HTC ChaCha Will be ChaChaCha in Spain


As if the name ChaCha wasn’t bad enough, a revelation dawning on the HTC marketing staff has forced their hand on renaming the handset in Spain. No, it isn’t totally thanks to the recent lawsuit levied against the handset manufacturer regarding the name, either. It would be the fact that ChaCha happens to be a certain Spanish slang term, and thus the handset will be known as the HTC ChaChaCha when it brings its Facebook button to the European nation. Stay classy, HTC.

[via Engadget]

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  1. C’mon HTC, my 5 year-old nephew can come up with a better name.

  2. It’s a derogatory reference to a woman or her genitalia, FYI (I was curious).

  3. It is not a derogatory reference to a woman or her genitalia, which would be “chocho”.

    Chacha is a way not very pleasant, but not derogatory or offensive, to say nanny or “maid”.

    PS: I’m Spanish and I never thought on a nanny or a woman when saw HTC ChaCha, but to the dance, the ChaChaCha which is called now…

    It is absolutely unnecessary to change the name…

  4. So… its a phone with a facebook button that opens facebook? Couldnt they just press the icon on the screen?

  5. It comes from ‘muchacha’ which means something like house-keeper.

  6. Don’t a lot of people in America speak Spanish too?

    I’m shocked they aren’t changing the name everywhere.

  7. Everytime I see the facebook button on the HTC facebook button phones I think of herpes. I think it has to do with the placement and ugliness of the button.

  8. I think it should be cha(2) Squared at least they can keep chacha that way….

  9. There are two components to this:

    1) Chacha, coming from Muchacha (literally girl) is generally used to mean Maid in several countries

    2) The Cha Cha dance (as it is improperly called in the US) is properly called the Cha Cha Cha (as in 1,2,3 Cha Cha Cha) in Spanish. Calling a product a lazy-anglification of a proper Spanish name is something that I am glad to see corrected at least in Spanish speaking countries …now if americans would only stop calling the singular of Tamales Tamale and call them Tamal the world would be a better place :-)

  10. @C – Castilian Spanish (the Spanish spoken in Spain) is very different from the Spanish spoken by people from other countries…

    It’s like saying that blacks who grew up in Britain would use American black ebonics terms regularly…

    That being said, it should’ve been called Chachacha from the beginning, if that’s what they wanted to call it, invoking the dance

  11. Funny thing is the cha cha cha is the name of a dance from Cuba and not from Spain. So HTC got it wrong again.

  12. Spanish to English translation


    (Google Translate)
    incidentally, why do I have to find the meaning of this and not the writer?

  13. can’t wait for the HTC Ooolala

  14. @ari-free I’ll wait for the HTC Heyheyhey (in Fat Albert voice).

  15. No one likes down graded shit!

  16. I am breathlessly waiting for the NVidea Kal-El, blazing quad core tablet. Will be marketed as the “Snatch”. Every man enjoys a hot Snatch…..

  17. KInda reminds me of the original jokes that went around the the Hummer came out :)

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