Sprint Indeed Making a Splash at CTIA


Sprint teased us about a new device coming at a magic-filled event just before Mobile World Congress, but that (the Kyocera Echo) didn’t seem to impress the bunch of you. They then took to Twitter shortly after Mobile World Congress to tease us about a new device, but that ended up being a Windows Phone 7 affair. Just as they did last year, though, Sprint’s looking to wait until CTIA to bring the goods. We can assume it’s Android-related, too, otherwise we probably wouldn’t have been invited to this event they’re holding. Things kick off March 22nd a bit after noon so be sure to mark your calendar as we’ll be on-hand to provide coverage.

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  1. Maybe Sprint is getting the iPhone and iPad 2 and just want to rub it in Phandroids faces.

  2. At this point, I’m think Sprint will be yet announcing another last gen device with a slider keyboard at $199.99 pricing point…


  3. Hopefully they will announce they are actually going to add Milwaukee to the 4G line up (tired of waiting) & maybe an EVO 2.

  4. Come on EVO 2…. I hope this new device brings “IT” and sets a new standard for all other devices… COme on EVO2!!!

  5. I think Sprint just likes to make announcements so no one forgets about them till the EVO II comes out. I mean really.. what have they announced that anyone has really cared about?? I’ll wait….

  6. Hoping for an EVO 2 with dual-core processor, higher resolution screen, thinner case, and longer battery life.


  8. Quad core Tegra Evo 2!!!!!!
    wait, nevermind, wrong year

  9. It needs to be an EVO 2… because the Evo is just as good as some of the phones just now being released on other carriers

  10. pretty sure it’s going to be an Evo 2 as well as a few other unannounced handsets

  11. Being an EVO user since august of last year, and being a HUGE EVO supporter, i would love to see an EVO2, but I think Sprint needs to get back on the horse. Sprint is notorious for having bottom of the barrel phones, and this recent surge of AWESOME STUFF is well…. awesome, but if they release a ::gasp:: kyocera device, then I fear that they might be up to their old tricks of having cr@p phones :( mega sad face

  12. what they gonna have, another kyocera fail?


  14. looking at the picture does not give me any hope of any innovation

  15. Where is Richard??

  16. For Sprint’s sake, I hope they release an EVO 2, although Richard will probably spend the next 2 years screaming about it in caps. I don’t care what happens to Sprint one way or the other, sort of. I’m neither a Sprint fan nor have I been a customer for over 10 years (because then, they REALLY sucked and ripped you off for every penny they could). I know their customer service has improved over the years, but they need to imprpve their overall coverage – not just in high population density areas. This is why I still pay top dollar for VZW – not because I like to spend more money, but because wherever I go, I have coverage when Sprint doesn’t. I have an off-contract EVO for ROMing and theming, and sometimes, I’ll activate it for a month and take it and my VZW phone with me to see how the coverage compares. In most opf the major urban areas, it’s fine. I’ve never had a problem getting a signal in NYC, Philadelphia, or DC on eithetr carrier. It’s when you get into less urban areas (or the midwest or west coast) that Sprint’s coverage get spotty. I really do hope they improve. I hope ALL of the carrier’s service coverage improves. Just as the battle between smartphone OSs drives innovation and competition, so will the ability to provide comparable service everywhere, NOT just in say, NYC. Alcatel/Lucent brought out a new fiber optic technology (it was tested in Dallas) that allows 100 Gbps – or about 15000 HDTV signals. VZW is using this in their LTE network, and this product is commercialy available, so hopefully, Sprint will adopt it for their LTE network (these signals don’t just jump from tower to tower as a surprising number of people think). As others have stated, Sprint needs to get more high-end phones. Aside from the EVO and EVO shift, their lineup basically sucks for a serious Android user. (Sanyo, really?! that’s cool for a 15 year old, who needs to text omg to her bff, but not for people used to phones like the EVO). I really, truly DO want to see the major carriers have the same coverage as VZW, it’ll give me (and everyone else) options.

  17. Wall of text….

  18. @ Gilgamesh
    Hopefully his EVO was stolen and used as target practice so we don’t have to see his insane rants. Although, actually, I stopped reading them. As soon as I see his name, and a wall of caps, I just skip ahead. I literally feel slightly less intelligent for even having glanced at his posts. He even embarrasses other EVO owners and Sprint customers. (ya ya, I know, I’m a dweeb, screw a duck, blah blah, w/ever).

  19. I hope their the first carrier to release the Samsung Galaxy S2.. but it is true the Evo is getting dated and they need a new flagship device. The Kyocera was an absolute joke…

  20. Evo gets an attachable pocket pussy with stimulation over IP (SoIP) allowing remote users to control the mechanical vag.

  21. I also would love them to release an EVO 2 because I think the EVO is the 2nd biggest Brand of one single phone behind the Iphone … (the Droid does not qualify since it’s a FAMILY of differrent of phones) ..

    Therefore .. they need to build on that .. however they need something that blows the Atrix, Supersonic, Galaxy S2 out of the water …

    If not … it won’t be much of an upgrade over the orginal EVO.

  22. I live in NYC and my Sprint coverage has always stunk. If I’m in my living room in Astoria, Queens, I sometimes completely miss calls or lose my data signal. If I’m in some parts of my office building in downtown Manhattan, I’ll get such a weak signal that it might as well be dial-up. Their 4G signal is even worse!

  23. I’m betting the leadership innovation will be an anouncement about being “THE VERY FIRST CARRIER TO LEAVE BEHIND WIMAX AND MOVE FORWARD WITH 4.5G LTE!!!” and then they’ll announce another crappy phone.

  24. @ jerry
    So what would you call the EVO shift? That is in no way related to the EVO? In case you haven’t noticed, there is only one iPhone iteration at a time. I’m not insulting you, I’m just saying…
    If they would have called the EVO shift just “The Shift” it wouldnt have gone over quite as well (NOT saqying it wouldve failed). Brand-recognition and all that. I was surprised that the (seemingly) mythical TBolt didn’t get a DROID branding as the Incredible and Eris did – they’re both htc phones. I suppose “DROID” now means locked bootloader? w/e I’m never buying another Moto phone again since they started doing that and copping an attitude about it (NO, the xoom doesn’t count – it isn’t a phone). But, I digress, this is a Sprint thread.

  25. @ John Clavis, ya Sprint in NYC isn’t spectacular to say the least (unless your Richard in which case your phone farts rainbows and unicorns). But I was able to make a phone call – barely, but I could. When I tried an AT&T phone (not an iPhone) it was even worse. This is why I stick with VZW – not because of any loyalty, but simply because when I pick up my smartphone I want to be able to make phone calls AND access the internet. It’s funny wathing iPeople in Manahattan walking around with their phones held out in the air trying to get a signal. (Cue the people who have magic AT&T phones in NYC that get service everywhere- even on Pluto)

  26. ^to be fair, I was only talking about phone service, not 3G or “4G”. If you can’t even get a phone signal, chances are, you arent going to be playing on the interwebz.

  27. Its a real shame that the only manufactures i will ever buy from feel the need to use custom UI’s on android. HTC, Motorola, and Samsung all use sense, motoblur, or touchwiz. The only phones any of them put out in the last year and a half to have stock android are on t-mobile with the exception of the original Droid. Right now i have an EVO with CM7 Rc1. I would love to see an EVO 2 with a dual core processor (preferably higher than 1GHz), a nicer screen (qHD or AMOLED+ is nice. I certainly wouldn’t mind at all if they bumped it up to a 4.5” screen like the Samsung infuse), better battery life, thinner design, and LTE. But would I buy it? Yes, because I know sprint (or any other carrier) wont ever bring me my dream phone*.

    *Dream Phone- beast phone from HTC or Motorola, multi-core, Stock android, 4.5” qHD or AMOLED+ screen, Sprint 4G LTE, 8+ mp camera with dual LED flash, 2+ mp front facing camera, 1+ GB RAM, 32GB built in ROM with a micro-sd slot for up to an additional 32GBs, great battery life, unlocked boot-loader, powerful speaker, LED notifications, built-in kickstand similar to the thunderbolt’s, and a sleek, pocatable form factor.

  28. i’m an Evo user on the fence—to get the Thunderbolt or Evo2, so Sprint definitely needs to release the Evo2 or else i know a lot of people on the Thunderbolt forums who are going to switch from Sprint to VZW.

    but yes, @ Mikhail, that pic is definitely not inspiring confidence in innovation and next generation.

  29. Wow 22 comments and no Richard? Is he okay? Hopefully he is okay. My guess is he is writing a 10 page essay full of capitol letters about what he expects this announcement to be. Maybe a book.

  30. Wow… with all these HATER manifesto’s even from some who are not even on the Sprint network!?!?!? Do we really need to hear your diatribe? No we don’t…

    I HAVE been a Sprint customer for a long long time… yeah their CS has had issues, the network coverage was spotty even in dense coverage areas. But they let me tell you problem with everything types… I never took NO for an answer and as a result was ALWAYS satisfied when finished with their CS, one time a problem even taking 5 months to resolve, to my satisfaction in a HUGE way! Those who know about how the frequency’s operate are knowledgeable that the Verizon network has BETTER penetration, especially in buildings and therefore subsequently provides better coverage! Lastly, Sprint has always been the MOST competitive in their plans, the ONLY reason I have stayed with them. Same plan 4 phones, same options would cost $80 more per month on Verizon, a total of almost $2 Grand over the term of contract, something I’m willing to tolerate a little less coverage for. Sorry!

    Now, all that said… Mr. Dan Hesse had better hit a Home Run with this one or the customers they gained with the Android explosion will most certainly bolt to other networks and their attractive handsets, lolz…

    No flaming required, just my $.02…
    Best Regards!

  31. Hopefully they bring in a nice moto with atrix like qualities.

  32. Oh Yes, Its the new HTC CHaCha or CHACHACHA! n FAIL!

  33. Yes I have chimed in…. Great to see all my FANS here on Phandroid always nice to know I am thought of… @Dj… Man talk about fanboy… You must sleep, eat, and shit VERIZON RED… I hope you don’t believe half of the garbage you actually place on this site your pretty entertaining thou.. Case is closed on Verizon and anyone on that network THE RIP NETWORK where you can’t even use you device as INTENDED cause if you do you will recieve a 500 dollar phone bill full of EXTRA CHARGES… All my current Evo 4g owners EXPECT SOMETHING BIG HERE…. The best devices this summer as I said before will be the HTC EVO 2 4G AND THE SAMSUNG GALAXY S2 AS WELL AS THE HTC PYRAMID… look for these very soon…

  34. Sprint better get the Evo 2 or at least the iPhone, their line-up is just so darn dull

  35. This is the performance of the Dualcore Snapdragon Processor that will be seen in the upcoming Htc Evo 2 and the Htc Pyramid… Enjoy……..

  36. HTC EVO 2

  37. @John Clavis…. Not sure what your saying here 4G was installed in your area of queens first before many areas of New York City…. Sounds to me like you might have a device issue call sprint….. OTHERWISE what you stated is not factual cause nobody else has complained on that issue…


  39. Richard.
    Once again….wow…just wow. I actually read your post regarding myself and Verizon and once again you solidified (its okay, i understand youll need a dictionary for that) what I have said, and what I have been saying. You are truly screwed up in the head. Seriously, you are genuinely a genetic and/or mental defect. Not just regarding Android phones (of which youre not an Android fan – you are a fanboy of Sprint, EVO, and, when its convenient, htc – and now Samsung, since you watched some youtube videos about pixel alignment. Honestly, what the hell is wrong with you? Fanboys are one thing, but you are seriously damaged in some way. Did Sprint give you an EVO to participate in NYC’s reach-out program? You _could_ bring something intelligent to the table here in the comment threads if you pulled Dan Hesse and your EVO out of your ass. Yes, the EVO is a good device, it runs on Clearwire’s WiMax, NOT some magical Sprint-developed 9750Gbps system. Really, you embarass full-time EVO users, you make full-time Sprint customers want to leave. Do you think I pay more to VZW (or any VZW customer) so we can say we pay more?! A Sprint customer, who lives and works in NYC stated how bad his service was. Honestly, stop being a psychopathic “EVO/’Now Network’…whatever you are supposed to be, and be OBJECTIVE. Your EVO rules no more than any of my phones do (including my EVO) it is just a 1GHz processor with a WiMax (and possibly LTE)radio. That is it. There is more in common with a DROID Incredible than a Thunderbolt.
    Really, you are not a troll; you are far beyond that. No one ever wants to hear your opinions except in the sense that people watch car wrecks.
    As a human being, I seriously ask you to not even try to respond. Instead, I ask you to actually READ the comments in the threads over just the past 5 to 7 days where you posted “responses”. Let the meds either kick in, or wear off; then, do *try* to make an INTELLIGENT response.

  40. My EVO is feeling its age and everyone else seems to be coming out with great looking android devices. Sprint better do something and deal with their 4G issues or they could stumble and fall quite hard. (Would hate to see that happen) Its time they announce something for the Android crowd.

  41. I work at Starbucks and an HTC employee that was at a sprint store grand opening down the street came into my work the other day. We got to talking, told him I loved my evo and he said “well you’re going to love what we have in store then at ctia. Its big and we and sprint are really excited about it.” Take that for what its worth but that def sounds like evo 2 talk to me. Especially when I said evo 2? And he just smiled and walked away.

  42. @Dj…. Always great to see your response… But as usual your way off base… You actually act like 1 person with there rant about an issue they are having is supposed to be everyone’s same daily world’s experience his problems are his NOT YOUR OR MINES AND DEFINITELY NOT MILLIONS OF OTHER USERS HERE IN THE SAME AREA… Open up your world AND STOP WORRYING ABOUT OTHERS… Your feelings of rather or not I am an android fan or not is totally baseless as long as I know what I am and what I believe in.. One day you will realize your STUPID OPINIONS ARE EXACTLY THAT.. YOUR STUPID OPINIONS… You will be fine just another UNINFORMED PERSON LOST ON THEMSELVES… Glad your here thou cause idiots like you MAKE THIS SO MUCH FUN and I’m sure everyone that reads this THINKS OF YOU JUST AS I DO… YOUR A TYPICAL FOOL…

  43. @Dj… Now intelligently RESPOND TO THAT I’LL BE WAITING… Always love laughing at you and quiet as kept so does many others your so entertaining…. We’re greatful for your smart knowledge

  44. Richard, good to see you back… I always check any post on Sprint or EVO to see if you posted. Phandroid wouldn’t be as fun without you. Also good to see that you haven’t stopped with your CAPS. Your recent post at Android and Me worried me as there weren’t any caps!!

  45. @Richard, I’d love to see you type using correct punctuation and forms of words. You’re making yourself look like an idiot even if your post is the most intellectual post in the world.

  46. Thank you for your uninformed opinion, Richard, but I’ve been a Sprint customer for eight years now and have had the pleasure of experiencing Sprint’s coverage across at least four different devices — the LG Rumor, the Samsung Moment, the Samsung Epic and a Sprint high-speed internet dongle, the model # of which escapes me. In all instances, the coverage was weak in the various places I used it. The more surrounding buildings, the weaker the signal — simple as that. It’s pretty well accepted that Sprint’s choice of broadcast frequency was not ideal for building penetration. I’m not sure why you’re so unwilling to accept the obvious. Nor do I care.

  47. john clavis why would you put yourself through eight years of bad service? just makes no sense , i would never put myself through that maybe that signal penetration stuff,NO HOMO :) is true but i work in nyc been in very thick walled buildings also 2 floors underground and had service …

    my point is this make smart decisions if im jumping to verizon for example i do research on various topics (cost, coverage ,phone ,etc). its give and take so everyones choice maybe dif so my choice may look stupid to you but to me is the smart one there is no fault in that , im a sprint user since there top phone was the treo 600 so i have had treo 600,650,700,centro,pre and i never had a bad experience billing coverage or anything ..

    but i dont chime in saying what a dumbass with that iphone paying all those extra fees , not my problem.

  48. I’ll tell you what I’ve heard. I work for RadioShack and our Sprint rep came in the other day and I asked him what they had planned. He said the HTC rep for Sprint told them they will announce the new EVO at CTIA, Sprint rep asked if it was the EVO2 and the HTC rep said there won’t be an EVO2. So the Sprint rep thought and asked EVO3D, and the HTC rep just shrugged with a smile on his face… Even more exciting than just a dual-core processor

  49. EVO 2 would be great but what if it’s Samsung Galaxy S II?

  50. They will be announcing that they are going to leapfrog LTE and implement LTE Advanced, which will be an industry first.

  51. Entry #13…. Was not done by me it’s pretty clear that some asshole decided to do that acting as if they were me which was a poor fake at that. My first response to this article was entry #33 and entries there after. Some people on here are pretty SHAMEFUL

  52. its going to be the evo 2, evo 3d, and evo tablet…which they better hurry up and release something new…because my pre is on the verge of complete colapse

  53. and Sprint CEO is speaking from 9am-1130…not in the afternoon

  54. @richard…You sir, are a troll. Go back to grade school for spelling and grammer. My two year old can spell better than you.

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