Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi Only UK Pricing Revealed


A ray of hope has broken through the often cloudy UK sky, as the price of the Wi-Fi only Motorola XOOM has been revealed to be not all that bad. At the equivalent of about $730 US, the 449 euro XOOM is priced is priced right on par with the 16GB iPad model. Interestingly, the pre-order page at PC World that initially offered this pricing insight has reverted back to a simple landing page (unless we are missing something). Photographic proof rests above.

There have been some complaints about Android tablet pricing, but looking at the XOOM’s cost here in the States and abroad, I stick by my assessment that it is a fair price for the product you are getting. Sure, we’d love for it to be cheap, cheaper than the iPad, but that’s probably asking a bit too much. A recent report from WSJ found that the XOOM costs about $30 more to make than the iPad.

For now the pricing and specs of the XOOM keep it on par, but rumors of a new iPad launch coming any day now might have some tablet buyers hesitant.

[via Electronista]

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  1. Well it says not 449 EURO, but 449 British Pounds.
    That would be about 529 Euro.

    On the other side, UK is known to be the most expensive country in the EU regarding electronics. So normally it could really be under 500 Euro.

    Have a nice day!

  2. Kevin failing to proof read his posts, again.

    I enjoyed his reference to ‘Stanley Morgan’ earlier. Ridiculous.

  3. “At the equivalent of about $730 US, the 449 euro XOOM”
    The pic shown is 449 POUNDS. Euros and pounds and different currencies…

  4. Notice that there is no mention of the US wi-fi only release. Motorola is playing with fire. If they dont pony up a Wi-fi only model in the US before the ipad2 does they are going to get creamed…

  5. We use POUNDS not euros you plonkers.

  6. You should not try to compare prices in the US with european prices. Prices don’t translate according to currency rates.

    See Apple store UK for iPad price. 32gb wifi only is 510 pounds. So the Xoom is actually quite a bit cheaper than the iPad.

  7. The 16GB WiFi only iPad is $499. What am I missing, how is that “priced right on par with” the 16GB iPad?

  8. This is the first reasonable thing I’ve heard about the Xoom so far.

  9. @Justin – stop being part of the problem.

    In the UK, the XOOM is £450, the 16GB Wifi iPad is £440. Stop assuming everything should be centred round the US and STFU.

  10. That web site has now been altered.

    price removed (I guess its not correct)

  11. Well the conversion to dollars is right £449 is about $730

  12. OK some currency facts:
    £ is a British Pound.
    € is a euro

  13. @Karnka — No need to get all worked up. I was asking an honest question. The article above clearly mentions that this price is the equivalent of $730. I didn’t state that, the article did. When I asked “what am I missing?” I meant it…what am I missing? $730 is nowhere near $499. If you’re telling me that the Xoom is £450 and the iPad is £440 then great, that’s what I’m missing. Just calm down my friend. There’s nothing here to get that worked up about.

  14. Even though the direct conversion rate makes it $730, in comparison with the UK pricing on iPads it makes it competitive. I’m hoping the same holds up for the US release, and there’s no reason to think it won’t.

    Due to additional taxes, importation, etc, US prices tend to stay about 1:1 with UK pricing (if something is £100 it’s usually about $100). I’m not sure how it always seems to work out, but it holds true for electronics and automobiles.

  15. @Sean-
    It would be nice if that were the case when the WiFi only Xoom starts selling in the US. The iPad definitely needs some good competition.

  16. Just get the damn thing to the states so I can buy it!

  17. How the heck is over $700 for just the WiFi version good news?

  18. The americans are once again out in numbers to prove the world right for thinking they’re morons, nil novo sub sole I suppose.
    Back on the subject at hand, it will be very interesting to see how KDDI/AU prices the WiFi XOOM in Japan…granted mostly because that’s where I’m located at the moment but it should also be rather more indicative of prices elsewhere than the UK numbers.

  19. Nevermind…I couldn’t see the previous posts before I put up mine. If iPad and Xoom are a push, that is okay news. I do wish the Adam was more mature and the Galaxy Tab 10 was out though to compare.

  20. Huh…online snobbery and general douchery on a tech site…go figure.

  21. Guys PLEASE! The article makes a whole mess of this, let me explain.

    I’m talking UK, dollar conversions make no sense alright? Ok so.

    UK £
    32GB WIFI Only iPad = £509.99
    32GB WiFi Only Xoom = £449.99

    Normally, the UK £ price is EXACTLY THE SAME as the USA $ Price, by that i mean if something is £449.99 in the UK, it will be $449.99 in USA.

    So expect a price of $450 for a WiFi only Xoom.

    Cleared up.

  22. The iPad 16GB will drop in price as soon as the new one appears in May. This will HAVE to drop in price to compete.

  23. I am typing this on a $800 Xoom, and it is soooo worth it! For those who like, keep complaining, and I’ll keep Xooming :-)

  24. @ 21.Lekky I hope to GOD you’re right. That price I can get behind.

  25. Lekky, as much as I wanna believe that…I can’t!

  26. Already been revealed to be $600 in the US.

  27. Comparing the ipad component cost to that of the xoom is misleading. Ignoring the obvious fact that both have hardware development, capital investment, marketing, overheads and profits to cover you also have to think that apple has additionally had to have done this for its iOS software as opposed to Motorola whom only have to optomise a pre-built system at significantly less cost!!

  28. @Mike ‘The iPad 16GB will drop in price as soon as the new one appears in May. This will HAVE to drop in price to compete.’

    You DO NOT UNDERSTAND the CORE difference between full-featured (seems, like having all the possible features for a tablet computer) Xoom 4G/Xoom wifi-only with specially created tablet OS Android Honeycomb and weak slim ipad2/ipad1 with scaled phone os.

  29. Errr…. the website now says £499 and not £449 as shown in the picture above

  30. Still too expensive. If Android tablets are really gonna make an impact devices like this need to sit under £400.

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