Mar 2nd, 2011

Prior to a device’s actual release, we always see them pop up for pre-order on third party websites and soon after, articles and speculation about the actual price start to pop up. Well, the Samsung Galaxy S2 has been made available for pre-order at Clove UK and it has me wondering what the pricetag process is for these retailers.

Do the math:

  • After taxes, 32GB model costs 708 GBP
  • 708 GBP = 804 Euro = $1150+

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is a great phone and all, but spending more than $1k on it seems rather ridiculous. That makes me wonder if I should listen to the pricing of any 3rd party retailer prior to launch ever again.

Obviously, retailers want to capture the attention of consumers as quick as possible and cash in on those eager to snap up the hottest upcoming device. They’re banking your money and earning money on the interest. In many cases, our guess is probably as good as theirs for the price point, so what do they do? Set it to something they KNOW will be a premium compared to actual price and let the pre-orders roll in. This way, they can’t lose.

For this reason, I’m not too worried about the S2 having an outrageous price. It’ll be up there, but $1,150+ doesn’t sound like something reasonable and doesn’t sound like something Samsung would approach. Then again, Amazon Germany posted a similar price for pre-order yesterday.

Do you trust pre-order pricing as an actual pricing indicator? Would you pay $800+ or $1100+ for the Galaxy S2 off contract?

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