Seesmic Updated for Android with Full Facebook Support, New Widgets, Twitlonger


If you aren’t using the official Twitter client for Android, chances are you use one of only a few other worthwhile alternatives. One such is Seesmic, which today has updated to version 1.6 in the Android Market. The latest update does more to make Seesmic a total social networking solution rather than a mere Twitter app with the introduction of full Facebook support. Now you can update your status, view your feed, comment and like posts, as well as access Facebook Pages and more.

Additionally, for those who just can’t keep their tweets within the 140 character limit, Seesmic now supports Twitlonger. New widgets for all supported services in Seesmic also come with the update, along with several other key enhancements. See the full list in the press release below.

Seesmic for Android now with full Facebook Support, Twitlonger and More!
Seesmic for Android is one of our most popular applications, and for good reason. Now, we’re giving you even more reason to try Seesmic for Android with our latest update. Here’s a quick video on what we’ve added to the app, with more after the jump.
In version 1.6 of Seesmic for Android, you’ll see the following new features:

  • Complete Facebook support with Facebook pages – Add your Facebook account, view updates, comment, like, post to your accounts as well as to all the Facebook pages you’re an admin of
  • Support of TwitLonger – if you post tweets that are longer than 140 characters, we’ve got your back with the new Twitlonger integration
  • More Widgets – Our popular widgets are now available for all services, including Facebook, Twitter, Chatter and Google Buzz
  • Inline comments – For Chatter and Google Buzz, you can now view comments inline when you tap on an update
  • Retweeted By – See the list of people that retweeted a tweet
  • No Lost Tweets – Ability to load missing tweets by tapping inside the gap within your timeline
  • URL Shortener – Shorten your links with one of the hottest new shortners

What are you waiting for? The new Seesmic for Android update is live on the Android Marketplace and ready for you – enjoy!

[via Seesmic]

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  1. Time to start using Android Market links for remote OTA installs to complement QRCodes.

  2. Needs Linked In support and I am sold.

  3. only teenage girls who want to know what Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashion ate for breakfast use twitter. waste of time imo!

  4. Until it has a unified feed (which it doesn’t) and full screen widgets, I’m nit interested. Uninstalled.

  5. @ToastnJam

    apparently you have never used Twitter before then. it’s great for geting sports updates with details you would not normally get with something like ESPN ScoreCenter or LiveScores. also, getting a sports feed from over 20 different commentators/reporters/people at the same time helps you understand what’s going on if you don’t have a TV or Radio connection.

    also, amazing for advertising and spreading news about events going on in your location or without having to sift through google or yahoo ads.

    i use it all day everyday as a huge chicago bulls fan, and i guarantee i get information and special events 100X more than anyone else would without a twitter account. just saying :)

  6. oh yeah, follow me @KamilGalimski

  7. I’ve been wondering why the Android app lacked facebook while the windows phone app had it. I definitely am downloading as I type.

  8. @ToastnJam you couldn’t be more wrong, I landed an AMAZING job from twitter, I found the deal of a lifetime on some furniture, I got a $75 flight from San Diego to Boston because of a 1hr special from American Airlines and I could go on & on. Twitter has really caused some serious #win for me (seewhatididthere?)

  9. I like having the ability to use Facebook pages but I don’t like the way they’ve implemented it. Too many clicks to get back to Twitter. Not sure why when you open a page it removes the nav bar on top.

  10. wew…i like that this update.

  11. Seesmic is very interesting choice for android (it’s interesting choice for anybody, since it’s totally cross-platform), but still a bit basic. However, there is no real market leader today, so Seesmic with its devoted development field has an open rote in front of it.

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