Attendees at GDC Given Motorola XOOM, Nexus S, Chrome CR-48 Netbook


Before you go thinking every person attending the Game Developers Conference scored a set of Google-based electronics with a total value of a couple thousand dollars, not every developer making the trip to GDC received a Motorola XOOM, Nexus S, and Chrome CR-48 netbook. Each device was given away to developers at a separate event, though we suppose it is possible some walked with all three.

The CR-48 was a parting gift for those attending Google’s web development session, while those attending the Android sessions received either a XOOM or Nexus S. Even walking with one of those devices could justify the large registration fee granting access to GDC.

If Google is this giveaway happy now, we can’t wait to see what they throw at us come Google I/O in May.

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. must be nice.

  2. Google: “Take these tools and go make my money”

  3. I am so going next year. I would love the experience of being there and on top of that being compensated for my trip with “stuff”.

  4. Those who received a Cr-48 had to attend Google’s Chrome and cloud gaming sessions, which included seminars with titles like “HTML5 and Other Modern Browser Game Tech”, “Google Cloud for Game Developers” and “High Performance Game Programming In a Browser With Native Client”.

  5. I wonder if the Motorola xoom has a shelf life of just under 2 years like all of their phones do.. Someone please show me a Moto Android phone over 2 years old that still functions without any OS glitches..

  6. Im all for Android 100% and not ever gonna change but we all laughed at the Ipads crazy price upon its release.. Theres no reason for Motorola to have such a pricetag on the xoom.. First of all id give HTC the only advantage on a tablet that high in price as HTC makes damn good hardware but Motorola? please.. the XOOM should be like $299.. or at least have a 2 year 1 week warranty as Moto’s usually die shortly after the warranty is up.. but thats just my opinion I guess

  7. The zoom is awesome, an I just learned how to root the cr-48 :-)

  8. LOL @pimpstrong

  9. The problem with cloud computing are clouds. No cloud, no email, no games. What if they use the cloud kill switch to turn of the internet like they did in egypt?

    In california theres mostly blue sky, only a few clouds. A chrome cloud book is of little use without a cloud. Does anyone know if google is working on an always on peer to peer cloud solution turning all street view cars and android devices into one giant tangle of billions of wifi hotspots using using the new google mifi protocol :-)

  10. @illyo. I could be wrong but isn’t the d1 moto’s first android phone? If so it hasn’t been out for 2 years. Mine is about 14 months old and it still works great thanks to root.

    The selves life on any electronic these days is next to nothing.

    Try running ios4 on a 3g iphone if you want to talk about glitches.

  11. The problem with cloud computing is that you can’t use it at all in the subway.

  12. @IllYo
    What Atlas said.. I think with the pace of upgrades of both hardware and software, it makes time seem like it’s been a lot longer than it actually has. The Only people (In the US) who can brag about their Android phone lasting 2 years are the G1 owners.. The Magic and Hero users (cross the pond) have I think, reached the 2 year mark..

  13. G1 owners still use their amigas.

  14. They’re giving away Xoom’s yet I can’t buy a wifi only one in the US. They have until March 11th then I’m moving on to Apple.

  15. Yup, got the cr-48 and the Nexus S. Google did show off some pretty cool stuff too. I am pretty excited to get some android developement on. You know right after I sell the Nexus and buy a Xoom

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