Mobile Editing for Google Docs Expands Support to 45 Languages


Fans if Google Docs speaking a language other than English have been limited in their ability to edit documents on the go. Since launching in November, it was the sole language supported. Not so anymore, as support has been expanded to include 44 additional languages from Arabic to Vietnamese.

You will still need Android 2.2 or higher to access mobile editing. To do so simply visit docs.google.com on your handset, select a document, and switch from view to edit mode.

[via Google]

Kevin Krause
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  1. Looks like someone has apples, bananas, cheese and sugar on their list.

  2. Actually, platanos are plantains, a bit different

  3. Awesome. Is there a way to be logged in to 2 google accounts at once? I want to create 1 shortcut to my personal gmail and 1 to my work google apps account.

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