HTC Droid Eris for Verizon Receiving OTA Update Out of the Blue


Well this is certainly unexpected. The HTC Droid Eris for Verizon (remember the one that isn’t getting Android 2.2 Froyo and that seemed relegated to its current firmware) is receiving an OTA software update. We shouldn’t have to tell you it isn’t Froyo, but it does boost the software version to 2.41.605.6 and the radio to The list of enhancements and tweaks includes:

  • Improved Bluetooth connection to Mercedes-Benz E350 automobiles (random much?)
  • New Twitter authentication
  • Visually improved Received Signal Strength Indicator
  • Pre-loaded Visual Voice Mail
  • Sync-able Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 calendars
  • MMS can now be sent with or without text, and devices on other carriers will now receive multimedia messages

As you can see from the above list, not a whole lot going for this update to get you too excited, but improvements it brings nonetheless. Anyone receive it yet?

[Thanks, Paul!]


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  1. my brothers device has recieved nothing

  2. Then your brother will WAIT!

  3. Ref: Improved Bluetooth connection to Mercedes-Benz E350 automobiles (random much?)

    Some random CEO, CFO, or COOhNoHeDidnt probably has a MB E350 and made sure this was recognized as a major issue (for them).

  4. Oh right, like a C level would be using an Eris.

  5. ^ could be a possibilty. but i would nt even get an eris. hahaha so nevermind.

  6. yeah, rooted my Eris as soon as Verizon “dropped” upgrades last year. Been running Gingerbread for a couple of weeks now. Far more awesome than some OTA upgrade.

  7. My stepdads received it, but the software version is different from the one listed.

  8. It just finished on mine and I don’t know if its just me. but it seems to work smoother.

  9. My wife’s phone received the update this morning.

  10. i received it in the middle of the night. i have noticed improved overall performance since the update – applications actually seem to be running a lot smoother than before with overal quicker response time. definitely a fan of that!

  11. Where is the update for the Sprint Hero?

  12. lol ben me too! i’ve had my Eris for about a year and a half and have been running Gingerbread since january so… kudos to those who know what they’re doing. :)

  13. Interesting, but I’ll keep to my gingerbread, thanks.

    Maybe this is a sign that HTC is getting better about supporting “older” phones?

  14. Also running Gingerbread on my Eris and all I’d really like is the new radio. I’m sure the guys at XDA will have it flashable soon.

  15. I’ll stick with Gingerbread thanks. Still, I hope this means HTC is taking support more seriously and will continue to provide software updates even to “old” phones. I’m still on the fence about getting another HTC phone, but I guess I’ll have until October to decide.

  16. @tkeith…. Never blame HTC they are best at updates out of any manufacturer…. Blame your CARRIER ESPICALLY IF YOU HAVE VERIZON OR TMOBILE

  17. March and still.no.froyo on my Fascinate!

  18. Root! People… ROOT!

  19. Just got it. Made me O_o? for a second. Then I read the release notes. Meh…

  20. Just received the update. The phone is now booting up.

    What is this Gingerbread that you guys keep talking about?

  21. At first I thought that somebody rich and powerful is responsible for the oddly specific Bluetooth update. But then I thought, if they’re rich enough to own a Mercedes, and powerful enough to encourage such an update, why the HECK would they still be using an Eris? It was a good phone, but it’s past its prime, way past.

  22. Got it, nothing impressive. Though these comments about rooting are getting me seriously interested in doing it. It was a pain to keep updating poor builds on my old Touch HD winmo phone, but gingerbread sounds positively delightful if it just plain works.

  23. Got it, very surprised but disappointed its not froyo. At least they wanna make it better a little

  24. Just got mine! Curious as to how many of us chose this inexpensive, streamlined android device, but require bluetooth capability with our Mercedes Benz, but excited nonetheless that they remembered about us.

  25. Wait! Can you guys find your Android Market application? Is it possible it has been eliminated?

  26. How do I go about rooting my droid to gingerbread?

  27. No Froyo, who cares. Running gingerbread on my Eris, which will hold me over till my upgrade in August.

  28. I received the update this morning, both my versions match what was reported. I just wish the thing would run a bit faster… when it first released, it was crisp and smooth, then that last update came out and ruined my device. I’ve had to fight the urge to throw it against the wall pretty much daily.

    I suppose I should look into rooting and gingerbread…. I just want it to run quick again!

  29. How long has it taken to get the download from them over the air. Mine started at 5:30 this morning and is still going. It is going on 6 hours.

  30. I just got my update about 30 minutes ago. I first got excited when my phone said that there was an update. I didn’t notice much of a difference, then I went on the internet searching for answers and further found no reason for excitement….LOL

  31. Happened to have a stock Eris that I just got as a warranty replacement last week. Was quite surprised to see the update notification this morning! The phone is working so well I have been stalling about rooting flashing a different ROM.

  32. I did upgrade 2 days go on HTC android worked great and all is good. Daughters phone asked at midnight last night and all hell broke loose! Her screen is bouncing from the HTC to the Verizon start up and back and forth….took it in to the store, and what do you know. Water damage. Yep. and no she has not dropped in water. I can do early upgrade and add a line for 10.00 more a month and pay 160.00 today. WTF. Excuse my words. But come on now.

  33. Please delete the message directly above this one! I don’t know who that is, but that type of language should NOT be accepted in ANY setting.

  34. just got it, waiting for this brick to reboot.

    it definitely improved the bluetooth connection to my mercedes-benz E350. how specific.

    let’s delete the racial slurs, please!

  35. 8:30 am, update still holding Eris hostage from about 1 am. Is this normal or has it killed my droid? I read one person above whose phone was still updating, but they were also asking. People whose update is finished, how long did it take??

  36. I lost all apps In market place but I have upgraded RAM use to be 70mb but now its 105mb when I kill apps and it does seem faster and it did update last night

  37. Please delete the message directly above this one! I don’t know who that is, but that type of censorship should NOT be accepted in ANY setting.

  38. got the update on my eris an to my surprise!…….. Noting still just a piece of High Tech Crap <—(HTC)

  39. i just did it on my phone but really haven’t noticed much of a difference. i am glad that they are still thinkin about updating this piece of junk phone because i regret getting it

  40. Is it me or did this update start eating battery life so phone stays charged only 4 hours instead of all day?

  41. So I still haven’t accepted the update.
    if i do will VZW be able to tell that my phone is rooted?
    And will this update revert any super user settings?

  42. This update is a piece of shit. Matches the phone… And the people who can’t seem to rid the garbage from their language. Get over yourselves.

  43. Just got mine. Was totally unexpected so I went to Menu>Settings>About Phone>Software Information just to be disappointed I didn’t get Froyo :) It did take about 10 minutes or more to actually get to the home screen. The UI does seem to be a little snappier. Especially after running for more than just a few minutes. The verdict is still out whether this improves those nagging responsiveness issues. I guess I’ll find out the next time I pull out my phone to actually use it…wait for it…as a phone and see if I have to fire up Task Killer to actually make a phone call.

  44. Update failed. The phone is now useless and will not boot. Anyone know how to fix it? I do not have a cell plan associated with it; the update came over wifi.

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