A Significant New Tablet to be Present at CTIA, Says Vice President


Vice President of the CTIA Rob Mesiro has gone on record to say that a major new tablet will be unveiled at CTIA. What exactly they’ll be showing wasn’t hinted to. All we suspect so far is that Samsung will introduce an 8.9 inch model of the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

We can’t outright assume that this tablet will be running Android, but when asked what he expected to see more of at the show, his exact response was “Android, Android, Android”. We’ll be keeping our eyes on the list of exhibitors to see who’ll stand out coming up. CTIA’s Spring show is slated to kick off March 21st. [PC World]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. It will be the Asus product they were bragging about. Their tablet/device will be “so revolutionary that it will make the ipad look obsolete” or something like that. Will someone finally introduce a tablet that is similar to the transformer and will finally end the need for silly windows laptops? I hope so. Just give me a simple tablet that does everything my $600 laptop does and i will gladly buy it.

  2. Maybe HTC will announce something to make up for their miserable announcement at MWC.

  3. A tablet that is also a laptop?

  4. It could be the launch of the Blackberry Playbook or the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 with some type of feature(s) that’s not on the Tab 7 or Tab 10.1.

  5. Let’s not forget about Acer and Vizio. They have all announced and previewed some of their Android tablets.

  6. It won’t be Samsung. The only reason Samsung is even in this article is because Quentyn wrote it and his love for all things Samsung is well known here. Stick to facts and not hopeful speculation please.


  8. Asus that’s what I’m thinking

  9. I daresay it’ll be a tablet.

  10. IPAD2…(run away)

  11. iPad2 switching to Android? That would be big news…

  12. I wich it wiil be something like a Nexus Tab.

  13. Rejoice all current htc evo 4g owners.. The introduction of the New Htc Evo 2 will take place March 22nd almost 1year to the day of our current model and after march 22 we will be able to see our device on YouTube just like we did last year… Expect the Evo 2 to Knock the Atrix 4g, Samsung galaxy S2, Lg optimus 2x, and Lg optimus 3d, OFF THERE PERCH as the best device for the summer of 2011

  14. @Richard Yarrell – Are they going to make the second evo into a tablet? I don’t think so. Let’s speculate about the topic at hand, shall we.

  15. @MT… If you read FURTHER the article on pc world clearly speaks of sprint and samsung as the only companies have a keynote address at the event as of this moment… Sprint’s keynote address will be the Htc Evo 2… WHICH CLEARLY IS ALL THAT MATTERS TO ME… So as far as I am concerned I am on TOPIC.. You need to learn how to read the WHOLE ARTICLE not just this headline… Do you need some help??

  16. I hope it’s more significant than another Samsung tablet. If it is, it better be a step up in features from the 10.1
    I don’t really care what it is, as long as it really is significant.

    @Richard Yarrell – when people talk about how they hate Android fanboys, it’s YOU they are talking about. You are giving all of us a bad name. Love your device all you want, but bad mouthing everything else is wrong and alienating. And regardless of the source material, the TABLET is what is being discussed here. Or maybe you are setting out to tick people off. If that’s the case…it’s a free country, by all means proceed :)

  17. @Jeff J…. Looks like you need to read the full article on pc world also… Yes a free country this and opinions are like assholes everyone has one… Keep yours to yourself Mr. Classy person

  18. Who cares about the full article that Richard Yarnell is a real douche bag. Good thing all opinions are welcome

  19. I read the headline and was thinking Joe Biden was involved in this somehow…

  20. @Mike….You must be a new… DWEEB.. to our Phandroid page we will have a day where we PIMP SLAP YOU.. Until then mind your peas and cues boy

  21. Richard – shut the fuck up. Seriously. Or get off OUR forum which was created to have friendly discussion/debate about technology and upcoming android devices. I’m excited about evo 2 as well guy… but don’t ruin the thread by turning it into some I can say what I want/its a free country thing. Relax.

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