Newly Announced iPad 2 Compared to Motorola XOOM, LG Optimus Pad, and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1


There you have it, folks. Apple has just announced the iPad 2, the successor to the portable device that paved the way for all slates to follow. There is no denying the original is the very reason we have highly advanced devices like the newly released Motorola XOOM and upcoming LG Optimus Pad and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (Steve Jobs called them out as copy cats), but how does the second iteration stack up to these evolved Android big boys?

Android manufacturers were able to leap frog the iPad in terms of hardware with the introduction of dual core NVIDIA processors and the inclusion of not one, but two cameras, a feature Apple was chastised for leaving off the first iPad. Not the type to be left behind, Apple has fired back with two cameras of their own and a little bit of extra umph under the hood with a dual core A5 chip of their own. Always staying ahead of the curve, Apple has slimmed down the iPad and updated iOS to version 4.3. The full specs can be found in the above chart alongside the same for three of today’s hottest Honeycomb tablets (click to see the larger version).

So how do you think the new iPad stacks up to the latest and greatest Honeycomb tablets? Do they still hold their own or will Apple continue to lead the way in the tablet market?

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  1. First voted… just for you Rob ;)

  2. The ipad does have the thinness going for it.

  3. Wait no 4G on the iPad2? Hahahah.

  4. Wow, the new iPad seems average NOW. In 6 months it’s going to be way behind, and in a year it’ll be drowning.

  5. iPad 2 prices for NEXT WEEK’S release:
    32G WiFi is $599
    32G WiFi + 3G is $729
    I want to see lower prices on the Xoom!
    @Moto: You can do better than that! Where is the WiFi only version?

  6. only 1024×768 resolution? Whatever happened to the retinal display concept?

  7. If I was going purely by specs I’d get the xoom, but unless android gets netflix, I’ll be getting me the ipad. I know about the playon solution, I used it to do hulu to my xbox. I didn’t like it. Call me stupid, but netflix makes or breaks it for me.

  8. Way to go, Apple. You basically stepped up your game to be JUST behind the XOOM. Amazing. Usually Apple announces GROUNDBREAKING technology….their press conference was highly disappointing. Having some competition for the XOOM makes things interesting, but this isn’t competition. It’s a sad excuse for a new iPad is what it is.

  9. I’m sure it will get netflix but is it such a big deal? I have it on my TV and most streaming movies suck. It is good if you like cheesy kung fu movies from the 70’s, which I sometimes have the ‘craving’ for from time to time.

  10. it will be lines…its only $499 at the low point.

  11. Sad thing is like the IPhone 4 and soon 5 people will eat this crap up and buy it solely cause there of the I.. they could call it Ilockyoudownsillyconsumer and people would still purchase it even tho there are easily 4 other tablets on the market that perform better.

  12. its all about marketing. thats where the other OEMS lack. the xoom commercial on the super bowl didn’t show the os or what product could do.

    also why are people saying that the ipad will be behind in 6 months. look at it in a normal everyday perspective and not a geek perspective.

  13. Apple tends to have very polished devices so even if it isn’t the best hardware wise the software may make up for it.

  14. For me it is, since that is the main reason I want a tablet. I purely want the tablet for gaming and movie watching. Right now unfortunately Ipad has them beat. I’m a total android fan boy, but I also what the device to do what I want it to do. I’m putting off my purchase until July/August, in hopes that android will have the games and netflix.

  15. Processor most likely cannot handle the resolution of the retina display on a screen that size. It really doesn’t need the retina display, but a resolution higher than 1024×768 should have at least been included in the new iPad2. Once people get past the “magic” of an average tablet, they’ll start to complain about the screen being the same as the original iPad. Meanwhile, Android just keeps getting better and better…..

  16. It’s pretty hilarious to see the specs for the ipad 2. It seems like specs don’t really matter to apple any more. Although it will probably out sell any other tablet this year. Just because the majority of the population are extremely stupid and automatically assume it’s made by apple so nothing can compare. I’m so sick of all the sheep in this world.

  17. Yea the price will be key for the iPad 2. Very smart move on Apple’s part to keep it the same.

  18. The ipad is great, but at the end of the day its still a giant iphone/ipod touch. The xoom is definitely the winner.

  19. The only real thing that is impressive about the iPad 2 from what I have seen, heard and read so far is the physical size and weight.
    For a while I have been thinking that it would be Android Tablets year unless Apple jumped the iPad2 up to a point where it was 1.25-1.5 the Xoom specs, or matched it with some serious OS upgrades.
    So it came out maybe 1 – 1.25x the Xoom depending on benchmarks it shows and the RAM it packs.

    It will be a big year for C3PO’s great great great grandparents.

  20. Strategically speaking it is good that android is now ahead in specs. Used to be that Apple was clearly #1 in specs and Android had to wait a few months. There’s a limit to how Apple can play the polish card though it could last a while. Look at PalmOS.

  21. The gap has really closed. Almost every android tab will be rocking 4G. Quad core tablets are slated for Q4. Anybody see where android is going from here? I for one will rock the galaxy tab 10.1

  22. you wont get a “retina display” sham on the ipad2 as it would require a resolution well over 1080p (roughly 2659×1772) vs the horrid 1024×768 current display. The graphics power it would take for games would require a true gpu which apple is avoiding. Guessing they are pushing an ipad3 for this very reason as they know they got caught with their pants down on this ipad after the tegra 2 chips are shipping with the android tablets. Thats what you get when youre busy getting transplants ;P

  23. I know I will be criticized for been a Apple fanboy which I’m not as I proudly own a Droid and will never go to Apple’s side, but out of all the specs and new features I would have to say that Apple has made significant improvements that will trump the other 3 tablets until some things change.

    1. Price – The fact that the new iPad2 is offered at an even better deal than the Xoom and probably these other tablets speaks for itself that when it comes to price Motorola, Samsung and LG will not be able to beat Apple unless they cut down on margins. We will see in the next month or so if Motorola seen their sales dwindle will drop the price to a more reasonable amount.

    2. Innovation – Even though the iPad2 screen is still the same and some features have not changed still speaks volume for what Apple can push. Bluetooth connectivity, dual cameras, slimmed down version, same amount of battery life, 1.5GHz dual core CPU. People not attuned to what this may mean will look at the speed of both a Motorola Xoom and a iPad2 and think that the Ipad2 is 33% faster than a Xoom. Something which it isn’t, but only geeks know this.

    3. Apps, Apps, Apps – It doesn’t matter if you have the best hardware in the world. If you ain’t got apps to run the stupid thing guess what, it is a useless and expensive piece of hardware. So Google and other companies are rushing to get more Apps to run on Honeycomb tablets and that is good, but when you have 0.01% apps of what it is offered by Apple and iTunes, you have to ask yourself, how can we compete with that when you are offering this to non-techs. This will increase for sure on Honeycomb, but it has a while to go.

    In six months we will have Quad core tablets that will be way faster then the iPad2 and by the time iPad3 roles around we should have 6 or 8 core CPUs that will beat anything Apple has to offer. Screen resolution will have to be improved so that HD video can be played natively on the new devices and that requires 1080p screens at 10.1 inches. Probably even better resolution ratios.

    Until then, even though I’m not buying an Apple device, this means that Apple will still dominate the market until Google/Motorola/LG/Samsung and the like are able to make progress on these 3 pieces.

  24. I gotta say the $499, very thin, dual cameras, and 1.3lbs is really getting my attention. Seeing as how none of these are portable, it down to best ‘couchability’. I think on the 11th or whenever, I will be getting the iPad 2 in white and trying it out for atleast 30 days and see how I like it. That is until the wifi only Tab or Xoom comes out. I know right off the bat that I’d have to jailbreak the iPad to love it. Not a doubt in my mind.

  25. Hey, the Xoom might get a price changed for the wifi only version after apple announced the pricing for the ipad. Fingers crossed. And who ever said that apple software is well developed, then if you meant “No, it caused our os to crash, so we won’t support it” = well developed, then OK.

  26. fam I don’t expect a retinal display from Apple. My point is that after all the fuss about how wonderful superhigh resolution is on the iphone4, you’d think they’d at least be par with android for the ipad2.

  27. price: well it doesn’t seem like a better deal if you don’t have the same kind of specs as the xoom. Plus things like multitasking and flash, which are even more important on a tablet than a phone.

  28. IPad – no flash; Android – no Netflix. No need to rush into a tablet purchase. Is there a tablet that can do it all?

  29. There may be a lot of apple haters on here, but I must say, the iPad 2 looks amazing. Even though I would never buy an Apple product do to the way they lock you down on what media formats they support.

    I hope we see some Google tablet software comparable to iMovie and Garage band soon.

  30. For just coming out, the ipad2 is rather dissapointing. I’d take the Zoom if I could justify needing a tablet, which I don’t.

  31. Have to agree with jamesdev12. Like I’ve been saying, the Apple name holds A LOT of sway in the general consumer market and some of the specs of the iPad2 actually do trump the other tablets in the general market’s eyes. The Xoom is overpriced compared to the iPad2. Hopefully the other two see this and come in priced lower.

  32. I love Android but the Zoom is a fail. Only one model and to expensive. I’m waiting for a dual core 7″ model with Honeycomb wifi only.

  33. iPad 2 for sure. The price would be the deciding factor. I’m an android fanboy in terms of phones, but I really do think iOS works very well for the iPad. Thinness, the cover, no lag. The others are just too expensive and it still seems that honeycomb is in beta (or could be the xoom). Anyways 4G/3G doesn’t matter, wi-fi only, tethered with my android phone :) works for me. Only complaint is no flash support but that’s excepted from Apple from now on.

  34. Side note:

    The term retina display is just a slap in the face for tech people who know the resolution is just slightly better to keep you from seeing pixels. I honestly think we should hang steve jobs for creating a new term morons will use in asking tech people on random products if it has a “retina display”.

    back on topic…

    Ipad is a cheap winner here based on price right now…I liked my ipod touch but really..I hated being locked down which would still be the case here…but people are still going to buy this…and if I had the choice between an 800 dollar xoom or a discounted 400 dollar ipad1….Id probably just buy the ipad1….actually…I take some of it back…I had bought a nook color and rooted it after christmas…then took it back…but with honeycomb on it it coulda been awesome (which they have available now)…if they can sell that beast for 250 dollars you have to believe android tablet prices will come down…and honestly they should. (kinda wish I didnt take that nook color back…but I needed a wacom).

  35. How can anyone think a phone OS is better for a tablet than a tablet OS?

  36. @jamdev12…I think you need to check your “facts”/specs before you post…enough said.

  37. I think the Samsung one will actually do very well as a media device, especially with Samsung’s history of codec support, which I’m hoping will be available on their Tab.

  38. But you know there will be cheaper android tablets down the road. Everyone just wants to have some fun with the tegra 2’s and 4G.

  39. Samsung Galaxy 10.1 has no HDMI?
    I’m sure it’s available through USB -> MHL

  40. Missing from your comparison chart is GPS capability.

    My biggest criticism of the iPad/iPad2 is that it is all about output and no input. Still no USB (or other) connectivity it would seem.

  41. Ipad2? Move along people nothing to see here. I own a xoom and I was expecting more from this idevice jajaja what a joke..

  42. I will still be an Android tab for me since I enjoy surfing the web with flash. I personally have a Dell Streak 7 which is nice but resolution is poor. I mainly use it for accessing the web, e-reading and social networks, not much for apps or games, I have my Nexus S for apps and games. My friend just bought an iPad from Best Buy a few days ago and is going to return for the Xoom because, he realized that having an App warehouse is not everything.Unlike the Android OS with widgets, flash and task notifier to name a few. He also mention that the Xoom is faster and more responsive and most important he’ll be able to view the web with flash soon with the Xoom once Adobe makes it available. I’m personally waiting for the Sammy 10.1 tab or the G-Slate.

  43. That comparison chart is Android skewed (as to be expected on an Android fan site).

    I’m no Apple lover, but NONE of those displays have true, native 1080p resolutions for playback, right now NONE of them have Flash capabilities, and if you’re going to count the iPad 2 as having HDMI connectivity, you have to give it SDCard and USB connectivity as well since there are adapters for both. Also, the WiFi only pricing on the XOOM is still unknown, so you really can’t compare any of the pricing against the iPad2.

    For me I WILL be buying an iPad 2 next week, even though I was salivating over the Xoom. It’s cheaper, comparable in the relevant specs for a media tablet, and has the broader development community behind it. In a year when Android tablet manufacturers start dropping their prices I’ll sell my iPad 2 at a minor loss and get one that provides as good a value.

  44. apple prides themselves in being revolutionary but the ipad 2 isnt. same screen res as the old ipad and vga front camera. while the xoom has a 2mp front is 4g capable and the g-slate has 3d video capture and playback. any smart person would buy a honeycomb tablet. the xoom totally crushes the ipad 2.

  45. ipad is a giant iphone…the new o.s. looks the same hasnt really changed in 5 years..ill wait for a second generation htc pad to come along…bye the end of this year htc/android will eat apple..yum yum yum yum

  46. @Sean how much will you be paying for the iPad 2?

  47. One final question: how long until XDA ports Honeycomb onto the iPad2?

  48. The iPad 2 is OK though I’m not really a fan of the silver look and 4:3 at all. The main disadvantage it has for me is iOS. . . no thanks.

    It looks more like Apple played copy cat this time around knowing all these high spec Android devices were coming out. We all know full well if it weren’t for these Android tablet specs Apple would have bumped the iPad 2 with 1.2Ghz single core, minimal extra ram if any at all, and front camera only so they could milk customers for the iPad 3.

    By August there will be a flood of Android tablets with Honeycomb and quad-cores coming out and I expect more apps for Android tablets than the iPad by that point–it will be much easier to devs to make sure their apps work on Honeycomb than it is for iOS.

    Just like on the phone side Apple can’t keep up, though their core base will love whatever they put out.

  49. Also, I don’t understand the claims of “it’s just a big iPhone” and “how could a phone OS be good for a tablet?”. The same things can be said of the Honeycomb tabs as well. Honeycomb is a tablet specific OS in the same way that the version of iOS for the iPad is tablet specific. They run the same kernels with UI specific changes that allow people to account for a larger display. The fact that Honeycomb ports are running on phones means all the Xoom, Tab 10.1, etc are just large screen phones as well.

  50. software and app offering from apple is far superior to android. I use to have iPhone 3g and now have a Galaxy S droid. I love my droid way more than iphone, however for the average user, especially less than technical geeks, the apple ipad is much easier to use and less buggy. Android is closing the gap, but not yet. Also Apple is just keeping up with the competition now and beating it with software not hardware. This allows them upgrades to the next gen ipad, 1080 p playback, etc etc. Cant give away all the secrets, just enough to stay on top IMO.

  51. Let’s keep in mind that the ipad2 that is most comparable to the 4G ready XOOM is $729 + $39 for the HDMI adapter. And it’s not 4G and never will be.

    I think the iPad2 has enough to keep it from being relegated obsolete, but not enough to keep it in the lead.

  52. ipad 2 all day!

  53. @Sean
    ‘Honeycomb is a tablet specific OS in the same way that the version of iOS for the iPad is tablet specific.’

    It’s NOT true. It’s BS. ipad ios is just SCALED iphone ios, the same OS working on different RESOLUTIONS/screen sizes.

    Android 2.X is phone OS. And it’s good enough for 7″ tablets.

    Honeycomb is created *from the ground* for TABLET COMPUTERS.

    Xoom is an obvious WINNER. For me:
    iPad2 looks too slim, looks fragile.
    Its white version looks just like a plastic toy.

    NO true tablet OS in 2011 = NO deal.
    4:3 = NO deal
    NO Flash = NO Deal
    NO 4G = NO Deal.
    NO built-in HDMI = NO Deal

    Xoom has 5 sensors, compass, GPS, SD, USB. Super and must-have combo for me. I don’t need iMovie for 4.99 and ugly plastic SmartCover for $39, i need Freedom!

    Honeycomb is almost perfect. And will be better and better with every update! It brings a real tablet computer experience- books, real movies, all games, music soon, not just plying scaled apps/games! Would be strange, if scaling of IOS wasn’t good. It’s just a lazy scaling.

  54. People who actually think iPad 2 has better specs than Xoom are the same people who think 3G and 4G means iPhone 3GS iPhone 4GS and the very same people who think Droid and Android are the same thing.
    Realistically 4G > 3G
    I also thought it was sneaky of Jobs to intentionally hide the camera specs, this makes sense considering its only 3G and 3G won’t realistically support anything beyond .3 MP cam. That is really sad.

  55. There’s a different poll here:
    The percentages have been about the same over the last hour or so, which I find interesting.
    Honeycomb is in the lead (and I got there from engadget, so I doubt it was only posted on Android sites)

  56. g2 all day. ftw.

  57. my God, I thought they’d make it amazing… it’s sh*t

  58. The iPad 2 will blow the Motorola XOOM out of the water unless Moto can find a way to get the price down. The non techies out there could care less about Flash, and dual core this and that. Most buyers will want coolness points and I don’t think they really care about the 4G thing either. BTW I’m an Android fan…don’t shoot the messenger.

  59. This was a disappointing launch. The iPad2 is cheaper, but it’s cheaper because it’s less of a product. You can bet on the Xoom and the other high-end tablets getting a price drop in the upcoming months, but quite honestly, they don’t need much of a price drop. iOS did not get any real improvements, and on the hardware side there wasn’t much in terms of upgrades – no USB, no SD slot, and some proprietary HDMI port that will tack on another $40. I wouldn’t even call these features upgrades, as they are things that should have been included in the original iPad – my Nintendo DSi has front and rear facing cameras.
    Then we have iOS itself, which any objective mind would admit that it’s only slightly modified from the iPhone. No widgets, no customization, no tabbed browsing, and no Flash = the NoPad.
    I’m sure we’ll hear nonstop lauding from all the tech reviewers on how the iPad2 is a “game changer”. Ironically, they will be correct. The iPad2 is a game changer because it’s leaving a giant opening for all the other tablets, Android or otherwise, to move in. Apple, as far as I see it, has made a critical strategic error. The only thing the iPad2 has going for it is the slim design and apps; however, it will only be a matter of a few short months before Android makes serious gains in the app department.
    I’m still not going to invest in any of the tablets, yet, but if I was to buy one it would be the Xoom without hesitation. It’s simply a superior device with a superior OS.

  60. Well the iPad2 is going o get a software update … and i fully expect the tablet OS to fork just like Google has done with android.

    The specs are on par with each other across the board IMO. So it’s goign to come down to who can make the best user experience.

    Sorry google: but that’s one thing you suck at. You make great tech, then release it “into the wild” to let someone else figure out how to leverage it and wrap it up pretty.

    Apple is the Yang, here. They invent nothing, but are masters and bundling it up in a pretty package that is inviting to users.

    In a market where the tech is basically identical, presentation is going to reign supreme and Google has not proven they know how to handle that aspect yet.

  61. I don’t know why people think Apple has always been cutting edge. Quite the opposite. They release “safe” technology. The iPhone-1 was a 2G device when 3G was already well established around the world. It took a couple of releases for it to support bluetooth. Touchscreen phones had been available long before the iPhone. Dual camera phones were available in Europe and Asia since the early to mid 00s. What Apple excelled at was marketing the established technologies as cutting edge, and putting it in a sleek package. Finally, other manufacturers have caught on, and it’s becoming more and more evident that Apple is releasing obsolete technology even as it’s announced.

  62. craig, nobody here cares about the average user. :) What are you? What do you like? Do you like tech? Don’t worry about what’s best for granma…she can take care of herself…she may even prefer Android because most of her favorite websites use Flash.

  63. By July or August, the Xoom will be the same price or cheaper than the iPad 2. Once Motorola jumps that price hurdle, the iPad will be easily forgotten by all but diehard Apple fans, and girls/feminine men ages 16 to 28.

  64. iPad 2 will be doing a iphone 3gs stunt, do a quick product release to stay ahead/keep up with the market, but as with the iphone 4 release, they will soon release a iPad 3.

  65. Apple could have left the iPad as it is now and it would still outsell the Motorola Exhume….

  66. The real battle begins when they release iOS 5.

    Hardware is only one side of the story, and they don’t want to release the updated version of the OS before the iPhone. This post is premature IMO.

  67. @G11

    “Apple is the Yang, here. They invent nothing -”


  68. Let me add my vote to those calling for wifi only tabs. I’m waiting for the Android tab offerings to “mature,” meaning second generation devices with all the bugs worked out and true laptop replacement options. But whatever I choose will not require me to pay for another data plan. With home and phone, I’m already spending more on data than I do on satellite TV.

  69. Flash is a huge gaping hole in the iPad2 armor, but having said that, hardware specs don’t seem to matter anymore with these high-end tablets. iPad has far better software than Android and that makes it a winner for many people. I’ll stick with my Android tablet for now, but my wife would love the ipad2.

  70. I wouldn’t be holding my breath for iOS 5 to bring any revolutionary changes. It’s going to be phone focused and those features will get pushed to the iPad. Yawn.

  71. USB? Flash? 4G?
    Android does… nuff said.

  72. apple is rumored to release ipad 2.0 4g lte an hspa when they release the iphone 5 at wwdc. kind of like ipad pro.

  73. Nothing to see here folks. Just another overpriced and underspecced Apple product with an OS which STILL doesn’t natively support flash.

    Go on Google, take over the world with Android. It’s yours.

  74. quick note to correct most comments here;

  75. one more quick note that is not mentioned yet;
    Tablet optimized apps:
    Honeycomb = 100
    iOS = 65,000

  76. Quick note: Android = multi-platform and open source
    iOS = Proprietary junk which needs to be jailbroken, and even then it’s extremely limited in comparison to Android. iPad – Glorified paper weight.

  77. @Dan
    I’m guessing you have zero experience with Honeycomb. iOS can’t even compare.

  78. Size and weight are very important for a tablet. You have to hold the thing up constantly.

  79. Size and weight are very important for a tablet. You have to hold the thing up constantly.

  80. Would’ve gotten the XOOM if it had a movie rental service and a WiFi only version for around $600.

    There’s really not much point in arguing what’s better. Everyone has a different reason to want a tablet. For me, I just want something that will have enough battery to last the 7 hour flight I make routinely and small enough to not be awkward in coach seats.

    I also want to be able to rent movies easily. I don’t care for ripping DVDs and spending hours like you’d have to do with the XOOM currently since there’s no movie rental service. There’s no gurantee Tegra 2 will be approved for Netflix DRM issues either.

    For me a tablet is just a web browser and an entertainment device. 16GB should be more than enough for what I need since it’ll be enough to hold 3 rented movies.

    FYI, I like being able to customize my devices… that’s why I have an android phone instead of the iPhone. I just care more about media availablity on tablets since I want it as an on-the-go entertainment system.

  81. What a disappointment! The iPad was crippled, now this is just a faster cripple. My Galaxy Tab would still run circles around it in terms of capability and overall usability. What a joke this thing is.

  82. @Sean, just so you know, Android tabs will see Flash and iPads will NEVER see it!!!

  83. Uh the XOOM costs $799.99 compared to the $499.00 for the entry-level, 16GB WI-Fi iPad 2. Would an android fan buy it?

  84. They all suck. I’d rather have a full computer.

  85. @ J.C. ipads already have seen flash


  86. I see a tablet in a completely different light. I want to be able to use it as a portable drawing pad. I do not want to have to sit in front of a computer desk to use a wacom. Therefore TBH I’m not interested in the Xoom OR the ipad but the asus memo looks really interesting.
    Yes, all this spec war talk is fun but it would be nice to be able to actually DO stuff with these things.

  87. All you guys getting caught up on BS specs. Specs don’t matter. Its the coupling between sw and hardware that makes an apple device an apple device. Take phones. My Droid X stutters like a little bitch. My friends Iphone 3g is silky smooth. In this cae you have the iPad. It’s been enhanced to be lighter, faster etc… and coupled with that there are new applications. Applications that you can’t find on any droid tablet. The ones you can – are no where near as polished. As far as Flash – who gives a shit. I have it off on my droid and don’t miss it on the iPad. I’m looking forward to the iPad 2 burying the Xoom etc…

  88. I can’t believe what I’m reading look to all apple lover educate your self before talking you guys are talking out of your ass check the aspects for the ipad 2 if you want to waste your money that’s fine to me but don’t post things like omg apple is thebest in fewmonths with all the quad tables I will spect some apologies

  89. No joke. Hardware and Software need to work hand in hand. This is the chemistry that makes a phenomenal device so exceptional. I know I will be comfortable holding my iPad2 while some of the really pretentious other folks getting hung up on specs that can’t work seamlessly with software will start feeling a little regret deep down inside.

    It’s ok, for as hate that one person can accumulate against Apple there is twice as much love for it by another.

    Get off your high horses and stop hating. Oh and also for people still hung up on Adobe Flash saying that iPad can’t support it. There are browsers you can download from the Application store that do support flash, so…yeah.

    There really is no legitimate argument to be made that an Android based OS is better than an iOS when both OS’s are being jail-broken everyday.

    Thanks for reading folks.

  90. The differences in the specs will not be relevant in a couple of months from now but the iPaad will still hold his value due to great design and ease of use. Is just like comparing a Ferrari with a high end japanese sportscar with a lots of extras what you most likely will never use!

  91. So, please tell me again why you idiots think xoom is over priced?!?!?!

  92. @iOS1 Skyfire? Big deal. Android has that, too, and it’s not integrated Flash. Besides, I thought Flash didn’t matter to most people. You’re disobeying Jobs when you use Skyfire. Shame. Shame.

    @Mr.Truth And how is iOS4.3 on the iPad2, which is merely a mobile phone OS stretched to a tablet, an example of hardware and software married in perfect harmony? Multitasking is awkward, no widgets, and no tabbed browsing. Honeycomb is actually an example of innovation in the tablet environment. Google has decisively turned the tables in this contest. Apple is now in catchup mode.
    That doesn’t mean that people won’t flock to the iPad2, but Apple may have played their cards wrong, here. A ton of people have already bought into the iPad and aren’t going to want to buy into the iPad2 for minor updates. Add to the fact that Apple has already hinted at the iPad3, I’m just not sure people are going to got nuts over the iPad2 like with the first iPad. Not to mention there are actual alternatives to the iPad this year. I could be completely underestimating iFans on this one, but I think the iPad2 launch will be much like the Verizon iPhone launch – a dud.

  93. Why can’t educated iPhone users post on these threads? Ones who are actually willing to actually engage in a debate. All we get are stupid trolls who are jealous that they are stuck with their crap, sorry excuse for a, smartphone OS.

  94. I think the real story here is that you can now buy the ipad 1 for only $399. Call me crazy, but for that price with netflix streaming, and all the apps available; its a no brainer. ipad 1 just got my $. I actually just got a refurb for only $349! Thats only $100 more than a Nook Color. I mean, I love Android as much as anyone, but until the Android tablets mature, and get more apps/lower prices, Apple wins this round on every level.

  95. If device to device, yes Moto wins on spec.. but iPad isn’t just the device. It’s the device plus the ecosystem. I don’t see a chance for Moto on this at least for a while… May be when Android Market Place is flooded with HoneyComb compatible APPS but until then iPad wins! that’s my 2 cents..

  96. You PC people don’t get it. Apple is a way of life. The specs your talking about equate to absolutely nothing to 95% of users. The whole Apple experience is extremely satisfying.

  97. So, I am new to this and still ignorant. I want a pad in order to access a specific website that requires flash. Does that automatically rule out ipad? I am thinking of going with xoom (esp since I use an android phone) but can I get 3G service without having a contract with verizon? Please advise!

  98. @avenuePad – I know you have skyfire too, I just am correcting the millions of android fans who think there is no flash video on the ipad. THE IPAD HAS FLASH VIDEO PEOPLE. and my friend has a 3 month old android 200 dollar phone, the other day i was able to see a flash video website and he couldn’t even see it.
    and not only does the ipad see all the flash video android can see, we ALSO have html5 high quality official alternatives from abc, netflix (10,000 titles), cbs, hulu etc etc. so if you want to compare video content total, we have about 15,000 more videos we can watch on our devices, the iphone 3g can see 15k more videos than the Atrix. you can’t even get hulu on google tv, how pathetic. Plus your version of flash still does not correct the “roll over”, nor can you play flash games. Your version of flash is called ‘full’ but it does not fix those main key aspects of flash video.
    not to mention official streetfighter for 2 bucks, official mortal kombat for 99 cents, official grand theft auto for 5, etc etc etc. 350,000 apps on ios, compared to 200k on android, 65,000 apps optimized for tablets on ios, only 100 for android. point for point you guys miss out.
    plus the ipad 2 does what the xoom does for less money. basically matching specs, and for cheaper. and I seriously doubt that dual core on the xoom is going to even get optimized software for it, apple makes the software and owns a dual core chip designer, so it’s optimized right out the box. not to mention the ipad 1, one year warranty, costs $350 now.
    if it wasn’t for apple, android would have just been another robot in a movie. why do you guys love those pictures of that stupid robot anyways, you get all gay over every new android cartoon picture, you’re like retarded children about those pictures.

  99. @Mr Truth, Specs don’t matter when you’re on the losing side of the specs. If the iPad had superior specs you’d be talking about how much better the specs were. @whoisworst, Honeycomb is new. Once developers get their hands on honeycomb devices, the apps will catch up quickly. It’s foolish buying inferior hardware because the software for it is several months ahead of the game. Software can catch up, at little or no cost. When it does, the software playing field equals but you’re stuck with the inferior hardware.

  100. and you can’t pull the troll card if you bring up the ipad, put it in your article title and specifically compare. dont name call just argue the facts..

  101. @ios1, iPad does _not_support Adobe Flash. It supports solutions that convert Flash video to HTML5, but it does not directly support Flash.

  102. Wow, the Xoom is looking like the clear winner here.

  103. and PS the iphone 4 won mobile device of the year in the mobile web conference in barcelona last month, didn’t even need to show up. and the ipad 1 just got mobile device of the year on endgaget. the iphone 4 was not recommended in consumer reports, but they admitted in the same article that it was still better than the evo, that’s one of apple’s harshes critics still saying no android anywhere compares in spite of the antenna problems (that affected less than 1% of the users). i can see your point if you think the xoom or evo is a little better, but if you are saying those devices are total jokes in comparision, it shows how delusional or stupid you are.

  104. Who cares about 4g on an ipad! when the hell would you even use 4g its not like your driving and want to use 4g. you really only use an ipad at your house or at a coffee shop and now almost every place has wifi.

  105. @ROM I know, it converts it for us. at the end of the day = we still watch all the flash video you can watch, plus all those other apps made for ios with 15,000 more video titles than you.
    and android “directly support’s flash” but my friends high end phone still could not see the flash video I was able to watch on ios. and the direct support doesn’t fix the roll over feature, nor can you play flash games, two essential flash features NOT supported directly or indirectly.

  106. What is the best way of syncing music etc with the Xoom or any other upcoming Honeycomb tablet? To be honest, the main reason I like the iPad was the ease of transferring content. That’s huge to me.

  107. Xoom wins (on it right now)

  108. The Motorola Xoom Fails:

    1. Size of a brick
    2. HD video playback only if encoded (choppy video playback otherwise)
    3. Beta operating system, with frequent pauses, stalls and outright crashes!
    3. Bragged about Flash but shipped without it.
    4. Bragged about 4G but shipped without it.
    5. Bragged about SD slot but shipped without it (beginning to see a pattern here?).
    6. $800 (please!).

  109. Apple Wins:

    1. $499 for Ipad 2 or as little as $349 for Ipad 1 (sold!!!!!!!!!!!!!).
    2. lighter, slimmer and faster.
    3. 65,000 Apps
    4. Not made by Motorola (lmfao).
    5. Competition has been vaporized, just like John Doe Number 2!

  110. I gotta be honest, I had a change of heart. Xoom is a great device, but iPad seems like a better deal now! $800 is just, too much for a tablet.

  111. iPad with Facetime? READ THE FINE PRINT!!!

    “Requires a FaceTime-enabled Mac with an Internet connection or a FaceTime-enabled iOS device with a Wi-Fi connection. Not available in all areas.”

    Almost had me sold Apple… almost.

  112. Let’s face it. Android Tabs will always be behind in the Apps race. Why, you ask?

    Because: They will release a new version of Android for Tabs every month. Just when an app is finalized for one version another one will crop up. This is the same for App viruses (lol). Android will be full of antivirus apps soon. Android users are going to need them : )

  113. @Justin – there are apps that work over 3G, for example the Tango app let’s you make video calls over 3G, and you can video chat with android devices also (highly recommended since it’s cross platform). Yahoo video chat let’s you make video calls over 3G to laptops/computers also.

  114. I don’t want a 3G iPad, I want a WiFi-only device.

  115. Oh sorry i didnt clarify, those apps work on either 3G or wifi. For example you could wifi ipad call to a phone (android or apple) with only 3G, or video chat to any computer. Those apps are free also.

  116. I will wait for the $600 WiFi XOOM, assuming Motorola doesn’t try to do anything else to stick it to their customers.

  117. Ios1, video is only a small portion of flash. There are tons of websites that depend on flash for menu items and content and the iPad CANNOT view them, all you get is a white box or screen.
    And yes I have used an ipad extensively to know this for a fact.

    Also my Droid X rendered web pages better and there were very few flash videos it couldn’t play and those were usually deliberately blocked.

    IMO, the G TAB I’m typing this on SHITS on the ipad.

  118. The sad thing about flash is that it’s not as if google made a deal with Adobe to make it exclusive to Android. Apple could have it too but it wants to be an @$$ about it.

  119. Actually Apple isn’t being an ass about Flash, the iPad hardware can’t keep up with the processing requirements of Flash…

  120. I think the gap between Apple and other tablet manufacturers right now is very comparable to when the G1 released and the Iphone that was available during that time; HUGE! I love Android and I suspect I will never use another smart phone OS but it still took time, about 2 years, for Android to catch up to iOS in terms of available applications and usability. Putting the hardware out is the easy part, getting developers to drive the platform is what is extremely difficult and it just isn’t there right now for Android 3.0 and I would say it’s going to take around 1-2 years for developers to get the tablet apps up to snuff. I hate to say it but I will be getting an Ipad2 come March 11th over any Android tablet.

  121. My vote for Xoom!!.. But i feel 800$ is on the costlier side and xoom doesn’t offer any great differentiation to justify the price. Right price would have been around 500-600$..

  122. @john
    i have surfed the web, newspapers, online shopping, videos, every type of website every day for 3 years now and I have come across maybe three websites that couldn’t be navigated, it was a while back but I’m sure one of those had a free iphone app alternative (which was better on a touch screen device). I’ll take 64,900 apps optimized for the ipad,15k more video titles (customized for a touch display unlike regular flash), twice as many apps, over, missing all that and seeing that one website. and if you want to nit pick you still don’t have the roll over feature with is a basic flash feature, and you never will since it’s physically impossible on a tablet, yet it’s called full flash. full flash with no roll over and no flash games control. flash files are ten times the size of html5 files, it then is lower quality, and it takes 30 percent more processing power to use.
    the galaxy tab is not great even by android standards, the xoom is the most common top choice for android users. even on the engadget customer polls, the tab had it’s ass handed to it by apple, in the best tablet category the ipad got 3 times as many votes. you have froyo (not optimized for tablets according to google) and later you may get gingerbread, no rumors even exist for honeycomb. you get up to 7 hours of video playback, ipad 1 got up to 10 hours. they had to put the tab on sale since it was not selling well, the ipad 1 was always selling for the original price until today when the new one came out. that means samsung wished they could get more money for it but could convince people to do so, in business that is considered a “loss”. the wall street journal had an article about how samsung was trying to stretch the truth about numbers and they were cornered into admitting most of the numbers they used for what they shipped to stores, not what customers actually bought. And lastly even on Phandroid they compared it with the ipad 1 and they said the ipad 1 was better!! Why don’t you just say the ipad is comparable to the galaxy but I prefer the ipad more, instead you said you shite on the ipad but yet even on phandroid they concluded “victory to the ipad”! Therefore since even an android website can see the ipad is better than the tab, three times as many people on engadget thought the ipad was better, you are a delusional tab using ahole.

  123. ok ,apple fanboys painted green out of the closet and go tou buy your cheaper ipads without flash,sd card,4g,less resolution screen,usb and dependent on a PC.

  124. @Eileen

    Your browsing habits must be must be pretty limited if you’ve only run into a few websites that posed problems. (My experience was frustrating to the point I grabbed my Droid X to browse instead while at client). In any case, I’d rather see the web like it should (or as close to it as possible) than settle for less – which you obvously have no problems doing (maybe because you HAVE NO CHOICE?). Also, what’s this talk of games? I don’t care to play flash games and this ‘roll over’ issue you speak of must be a non-issue since very few flash sites have given me any problems while navigating them.

    Also this talk of apps means squat if you’re only going to use a fraction of them anyway. The TAB with 2.2 has access to ALL the apps available on 2.2. However I only use the ones I need / desire. And yes there are some that are not ‘optimized’ for the tablet formfactor but they work nonetheless and better than expected in most cases. Every App that I ran on my Droid X works like a charm and then some on the TAB.

    Obviously you’ve never used a TAB. It’s quick, does Flash really well and soon after using one, you’ll realize that there really isn’t a pressing need for Honeycomb.

    And please, you only seem interested in polls and stats on forums and tech publications. They mean SQUAT to me. If the iPad fails to do what I need to do, it’s a candidate for the dumpster, period. I could give two shits what some lame ass, Apple-biased website has to say.

    For me:

    Compatibility: Tab > iPad – it runs Flash, renders web pages better and can run pretty much all the same apps available on Android 2.2. The iPad has to have its own apps and it sucks at web browsing by comparison.

    Portability: Tab > Ipad – it’s much lighter and fits in my pants pocket, yet big enough to provide a satisfying multimedia experience. The iPad by comparison is a heavy brick.

    Display: Tab > Ipad – its res on paper may not be as good but the higher pixel density, richer colors and better contrast translates to a nicer experience and noticeably better font rendering (especially the small fonts).

    Features: Tab > Ipad – The iPad is plain jane but in all fairness, the Tab is newer.

    OS: Tab > Ipad – IOS sucks, period. About the only dimly lit spot is has going for it is smoothness and Samsung did a pretty good job with this on the TAB – it may not be quite as smooth as the Ipad but it’s smooth enough. As for everything else – Android wins.

    So you can keep looking at polls, I’ll keep enjoying my TAB.

  125. @Eileen

    Got a question? When Jobs finally gives up the ghost, whose nutsack are you going to cling to?

  126. There is an article on Gizmodo, saying that it appears the iPad 2 only has 256MB of RAM, which would bottle-neck and some-what negate most of it’s new specs. Apparently a London rep, revealed this info, and an Apple spokesperson stated that the rep wasn’t supposed to disclose any details on the RAM, but only on the new the specs outlined for the presentation.

  127. Personally, I do a lot of video conversion, and for the second iteration iPad to not support 1080p was a major let down. Not having Flash support (which affects 3 important sites for me, personally) and lack of an improved resolution, will make pass on this.

    I mean, I am not trying to hate on Apple, but there is no excuse for not at least providing the option, given that Flash is free to begin with. Apple was the one who attacked Adobe, and HTML 5 hasn’t replaced Flash yet, nor will it ever replace the convenience Adobe Air.

  128. To Apple drones, specs and capability don’t matter. If the iPad 2 had 1kb of ram, they’d still line up for it.

    I bet you if Apple designed a car with one pedal, a hamster under the hood and a long cable that the driver HAD to tether to itunes before driving off, their drones would still camp outside the Apple dealership for it.

  129. wow…I knew the apple fanboys were going to come out, but damn you guys sound pissed off. Why be so angry that we have flash and you don’t? Saying we can’t play flash games shows how “delusional” YOU are, I haven’t had a problem playing any flash games and only had problems viewing a few videos. You can’t bash honeycomb when you know we’ll get several updates before summer in which case we’ll likely hear details on Ice Cream. If you know anything about android you know the hardware is showcased by the software. No you may not have a completely polished experience on day 1…but once xda and the android community gets their hands on it, game over.

    My biggest issue isn’t that the ipads specs are kind of weak, its simply the fact that people can’t admit that. We KNOW iOS is polished, and I get a handful of force closes every week. But at the end of the day the iphone5 will be a weak dual core processor with a bigger screen (they bashed droidx and evo for having 4.3″) and a better camera…all things they said were overkill last year. Best part about the ipad…the cover…plain and simple they should’ve put more work into it. Stop calling manufacturers copycats when you do the same thing

  130. WoW i love to hear apple fanboys defend or try to explain why Ios is better? Software? nope Google releases more updates than Apple that really matter. Hardware? Not anymore… Ipad2 looks like a slighty rush tablet in order to crash Googles party and feed apples fanboy’s something.
    Now everybody talks apps but really what app do u have on Ios that doesnt have a Android Counterpart? Flash? ipad or any apple product will never see it why? cause the dictatorship of Steve jobs dont see the importance of choice
    just wanna know i still have that with android. PS i still have a Nexus one with Gingerbread 2.3.3 and i have yet to run into a website with flash video not supported double tap on screen on any video to go fullscreen.
    witch tablet is taking my money? ipad2 nope xoom? maybe but i think Samsung 10.1 will be the choice for me.

  131. You can’t compare apple to oranges each tab have it ups and down apple uses qualcom chips is the same as all android chips they just gave it a another name snapdragon a9 all the same better look at the spec on smartphones is the same.

  132. It is said that iPad 2 is with larger memory than the original one and with the same price. Hope it is the truth!


  133. I’ve expected much more of new iPad, the changes compared to the first iPad are fine but when you start comparing it to the other brands, it will fall below the average soon. RAM is not impressive, resolution big disappointment for me and the interface issues which practically push a user to work on just one thing at the time are limiting, at least for me. I am going for android, I waited to see what apple&google will come up with but this is not enough for me and I am not even very demanding user myself.

  134. I love that retarded look on fandroids faces when they try to play the “you don’t have flash” card and I whip out the Cloud Browse app on my iPad and demonstrate that I can watch ANY flash video, view ANY flash-based web animation, just like they can!! Priceless!!

    P.S. The Galaxy Tab is a bonafide POS and the sales numbers prove it. Samsung got caught with their pants down when they tried to pull the wool over peoples eyes about how many Tabs they “sold”. Newsflash: selling to carriers is not the same as selling to actual customers. They can’t give that fake iPad away…

  135. Actually with cloud browse you’re using another computer remotely so it’s really laggy and slow and most reviews have been negative. It’s just another hack the Apple drones have no choice but to use and is certainly no replacement for the real thing. It’s amazing how iPad fanboys just enjoy settling for less. I guess the idea of letting go of Job’s testicles is way too painful.

  136. @john once more let me quote from PHANDROID’S comparison of the ipad 1 and the galaxy tab, “VICTORY TO THE IPAD”!!! look it up johnny. and the engagdet awards was based on a reader poll, not the writers who may or may not be biased to apple, the people, the citizens of this great country, the culminations of george washington’s dream voted three times more for the ipad than the tab. of course a few people like the tab, but 3 times more people are going to like the ipad. Why would samsung even lie about the numbers? Why are now making the size of the tablet like the ipad now? Why? Because only delusional morons like you actually bought the tiny turd tab so far.

  137. Apple knows. IPad is faster for pinch Zoom because the 1024×768 wont require as much processor and it is still crisp. Compare it to Xoom, I did..

  138. @Eileen / iking

    The fact that Apple sells mediocre hardware and software in droves proves a large portion of the general populace are still clueless about technology and their options, so polls are meaningless. Besides I’d bet 90 percent of the participants have never picked up a TAB in their life. And Apple fanboys generally swarm all over places Engadget anyway.

    As for sales numbers? Who cares? It works for me. The iPad doesnt. Plus considering the amount of Tabs I’ve seen in the wild, I’d say they are selling well enough.

    And BTW the 7 ” form factor has a place in the market. Not everyone wants to lug aroung a brick all day especially a jack of NO trades like the iPad.

    Also only a delusional moron like yourself would actually believe using a buggy laggy hack app that converts Flash is the same as actually supporting it. Nice try troll.

  139. As much as I am an Android fan, I am seriously considering getting an iPad 2. The main reason? The apps. Given the recent Qualcomm-Netflix arrangement, I’m worried that I might buy an Android tablet that won’t support Netflix. I’d rather not plunk down money only to have hardware that doesn’t support an app I want. I can stand software fragmentation. But hardware fragmentation, especially for something basic like Netflix? That’s ridiculous.
    Overall, there’s a serious lack of quality apps with Android overall, and such a tiny amount of tablet apps. For example, find me a decent office suite, like the iWorks apps on Android. And I have seen no evidence yet that Google is intending to put some serious muscle to get app development going (say billions towards a program encouraging the best iOS/WebOS/Windows Mobile/Symbian developers to port apps over).
    And then there’s the price. I would have liked a Xoom. But I just can’t afford the $800 pricetag. I don’t want or need 3G/4G connectivity (after all, I can just wifi hotspot with my Nexus One). And I am willing to sacrifice storage space to get a cheaper unit. But right now, there’s not even a cheaper, lower spec’d wifi unit as an option.
    I’m doing my damndest to wait. But there’s only so much longer I can wait. I’m getting sick of all the waiting in the Android ecosystem. I don’t want to cave in. But I just might be compelled to go over the dark side, if these Android tabs don’t drop their prices.

  140. In a press conference, do you want to talk about your iPad2 or push a few music apps that costs $4.99?

    It has HDMI… sweet. Oh wait.. HDMI in a dangling wire

  141. Blah blah blah…..cloud browse works just fine on my iPad! You’re just pissed that it takes away your perceived advantage…..Newsflash: flash on android has plenty of buggy playback (my wife has an Evo shift) plus it absolutely kills her battery. No advantage whatsoever!

    P.S. Back to that POS Tab….do u know the return rate on that miserable excuse for a tablet??? A whopping 15 PERCENT!!! IPad’s return rate?? 2 PERCENT!! Doesn’t have many users to begin with, mind you, and 15% of that small group take it back……we can talk about iPad vs Xoom, but pleeeease leave that junk out of the conversation.
    But John u are right about one thing, the Tab does shit on the iPad….cuz it’s a piece of shit

  142. “10.JKane wrote on March 2, 2011

    Apple tends to have very polished devices so even if it isn’t the best hardware wise the software may make up for it.”

    Yeah, I have a Ford Pinto with a really hip interior …. if you sit inside it seems really fast ….

  143. It’s amazing watching some of the iFans rationalizing how Xoom advantages are disadvantages, and how iPad shortcomings are, in fact, advantages. No objectivity required. iPad 2 is lighter, comes in two colors and has an interesting case. It’s also slightly cheaper comparing the most similar models, and has much cheaper lesser models. On every other technical spec, it’s on par or sub-par with Xoom, and it’s not upgradable.

  144. you gotta look at it from a different point of view. specs are one thing, but apps are a completely other thing. i love android but there aren’t that many apps specifically for the tablet. i love ios too, and that’s the thing i really liked when i had the iphone 4, is their huge selection of apps, and none of em were sketchy like they are on android. the fact is, ios has things like pages, imovie, garageband, and other apps that are very productive, where android doesn’t have things like that. the resolution on the ipad is amazing in the first place, they don’t need the retina display. and plus rumors are that the ipad 3 will be coming out in november with the retina display, which basically puts it above the other tabs. the only thing most of these android tablets really have over the ipad 2 is the 4g, but really most of the time when you’ll be using a tab, you’ll have wifi. and the flash argument is dumb. flash isn’t on as many websites as you think, and it’s honestly dying. so either way, you can’t really go wrong, but the constant arguments are stupid. buy what you want, either way, you’ll justify your experience to say it’s the best.

  145. @iking

    Cloud browse being a remote solution could never compare to the real thing regardless of how much you claim it is. And once the connection is good most flash videos are smooth on Android. Some are not optimized and do stutter but that’s not Android’s fault. And how come your wife doesn’t have an iPhone? Could it be she actually thinks for herself and can walk and chew bubblegum at the same time? Do you even have a wife troll? Or did you make that up too?

    Like I said before TAB sales figures don’t interest me. A device that works does. Sorry but the iPad isn’t that device.

  146. I think we have one troll (iking) posting under several different aliases. It’s so funny. You know the iPad can’t be that good if the troll has to spend so much effort and time defending it.

  147. For the price, iPad. Xoom needs to come down in price or it will fade away. It’s just soemthing to surf the web on. I see Apple has iPad refurbs for $349. Not bad, beats spending $800+ on something to surf the web.

  148. I was going to go for a Honeycomb tablet (probably the new Galaxy Tab), but after yesterdays Apple event, I’ll be getting the iPad 2. It’s lighter and it has the apps I want now, instead of maybe eventually in 5 or more months. The addition of Garage Band and iMovie really sold me yesterday. I tried using movie maker on the Xoom and it was worse than trying to use Windows Movie Maker. Maybe next year, Android.

  149. Lmfao to u retarted ass androd fan boys. The ipad 2 starts out at 499, compared to the xooms 599. Wth is wrong with motorola?

  150. @John:
    Of course the Tab’s sales figures don’t interest you…..because they don’t help you. If it sold well, you’d be trumpeting it’s success. Hypocrite.

    The fake iPad known as the Galaxy Tab has been largely ignored by the public bcuz most people can recognize a piece of shit when they see one…..obviously you can’t

  151. I think I counted about 5 different aliases for iking.

  152. Whew! Something stinks….must be a Tab nearby

  153. Look again, it’s the iPad you fished out of the dumpster.

  154. No Netflix on the Xoom??? WTF Some Toasters come with Netflix…. That’s a huge detail for me not to be able to watch my netflix..

  155. No, that would be 1 of 15 Tabs that were actually sold to customers….

  156. Note to all the fanboys. Specs don’t matter to the average user. And the average user is who will make any of these tablets a success. A great user experience is what is important. Apple has that, android doesn’t.

    If you think otherwise then you really don’t get it.

  157. If you do little, favor aesthetics over function, don’t have very high expectations and are not technically competent, Apple would seem attractive. For people who prefer to lead rather than follow Android would be the obvious choice.

  158. The iPad has 65k specific apps in addition to being able to run all 350k iPhone apps…..it is by far the most functional tablet on the market…..but oh my bad….it doesn’t have live wallpaper….bummer

  159. Lead rather than follow???? Android??? Are you serious???? Your fake iPad wouldn’t exist were it not for Apple…..neither would your fake iPhone. Who’s following who???

  160. @iKing,

    The iPad isn’t very portable, rather hefty, can’t do Flash, can’t do widgets, won’t allow sideloading of apps (unless jailbroken which means instant warranty void), doesn’t have any way to upgrade or swap storage (unless you buy the bigger version and it doesn’t have a front or rear facing camera (so video conferencing is out of the question).

    The TAB supports all that and has access to all 150k apps in the Android market.

    Sorry but the iPad is full of fail, and the iPad 2 is just a faster version of the same fail with the same shitty screen. Oh I forgot, it now sports front and rear facing cameras, whoop ti do.

  161. Lol’s at “Cloud Browser”. Let me know when you don’t need an internet connection for it and when it runs flash content -natively- on your device.

  162. I love the haters..iking says Android is fake iphone…ahahaha buddy pretty soon Android will eat Apple..apple boring UI (yawn)…ipad is ok but its as great as the upcoming tablets..and the iphone 3 is gonna get sh*t on bye htc/android…sorry bro but Apple doesn’t make the cut anymore (yawn)

  163. Btw I meant iphone 5 lol…(yawn)

  164. Who the hell cares if flash runs natively on a device or not??? The point is there’s nothing you can view on your device that I can’t view on mine….NOTHING.

    That’s right….fake iPhone. Ask yourself this: would whatever version of fake iPhone you own even exist were it not for Apple?? It’s a proven fact that early versions of Android more closely resembled Blackberry. Then the iPhone dropped and they said, “Whoa fellas! Back to the drawing board!!”. Since then it’s been fake iPhone after fake iPhone after fake iPhone…..hence the term, “fake iPhone”. Then, after Apple redefined the tablet industry, here come the fake iPads. That’s what’s so funny about John’s idiotic statement. Android has been a follower since it’s inception….leadership my ass….

  165. Brains = IPad2
    Nobrains = android

  166. @iking

    The first iphone was a clone of the lg prada, a phone that was released BEFORE the iphone. Also there was no app store, no exchange support and no support for 3g, things blackberry, win mobile and palm were able to do long before IOS. Until recently IOS could not multitask and had no folder support. It still doesn’t support true multasking, Flash or widgets among others that I cant think of right now. These are ALL things Android has been able to do long before. So who’s following who?
    Apple only gets credit for being a good marketer to the general public. But they don’t innovate, they ‘borrow’ and pretty up their devices to sell to those who prefer looks over function.

  167. Ho hum….the Prada argument again! I’ve said on this blog before and I’ll say it again for the 100th time, Apple began developing the iPhone as early as 2002: http://www.brighthub.com/mobile/iphone/articles/82615.aspx
    Please provide 1 shred of proof that the Prada was being worked on prior to that….just because they rushed it to market first doesn’t mean they created it first….

    Fandroids love to fool themselves….Android is a derivative if the iPhone….even the most respected tech reviewers have stated that Android has done the best job of all of Apple’s competitors of mimicking the look and feel of the iPhone….to deny that is 100% intellectual dishonesty….something fandroids are used to

  168. I am very much a “Phandroid”. I am still having trouble deciding between Xoom and iPad 2. Xoom has the hardware and software ‘capability’ of being more useful, but iPad2 has the Apps and everything runs so fast and smooth.

  169. @John
    I would not say that apple devices are ‘looks over function’. Apple products have good hardware, they fun fast, and do exactly what they are supposed to do.

  170. Looks like johns samsung tab is inadequate according to samsung.

    Samsung’s mobile VP Lee Don-Joo has taken a look at the iPad 2 and decided that his own Galaxy Tab 10.1 isn’t up to scratch. Speaking to the Korean Yonhap news agency, he said that “We will have to improve the parts that are inadequate.”

    Further, Samsung was planning on selling the ten-inch Tab for more than the seven-incher, but that too has changed. “[W]e will have to think that over,” said Lee.

    When I tried out the Tab 10.1 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last month, I found it to be a “a plastic toy with a gorgeous screen.” All of its “superior” specs turned out to be squeezed in simply so they could be marked off on a feature checklist. The camera is terrible, the Android Honeycomb OS feels like an old timey desktop OS, and the plastic body may make it light, but it also makes it feel cheap. Obviously Samsung was building down to a price.

  171. And note this was about the up-coming samsung tablet which is an improvement over johns tiny turd tab. Johns tab Wishes it was just this inadequate.

  172. @ios1:

    Lolol! Exactly! Like I said earlier, the Tab shits on the iPad bcuz it’s a piece of shit….

  173. @brent

    Under the hood Apple hardware is the same crap made in China.


    Quit talking to yourself, you and ios1 (and possibly brent) are the same person. LOL!!

  174. Lol iPhone or ipad is an idud to me…if htc/android is a fake iPhone then why does it have widgets?..social networking? And true multitasking…iphone wishes the had that but nope its just a boring os..just face it Apple lovers iphone or ipad will be obsolete bye the
    end of the year everyone is gonna want the best of the best and that’s htc/android…Apple should just stick with computers…iphones and ipads are for amateurs…if u want a real phone get HTC/android…Motorola xoom looks nasty might get one

  175. @john – LOL, I am not either of them. I am un the market for a tablet. Since I am an android user, I want something to convince me to get a Xoom. I like the honeycomb web browser and Google maps. I am pretty educated on consumer electronics and know the advantage of both systems. The point that iPad 2 has better apps and more of them is pushing me towards them.

  176. @John, first phandroid says the iPad 1 is better than your tab, then most android users prefer the xoom, then Samsung themselves say the iPad is better. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving a hole. Hahahahahahahahaaaha(cough uncontrollably, clears throat)he.

  177. @John:
    Don’t throw off on us because of your poor purchasing decision….you sir are the owner of a piece of shit….

  178. @john? @john? I know you are reading this, you only have a web browser and no apps on your tiny turd tab. That’s right, crickets, no response; iOS for the win. Once again the ipad 1 you lost to (according to samsung) and I am now buying for only 350: 65,000 more tablet apps, bigger display, 15k more video content, couple hundred thousand more (official/quality) games and work related apps, 1/half the price you paid. Who’s the sheep now?

  179. @iking

    The prada was shown off before in ’06 and was more than likely ripped off by Apple.


  180. @brent

    Honeycomb is brand new so it’s not going to have the amount of apps yet but you can rest assured, it’s going to grow quickly. And the XOOM is a little before its time. Right now you have to think of it like it’s an investment. I agree the price is too steep and it won’t attract the numbers, but it will fall as the natural market dynamics come into play. Plus they are going to release different models with different sizes, specs etc. So….the real question is: Do you have the patience to wait it out?

  181. @john
    After careful long consideration, I think I may get a Xoom.

  182. I just bought my wife her iPad 2, she’s happy with is since she is faithful to Apple and it’s simple enough for her needs. I’m personally torn with all the options that are coming out, especially since someone mentioned that there maybe some quad-core processors available come Q4. This one looks promising but wished it also came with an SD reader.I wonder if this is the final specs for release cause I see LG.com has nothing on it at the moment.

  183. This is really a difficult decision. I’m looking to get a new tablet and I all of these are great options. I need to do a “test drive” and see for myself how it looks and feels.
    Peter, Founder Koowie.com

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