First Nintendo 64 Emulator – N64oid – Hits the Android Market


Android has quickly become known for its suite of classic game console emulators such as the Sega Genesis, the Super Nintendo, and the Gameboy Advance. Even the original PlayStation has gotten its own emulator. The Nintendo 64 is ready to jump into the fold, though, as the same folks who’ve brought us the “oid” series of emulators has introduced N64oid.

It has the usual emulator features such as translucent on-screen controls and the ability to map keys to specific buttons. (Good for you Game Gripper fans out there.) And compatibility is expected to be very good as most games play with exceptional speed and sound. (Though they warn you might need a high-end device to get that kind of performance.) [Android market]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Android will dominate the smart phone market.. I really hope my Iphone has a such app, but I think Steve Jobs will never allow.

  2. OMG childhood memories! Xperia play here I come seriously

  3. high end device to play n64 games lol?

  4. you don’t get an emulator just to play games. You get an emulator because you want to appreciate the power that you’re emulating a console platform on a phone.

  5. Yes, your G1 just aint going to cut it…..

    I’m downloading this + Goldeneye now.

  6. omgggggggg yessss finally!!!!

  7. “high end device” Who would possibly want to play this on a 3.2″ screen? Just sayin.

  8. Awesome! This is the first emu that I know of that you would actually be better off playing with on-screen controls (as opposed to a Game Gripper) – you wouldn’t be able to utilize the analog joystick on a keyboard.
    @ austin
    ya man, you actually do need a high-end phone to play a 15-year old system. It may be old, but there are a lot of polygons to process, etc.. I don’t see it working super-smooth on say, a Droid Eris or Motorola Citrus, or as Burko pointed out – the G1.
    Downloading now to go with my other “oids”.

  9. ^wouldnt be able to utilize the analog joystick properly, that is.

  10. where do u get the games?

  11. i just download this last night on my xoom the best audio and frame rates need tweaks but good!!! you can download the games from doperoms. fix the audio and a lil of the the frame rate 2 fast

  12. recommend letting us put the button were we want

  13. just need the thunderbolt to come out. Can’t wait to play this on the big 4 inch screen

  14. it may be 15 years old but it is a completely different architecture that has to be emulated exactly and a console is plugged into a wall socket. So it is cool that it can be done on a phone.

  15. I’m going to release a new console called “Hemer” which will hopefully be emulated by these lot too.

  16. Yay I always wanted to play Nintendo 64 games with my thumbs obscuring two thirds of the game screen while murdering my phone’s battery life!

    This is my dream come true!

  17. mario kart would be awesome if it could use the accelerometer

  18. Omg, SMASH! Not a gamer but copping this for sure.

  19. Works great on the Epic!!!!!!!

  20. PSP emulator next?

  21. Smart phone online.

  22. Just played a little Mario 64 and it seems to run pretty good. I’m playing on the OG Droid with BB GPA12 with Pete’s 1ghz LV kernel. It played great but its can be little choppy at times and the sound isn’t that great, but I play with the sound off most times anyway. I’m sure the app will get better as bugs are worked out through updates. But, if you told me even 5 years ago that I’d be playing Mario 64 on my cell phone and it would translate to the platform this well, I would’ve never believed it.

  23. Ok, who the hell didn’t just loose their mind when they went to the phandroid app and saw this. The emulation collection on android is now complete.

  24. How do you get the games?

  25. @Chillz I still want to see a PSP emulator, but it might be too powerful for most current phones. Not sure if a dual core can emulate it well, but I’m sure the next gen quad core Tegra 3 and others will do it well enough. Since it took him a year to make the N64 emulator, perhaps he should start making the PSP emulator now. PSP has a lot of great games so that would be the most popular and useful emulator I think.

  26. Yes, yes, yes…Ocarina of Time, Ocarina of Time, Ocarina of Time, yes, yes, yes!

  27. @ #12 ari-free – exactly

  28. I’m not excited. Unless you have a phone with a qwerty keyboard, playing this on a touchscreen would just be a headache.

  29. 5.99 for the app? no thanks

  30. Kelvin, the emulator allows for bluetooth controllers to be used. Problem solved.

  31. Conker’s Bad Fur Day, one of the most awesome games ever. Can’t wait to put Android back on my HD2 so I can play this (currently using WP7 haha)

  32. If you’re telling me I can play the original Mario Kart 64, I’m IN!

  33. @Ari,
    So basically to show off an e-peen? Seriously? You get an emu to appreciate the power of your phone? Thats a little… sad.

  34. wtf no free version

  35. Mario 64, Mario Kart and a few other games run too *FAST* surprisingly on my Nexus S :D. For the people thinking this would be impossible to control with touch screen, it isn’t at all. I have beat 5 levels in mario 64 already with just touch screen controls and it works great. Now we just need a frame limiter.

  36. I’m not going to pay $6 just to see if it works on my Nexus 1. If they had a time-limited free demo I’d try it, and MAYBE buy it if it works well.

  37. @Fluffy

    I had heard the Dev was using a N1 to develop and test his emulators, shouldn’t have a problem running it

  38. ……seems like the touch screen will be too crowded.

  39. Every emulator has a free lite version. Where is N64oid lite? I want to know if it runs well on Vibrant, although it should work perfectly fine.

  40. actually its not that bad. I am running this on a original droid (overclocked) but its ram and everything else is subpar compared to pretty much the rest of the phones(execpt the GPU which is acutally really good. better than htc 1st gen processors). So if it runs fine on the orignal droid with less ram and half the processing power or quarter the processing power then it should work just fine for most if not all phones

  41. @grindking

    I noticed this also. I set the frame skipping mode to manual and the max frame skipping to 0. Slowed the emu down a bit. Worked better for me.

  42. i want to use it on my xoom [;

  43. Wow, it’s sooo laggy on my Incredible. Any game I play gets horrible frame rates. My phone should be able to play these games. WTF?

  44. @Craig, Incredible has really slow graphics chip, just like EVO.

  45. @ACR, well I suppose that was a waste of $6 then. The 15-min return period has already passed.

  46. just wishing the shadows of the empire would work haven’t found one yet but just about everything I’ve tried works pretty well. Only downside is goldeneye is too hard to shoot and move and look at the same time hand gets cramps lol

  47. Worth every penny, I’d pay $10 for it. Nexus S, games that work run smooth as silk.

  48. HTC Desire with Cyanogen.

    Super Mario 64 is amazing.

    Mario Kart with accelerometer is the best thing ever. Sound is a bit laggy on some games tough. Bet this runs a treat on the Galaxy S etc.

  49. So many thanks to all the work that was put into this emulator! While, some games do not work, but it just came out. Also, I could not get ingame with conker’s bad fur day, but never the less, it ran ocarina of time lag free on my fascinate, it’s worth the price, a lot of work goes into applications like this, believe me, I do some C++

  50. I really don’t understand why some people are being so negative, if you don’t like the idea of this then leave it..

    Personally i have always dreamed of being able to play Zelda OOT on my Android phone! (downloading right now ^_^!)

  51. Who made the iPhone comment? Idiot. Not the market. If you have to know what “frame rate” means then you don’t run an iPhone. Who cares if you can almost run an old game program? Oh… 10% The other 90% run iPhones.

  52. This isn’t showing in the market for me. Is this another yongzh release?

  53. Ok first off this im sure was a hell of a tast to make this emu work i think they did a good joob with it i waited sence last year ween they annuce they wear making it i was happy now i have tryed it this what i think need inprovement on the sound it has frame rate issu the control is vary good saving is not a problem i give this emu 4 out of 5 stars good job everyone

  54. So the apps is no longer on the android market but I downloaded it from four share if people want to play it. Most of the games run slow or crash but mario 64 works great…sadly that is really the only one.

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