PC World Updates UK Motorola XOOM WiFi Pricing: £499.99


Just yesterday we reported on a PC World pricing and pre-order for the Motorola XOOM WiFi. Soon after the price of 449.99 GBP was first reported, PC World pulled down their pre-order page leaving many to wonder if the price tag would stick. It didn’t, and it only went up. The pre-order page is live once again, this time reporting the price as 499.99 GBP. This equates to roughly $815, or slightly more expensive than the 3G version off-contract from Verizon in the States. Kind of a bummer.

But UK fellows can still pre-order the tablet if they would like. It should be available in April. Source link has all the info.

[via PC World | Thanks, Samarth!]

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  1. Why is it that seemingly ever aspect of the unveiling and official roll-out of the Xoom has been a complete and total clusterf^ck? Boondoggle, if you will.

  2. Mainly because Motorola has not release the official price and these companies done’t want to short sell themselves so they hyper inflate the prices to protect their bottom line. It’s really poor planning on Moto’s part. They should have pushed out the prices (and released the WiFi only version from day one) to prevent this kind of negative press. Nonetheless, the WiFi version will most likely come in way below these “pre-order” prices. Remember the original Best Buy Pre-Order price of over $1k? Exactly.

  3. There’s no way wifi version will be more than 3g… doesn’t make sense.

  4. Why would the WiFi-only version be MORE expensive? I’m at a loss. Sans 3G radios and less functionality, you’d think it would make sense to sell it at a cheaper price. Severly puzzled here.

  5. Chill out guys. Sanjay Jha himself has said yesterday that he expects the prices to come down in the second half of this year as the volume increases. I believe half of what he has said, yes the prices will come down but not because of volumes. Currently they are charging premium for all the early birds. So if you are the value for money buyer like me, just wait till summer or late summer when prices will be a lot less and meanwhile go on a vacation on the amount you will save buying this gadget later!!!

  6. We always get pocket raped here in the UK. SO annoying!

  7. Worked out the difference between euros and pounds now have you Kevin. Clever boy.

  8. Question is, is their 499GBP like our 499USD? Is a 1GBP cheese burger cheap like ours?

  9. Did anyone here read the comments on the article yesterday? The pricing for electronics tends to end up as 1:1 between GBP and USD. ie: iPad is, I think, 509GBP and 499USD. so it’ll be about the same price for the XOOM WiFi here.

  10. The reason we have it more expensive is because most things have a sales tax (VAT) of 20%

  11. BKdroid, check out the galaxy s 2 article posted here today, same thing about price differences.. Still haven’t learnt

  12. Rip off Britain (or Europe if you will). And of course PC World are the Kings of ripping people off!

    Prices will come down because of the competition from the other Android tablets fighting for the same space as well the upcoming iPad 2. And like Remo said it’s the early bird premium.

  13. iPad 2 prices for next weeks release:

    32G WiFi is $599
    32G WiFi + 3G is $729

    I want to see lower prices on the Xoom!

    @Moto: You can do better than that!

  14. I wish Google would take a que from Apple and own the hardware and then project things out (versions, realease dates, pricing, etc.) very clearly. Is there going to be a “Nexus” of a tablet, or is this it? Why does Motorola (and others except Apple) feel compelled to put their name right across the front of the tablet – really messes the whole vibe up.

  15. Also the marketing for this thing (and all the other android tablets that I have seen so far) is terrible. Went into a Best Buy the other day and clear as day in the computer section was the iPad with its own display and everything very prominent in the area. Whereas I had to search for the Moto Xoom?! I just do not get it?? Played with the Xoom and it was absolutely amazing, my wife wanted to buy one on the spot – and yet I am standing there wandering why the Xoom is stuck in a corner… You got to give it to Apple for their consistency and marketing, from A-Z they cover every aspect of their product the way a company should.

  16. Yes, A-Z


    C child labor
    O overpriced
    V vendor lock-in

    just to name a few.

  17. @no. 12 where is there child labour in Apple?

  18. actually just looked it up :/

  19. they get kickbacks from carriers I bet for 3g versions. If a person signs up for 3g on a tablet, 30 bucks a month x 12 months thats 360 bucks a year. that helps subsidize the cost of the tablet, also enticing ppl to stupidly buy a tablet with a data package.

  20. With Apple’s price freeze on the iPad 2, I will boycott the zoom purely on their European/Americas pricing differences. I thought Moto was going to gain support from Anti-Apple steep hype but not anymore. I will swallow my pride and get iPad 2

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