Mysterious New Motorola Device Hits FCC, Possibly Droid X 2?


A new Motorola device has hit the FC bearing model ID IHDT56MJ1, but thanks to a confidentiality request on behalf of Moto tracking down the identity of the handset might be a problem. Aside from the naming convention matching that seen on recent Motorola handsets like the Atrix 4G, what we do know about this mystery device is that it will get CDMA, EVDO, and 802.11n Wi-Fi. The CDMA radio suggests it might be headed to Verizon, but it is unlikely we are looking at the Droid Bionic.

A 180 day short term confidentiality request might hint at when the device will be released, right around mid to late summer. This would be a year from the release of the Motorola Droid X. Could we be looking at an early filing for the Droid X 2? The details of that handset remain a mystery themselves, but it is expected the phone will carry a mix of newer innards such as a dual-core processor and a possible 4G LTE radio with the stylings and size of the original.

[FCC via Electronista]

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  1. Why is Verizon getting all the phones? Lol

  2. good question. guess it’s a good time to be a Verizon customer. wish i could afford them.

  3. What good phones does verizon have??? Iphone4 is old, Droid Inc is old, Droid X is old, They are pinning there hopes on another unreleased device the Thunderbolt??? Currently they have NO 4G DEVICES… Yeah we know all about Thunderbolt, Bionic, Samsung Lte phone none of these devices are here today not even the Incredible S or 2… Just wait for the OVERCHARGES for Lte technology verizon is so sad OVER CHARGING MILLIONS OF PEOPLE

  4. compared to everyone else, they have the best Android selection currently. the only carrier that has a new top of the line device (in US) is AT&T, and that isn’t going to last for very long…

    this is all opinion, of course, but out of AT&T, Sprint and Verizon, Verizon is where i would have the most trouble deciding what phone to walk out of their store with.

    i agree with you on the overcharging though. they’re expensive. arguably, rightfully so.

  5. @Richard: Please do us all a favor and stfu.

    Anyways, Verizon gets all the new phones because their “Droid” marketing scheme sells like McDonalds’ hot cakes. There are plenty of people from all over the US that have no idea that Android is an OS. They hear Droid and they think Verizon commercials and thus their phones.

    I personally have an EVO and am holding my breath that Sprint will announce an EVO2 or some kind of awesome successor to the EVO otherwise I may just have to jump ship to the dark side that is Verizon Wireless.

  6. If this has 4g and FFC then I’ll be sold.

  7. danboy, Sprint has the Evo, and after using it for 3 days, I can say the Evo outclasses anything that AT&T OR Verizon have.

    And the phone is from last summer.

  8. I have never seen a more persistent TROLL than Richard. Seriously, do us all a favor and STFU.

  9. Damn, there’s MotoBLUR again.. count me out.

  10. This isn’t the Droid X2. It’s a photo of the original Droid X running Gingerbread with moto’s new Blur skin for 2.3.

    These pics surfaced weeks ago.

  11. obviously its the droid x2… IT LOOKS EXACTLY SAME AS THE ORIGINAL DROID X.

  12. @ destardi. Fanboy or faggit. Evo was a great phone back then. 2nd place doesn’t count. Ip4 BEAT it last summer. Right now it’s the atrix bc of dual core!

  13. Whats the need for a Bionic and DX2? I’m wondering what will be the difference between the 2

  14. @Richard Tarrell,
    I will preface by stating I am a Sprint customer. That said, I don’t see how Verizon is overcharging millions of people. They have the least spotty coverage nationwide. That is a fact. They have the largest 3G coverage (and I am sure very soon to be 4G coverage) nationwide. That is also a fact. There is a premium charge for that. Their operating costs are higher than their competitors because of this, so the fees trickle down to the end user. If they truly are overchargin and their service is the same everywhere, then they wouldn’t have a business because EVERYONE would go elsewhere.

  15. Droid X2 has a 4.3 inch screen, the Bionic has a 4 inch screen

  16. I have an epic from sprint it will kill all other phones on any carrier!

  17. 180 days ? great,just in time for the tiered data to start coming to light.

  18. Lmao epic?? Aren’t you still running 2.1? The best 3 phones out are #1droidx#2at&t atrix#3evo4g/shiift…

  19. Found this out like a while ago..i’m a proud Droid x owner and i must say this one is disappointing.

  20. Im hoping the droid x 2 has a better dual core from nvidia. The TI chip is slow im my opinion

  21. @ernesto
    i do believe you forgot the thunderbolt, which should probably be at #1 on your list there..

  22. The Bionic’s screen is also 4.3″. The Atrix is the one with 4″ screen.

  23. Without a doubt the Droid X 2.

  24. I hope they put a decent screen on this one. At least SLCD.

  25. lol it’s funny reading boys argue with each other over which toy is better

  26. @john….yea thunderbolt will b #1 when ever they decided to release it…but ass of right now those r top 3…

  27. Judging by the hardware buttons and the fact that it looks almost identical to a Droid X but running the same skin as the Bionic, I’m guessing its the Droid X2. My guess is that the Droid X2 will only have 3G since the Bionic is the same size. Verizon still needs to sell phones to people without the want or need for 4G, and the Droid X2 as well as the Incredible 2 would be good options for 3G only.

  28. @ #14 Bela…Well said. I really don’t know how many times I’ve stated myself in these threads that I would love to jump ship from VZW for a less expensive service..The ONLY reason I stay (like probably 99% of VZW customers)- I get “more bars in the places I need to be”. For where I go and what I need – I would love to pay US-Cellular prices, but they don’t even technically exist in my area, and Sprint doesn’t do what I need it do in the places I go, neither does MetroPCS,TMo, etc. I don’t subscribe to VZW because I love getting that bill at the end of the month.

  29. If Moto is going to make a 2 to every phone they have put out in the last year and a half then they really need to up their game. While I own the OG Droid and love it still, I can’t wait to get back from this deployment and get a Thunderbolt cause doing voice and data on 3G in my area would be amazing… or any area for that matter. plus it does 4G as well. While I prefer vanalla over sense I can get that once it’s out and you can root and place costume roms on it. No reason to own a DX and get the same phone with slight changes to it a year later. It’s like having an IPad and getting the IPad2… why?? get a Xoom or something that really changes the game.

  30. were the camera in the front?

  31. looks like the same phone.

  32. This phone looks the EXACT same as before. No FFC, no new changes to the front at all. I really dont even think this is anything new. Its just a Droid X with an updated Moto Blur beta or something.

  33. i just dont see how no one had anything to say about T-mobile’s game with phones recently barring the slight problem with the G2 hinges but the G2 the Mytouch 4G and not to mention the just released Samsung Galaxy S 4g with the SGS2 coming soon verizon is another one of those monster companys that could care less if you stay or go, not saying T-mobile isnt but the really good companys are the small ones you can rely on them the most i work for USCC DTS and we go above and beyond for the customers thats what i really would like from a provider not the BEST phones but at least they get updates when they say that they will

  34. it is the x2 because in my store i did receive paperwork stating the off contract price for motorola x2 699.99 it said on it but in none of my truck shipments does it say that I have a mock item or a live one coming in but I just came into my store with that paper in my printer from a pos system update

  35. FCC! Awesome. Usually (as we saw before) devices hit FCC approval very closely to their launch. Mmm, hot!

    Pics are probably fake, because all Droid smartphones before now looked different.

    Droid X is sexy. Dual-core (and possibly 4G) Droid X2 will be supersexy. Motorola must manage to sell its new smartphones under Droid brand worldwide. It would be great for Verizon inside the U.S. and Motorola outside the U.S.

  36. The lack of a front facing camera probably means its a 3G device. Verizon seems like its reserving front facing cameras for 4G phones. The iPhone is the only exception, but that only makes video calls over Wi-Fi anyways (other apps may allow network video calls, I’m not sure). My guess is similar specs to the Bionic but no 4G, no front facing camera, and maybe a lower res screen.

  37. You know, there was a time not but three years ago, when my number one complaint about Verizon was that they had no good phones. Sprint had the hero, T-mobile had the g-1, and ATT had the 1st gen iphone, but the most advanced thing Verizon had was the VX6900, a crappy little winmo phone.

    I hated being on Verizon, and was begging my parents to switch us to Sprint so I could finally get the hero, or tmobile so I could get the upcomming HD2.

    I am so effing glad my dad refused to switch us now.
    -Droid Inc: cyanogen: playing n64oid with a wiimote. Hells yeah.

  38. @destardi or is that retardi ?

    Check out Wirefly … the TB kicks the EVO hiney in side-by-side testing without even including the benefit Verizon LTE’s speed … Enjoy your 3 day old obsolete POS.

  39. @DJ

    You get what you pay for. Verizon is top notch that’s why they cost more … Cheap-ass people can get cheep-ass service from others

  40. @Adman

    Your parents pay for your phone ??? Do they change your diapers, and wipe the drool off your face too??

    Epic loser!!!!

  41. Wonder if it will as big a pile of crap as the original Droid X. Rebooting constantly. Not to mention the great constomer support from Motorola (sarcasm there). I bought 2 Christmas Eve. Replaced one of them 3 times and it still does it, The other twice, same results. I wouldn’t buy one!

  42. if that was the driod x2 they have some up dating to do with the phone.First it looks like the one i have driod x and second they need to put a faceing camera on the front of the damn thing it needs to start keeping up the the iphone the are both about the same thing but just a few things different thats all.i was thinking about to get a iphone because it had things that driod x doesnt

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