hey idiot, you were calling me names too. And fuck off with post numbers. Read the entire fucking thread. Btw, you still havent shown how dslrs/xooms are “disposable”. Because you cant, because they arent. Considering thats where you stafted failing, how about you try to start there again. Instead of acting like you know anything, show it. Idiot. Disprove me, dont just say, cjte it. No disprove me. Otherwise yes, consider this arguement over, with more then one person telling you you were wrong. Idiot.

  147. Blah, blah, blah. Put up your post numbers.

    But just for giggles. You were wrong @25, 28 only agreed with you to a point but then went on to back me up on my point too so that’s a draw at best for you, 30&42 I pretty much refuted you, 34 is you blathering like an idiot, 54 I point out that even people are disposable (don’t belive me? ask anyone at the top chain of business and the military and anyone familiar with populations and nature), no clue who you’re talking to in 57&61 but then again you are delusional, 67 is your definition that you posted, posts 74,75,77&the big one 127 all refute you point by point. Yeah, it was really that easy for me. So there you go. Check and mate. Adios sucker!
    The rest of the thread stands as an overall general consensus that the item in question is way overpriced due to the fact that everyone knows it won’t last long enough to justify the price as it is already obsolete as of a month ago. By the time you get one and use it, it’s worthless to pretty much anyone else.
    Like I have done before, cited and backed myself up. You? Not one single thing to back yourself up. It’s so easy yet you can’t produce one item, at all. The best back-up you got was really tipping more in my direction. Read it and weep.

  148. People are not disposable. Employees maybe, not people big differance. And again, more then one flat said you wrre wrong. So do the definitions. Piss off. You may have refutedme, but you failed to disprove me. You sir, have failed again. Idiot.

  149. Just because something MAY be “overpriced”, doesnt mean it is disposable. Again, the xoom and the dslr are both legally required to have a warranty. Nobody agreez with you. The only other person that said i was wrong took my statement as people who pay that much as idiots. Once I pointed out that isnt what I was saying, but rather to call them disposable is idiotic, they had nothing to say. That is hardly backing you. Nobody backed nobody. You failed. Again, idiot.

  150. Ohh, and the xoom is the best tablet out. Period. But yet, you say it was outdated two months ago. Another fail from the idiot that is you.

  151. Ohh, and to say the rest of te thwasd was a general concensus that the xoom is overpriced is another fail. There were people there saying te xoom was priced accordingly. Guess what, they are selling just fine. You fail so bad, yet beat your chest like you win. Then get mad when someone calls you an idiot. Again, learn the differance between a xurable good, and a disposable item. Its one or the other. You made thw case that TODAY, electronics are designed to fail. Thats a fail. Guess what, that dslr will take ten times the pictures of a camera made in ’65 before you have issues. Cars get far more miles today then they did in 65. That xoom that wont last, can have an extended warranty that last 4 years. Again, you made an idiotic statement and have yet to prove it. Because you cant. Because the xoom and your dslr are not disposable. Idiot.

  152. I’m sorry, your proof of anything you said is where? Once again, I’ve backed myself up and you’re just talking out of your ass, name calling and just generally slaughtering the English language. The difference between me calling you names and you calling me names is that I’ve shown you to actually be narrowminded, a troll and just generally all around pretty low on intelligence. Thanks, that was easy. ;P

  153. But you still have failed to prove your original statement(wich was a troll comment if i ever seen one. “Haha one time expense, its disosable, darharhar.”) That the xoom is disposable. Because you cant. As for the rest, i type on my phone. I dont give a it looks in the comments section. If it was somethimg that mattered, I might care. And for being narrowminded, you must mean being able to understand a simple definition. Please fuck off. Idiot.

  154. See you can’t even get a real quote. You won’t find that quote anywhere except in your post right there because once again, you’re making stuff up. ;) As usual. Get yourself some help, you really need it. Oh! And my phone knows how to spell. Maybe it’s time for you to throw that p.o.s. away and get one that can too.

  155. Well, I hope they like you in that little world you live in there. I’m off on vacation. Thanks for all the laughs. You’re a real piece of work. Maybe you should look at taking a vacation, I’m sure they’ll admit you at a nice mental hospital. Hey, you’ll even get a special member’s jacket with shiny buckles. :P

  156. Now, you call me onsane because i point out you failed to prove your original comment. Something you cant do. Because it was an idiotic statement. Just like the rest of your comments.Thats why your an idiot.

  157. Take out the darharhar, and it is exactly what you said.

  158. Post 28 disagreed with you 100%. His $500 dslr from five years ago hasnt been disposed of yet. He thought I called you an idiot for buying a 2700 dollar dslr. He thought i was off in saying that. But, thats not what I said. Once that was pointed out, he left. Disagreeing with what you did say, and disagreeing with what i didnt say. Hardly a draw.

  159. Post 30 was you blabberi.g about something thatvhas nothing to do with the definition of disposable and 42 was MY post. Idiot.

  160. 34 was clarifying i didnt call you an idiot for buying a 2700 dollar dslr, rather because you called it disposable.

  161. Post 57 you seemed to agree with. “It depends how you define the word durable” then he goes on to make his own definition. The dictionary defines durable in a way the xoom fits. The dictionary defines disposable in a way the xoom doesnt fit. You cant make up your own definitions. Wich is what you did. Wich is why your an idiot.

  162. 127 “the big one” was where yiu posted my definition. Along with others. You made sure to mention none of them had “one time use”. Thing is, “use” is CINGULAR. You refute to that point? You get multiple uses out of paper cups! It really is easy for you because you fail.

  163. Now please, show a definition from the dictionary for disposable, and explain how the xoom fits. You have already shown how it fits your made up definition, but havent touched the definitions from the dictionary.

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