Mar 4th, 2011

It’s not exactly the 25% off code that swirled around for a few days after its debut (that code allowed you to save $200), but a new motoxoom code (that is actually designed to help you save money on said Motorola XOOM) will get you the tablet for $700. This deal can be taken advantage of over at the Motorola store. [Droid-Life]

PS: Looks like Costco is getting ready to carry the Motorola XOOM at some point. They’ll be offering it for $589.99 on rate plans betwee $50 and $80 per month, $639.99 for plans between $25 and $30, and $789.99 if you want it outright. Again, probably not as great as that deal that was floating around earlier. (But don’t we really expect more until some competition comes to town? [Android Community]

[Update]: Looks like it’s been available from Costco since day one. (I wouldn’t know because they refuse to open up shop in my area.) Anyhow, if you didn’t know then now you know. [Thanks, commenters!]

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