Buy a Motorola XOOM for $100 Less Than Normal, Costco to Sell the Tablet


It’s not exactly the 25% off code that swirled around for a few days after its debut (that code allowed you to save $200), but a new motoxoom code (that is actually designed to help you save money on said Motorola XOOM) will get you the tablet for $700. This deal can be taken advantage of over at the Motorola store. [Droid-Life]

PS: Looks like Costco is getting ready to carry the Motorola XOOM at some point. They’ll be offering it for $589.99 on rate plans betwee $50 and $80 per month, $639.99 for plans between $25 and $30, and $789.99 if you want it outright. Again, probably not as great as that deal that was floating around earlier. (But don’t we really expect more until some competition comes to town? [Android Community]

[Update]: Looks like it’s been available from Costco since day one. (I wouldn’t know because they refuse to open up shop in my area.) Anyhow, if you didn’t know then now you know. [Thanks, commenters!]

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  1. $589 OR $599 on contract is still Fail. I’m glad I have a Sam’s Club membership.

  2. Are these Android tablet makers paying attention? Who the heck is going to buy this tablet at these prices when the iPad 2 is $499.

  3. Costco already has it. I got mine on release day!

  4. I’m not sure why Costco carrying the Xoom is news..I have been to the Costco in Clearwater, Fl and Orlando, Fl and both had them and stock and were letting people play with them. I was really shocked to see everyone making a big deal about Costco having it.

    I guess what I’m saying is they are not getting ready to carry it in Florida, its in stock now and ready to buy in Costco..

  5. iPad1 is $399 and iPad2 is $499.

    Sorry, it’s no contest.

    I like the XOOM but my pockets aren’t that deep.

  6. I bought mine at Costco on day one. It’s actually the best place to buy the XOOM. You have 90 days to return for a full refundand also if the price goes down within 90 days you get the difference back.

  7. Xoom isn’t the only android tablet out there. duh…people are really dumb

  8. iPad 2 w/ 32GB + 3G = $729.
    XOOM w/ 32GB + 3G + LTE = $799.

  9. Who would think the day would come when Apple makes a product that is both good and competitively priced.

  10. Does anyone know how the XOOM is selling? My guess is that if it was selling well there would be all sorts of news about it.

  11. When I was at BB on Wed. playing with the XOOM, I asked the the dude who approached me how many does he know of that has sold and he said “one that I know of”. It was salty, but thats what he said.

  12. code not working for me

  13. Did anybody get that code to work? I tried and it didn’t seem to be valid.

  14. Well I just tried to use the code MOTOXOOM and it does not work. I have tried to use it since last night and no luck.

  15. I would not be surprised if they did not sell well at all. Not because of hardware or software but price. Motorola priced this thing crazy.

    Its comical really that 2 years ago Motorola was on life support in the mobile world and now they think they are the shizzz..Funny how things change

  16. @Josh Exactly. I remember when everyone thought the iPad was insanely priced when it first came out and now that sounds like a bargain.

  17. You saw how rapidly the samsung tablet dropped in price, I see this thing doing the same.

  18. I wonder how many people there are that are forking over the $25-80 per month for a data plan for their tablet. Am I the only one that thinks that those numbers on top of my data plan for my phone on top of what I give to the isp for my home is to much?

  19. I cant get this $100 code “motoxoom” to work at all. Tried on through Moto’s cart which broght me to Amazon where I had ability to enter the code. And Also tried on VZW site. No go!

  20. First; the Xoom is selling well. Its sold out in most stores the first 2 days. Second; the $499 ipad is wifi only and only 16G mem. If you compare the equivalently equipped ipad2 to the xoom; the xoom is actually $30 cheaper at the discount talked about in this article. The thing preventing xooom from dominating right now is the lack of apps.

  21. I purchased mint at Costco day one. No surprise here.

  22. I will not purchase any table that requires a contract. In fact, I interest in wireless only. I can tether through my phone if I need to use that network.

    I often find myself paying the ‘early adopter tax’, but I’m not going to on a tablet.

    I’ll be waiting for a reasonable price.

  23. Abcd, I’m with you. You should be able to tug the sim card out of your phone and put it into a tablet. I’m not sure what’s getting worse, greed or stupidity.

  24. @abcd – I agree. There’s no way I’m paying for a data plan on a tablet, especially when the data plans suck! I have 3 phones on unlimited data with Verizon, and if I want data on a tablet I have to pay the same amount of money but for a 2 gig cap. Thats ridiculous. Oh well, thank god for phone tethering.

  25. Wait, what happened to the $539 WiFi-Only XOOM that was reported on yesterday from Costco? Did I miss something?

  26. There’s only one reason these things are so expensive. That reason is … Apple. Get ready for these other companies to start asking the FTC to step in on price fixing on parts.

  27. I’m in agreement with most of you. The Xoom is significantly overpriced.
    I also agree that a contract is a bit silly. On a phone it makes more sense. We use those every day and they are essential. A tablet is not essential. But is a WiFi only solution the right one?

    The problem with the WiFi Android tablet solution is actually a matter of planned design. I may be mistaken, but I have not been able to find a good service that allows me to buy/rent and download video and take it with me without a connection. Everything (what little there is) is streamed and thus requires a connection. Could I tether with my Droid X? Sure, but I loose my phone (downfall of CDMA).

    So what’s the case in point? I want to take a trip in my car. I want to let the kids watch a movie on the tablet. If I use WiFi only I can either tether and let them watch or have my phone… Can’t do both.

    Another case in point: “Honey, can I borrow the tablet?” But I’m paying for tethering on my phone and not on hers…. She an take it all she wants but she won’t be connected. Will she be going somewhere that offers WiFi service? Who knows. There are more places that don’t offer it than do and I’m not big on basing my decisions on where I go and what I do on whether or not there’s a Hot Spot.

    Now, if LTE lets us talk and use data at the same time, then that may be a solution. It still leaves the problem of my phone having tetheringenables and my wife not. Until then, I have a Droid X and that being a CDMA phone, I’m a bit limited.

  28. @sully, definitely stupidity is getting worst, in my opinion. Greed is what drive the modern society and will continue to do so. Unfortunately moto pricing is just stupid, because they are sacrificing volume for niche. If they were the first to market (tablet) then their pricing might be justified.

  29. Droid, to make my self clear, I speak of the greed from the carriers not the manufacturers. Moto can charge what they want but the carriers want you to pay for something you already pay for.

  30. @DadzBoyz-

    The problem with the 3g/4g tab is that the verizon plans are insanely overpriced for tablet data. 1gb for $30? 3gb for $35? You get a better deal by paying to tether your phone… you get an even better deal by rooting your phone..

  31. I called two best buy stores on monday and one was sold out while the other had only one left in stock. Similar situation at my local verizon store, they had to order more xooms from another store because they were almost sold out. I bought one, its my24hr sidekick.

  32. Wish they would stop putting out news for the 3g/4g model and stick with what the people want, the wi-fi only.

  33. Update the 100 bucks off would of been nice but I just tried it and it doesnt work. Too bad.

  34. “Wait, what happened to the $539 WiFi-Only XOOM that was reported on yesterday from Costco? Did I miss something?”

    That was Sams Club, not Costco, they are different. It was also a rumor, as of yet its not available at Sams Club for that price.
    $539 for the Wi-Fi version and I will probably buy one.

  35. Lol. I live in the Netherlands, and providers here will be more than happy to give it for free for a 80 dollars a month. What a ridiculous price.

  36. For thos of oyu comparing it to the iPAds $499 price, that is for the wifi only model. The Xoom listed here is for the 3G version. The wifi version of the Xoom will retail for $549 (if not less at clubs like Costco and Sam’s), so let’s compares apples to apples ok? I still would not uby a Xoom (or iPad) at any price, as it is over priced, and the iPad 2 is underwhelming in it’s feature set. I will wait for the Touchpad to release.

  37. If moto wants us to pay $550+ for a tablet, it better dance, cook, clean, and whipe my ass for that much money.

  38. After some quick googling, it seems like you need to pay to use the sd card readers (to the SD Card Association) and also pay to have a usb ports on your devices sold (USB Implementors Forum), this might be one way apple is able to sell their products for less. Apple uses usb on the pc/mac end, but not having it on their device would probably cost less in royalties. The more ports and storage options android devices have the more royalties they need to pay to use them, nobody is going to spend a lot of time and research costs on inventing ports/card readers for charity..

  39. WOW another motofail

  40. @Jona, I can’t speak for everyplace but a friend of mine is a manager at bb and said they only got 4 xoom’s for release day and they still have two left (he bought one of them). His gf works at another store in the area and said they only got 3, only one left there. Not exactly flying off the shelves.

  41. The WiFi only Xoom at $549 includes a GPS.
    The WiFi only iPad 2 at $499 does not.

    No one says anything about this ever. No one pays attention to details.

  42. @AJ well dont know where u live but in California theyre selling out i went to BB nothing after 4 stores i gave up and order online.

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