Mar 4th, 2011

Samsung – in what seems to be a classic case of “oh my god, our product has been totally outclassed by Apple” – has gone on the record to say that their new Galaxy Tab is not quite up to the standards that Apple has set this week when they introduced the new iPad 2.

He says they’ll be looking at how to improve their own product and will look to improve the areas they feel are inadequate. A change in hardware for the model that was introduced at Mobile World Congress could mean a delay is in store, but Samsung might instead choose to price their model competitively.

Apple has put the industry in a bit of a tight spot as they’ve introduced the most advanced technology found in a 10.1-inch form factor for the same price as the model they released last year. (You can get the absolute cheapest model for $499.99, FYI.)

It’s a godsend for consumers who are looking to buy Android 3.0 tablets but fear that they’ll continue to remain expensive. With Apple putting the heat on Samsung, Samsung will be putting the heat on LG, LG will do the same to Motorola – getting the trend here?

Prices will come down across the board eventually, but “early adopters’ tax” is something you folks will have to live with until competition really gets going. Honeycomb isn’t as fleshed out as we’d like it to be at this point anyway, so waiting might do a bunch of you some good. [Engadget]

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