Danger Service Being Shut Down May 31st, T-Mobile to Offer Transition Deals


The Danger service that T-Mobile uses for their past generation Sidekick devices will soon be shut down according to an announcement issued by T-Mobile. The service – run by Microsoft – was used to sync contacts, messages, and other data to the cloud.

We’re not at all surprised by the move as the Sidekick has long been regarded dead. (Though there are many who still use them.) And it also doesn’t surprise us that the new Sidekick 4G won’t be using Danger’s services as it’ll run Android. Android syncs contacts, emails, calendars, and more to the cloud out of the box.

The move will effectively make any activated Sidekick inoperable which is why T-Mobile will be offering transition deals for folks who may need new smartphones. We’re not sure just how good these deals will be yet, but we’ll assume early upgrades are in the works and that users will be able to get discounts on Android phones and other smartphones.

Also note the date: that could be our first hint at the Sidekick 4G’s release window as I’m sure Sidekick fans wouldn’t mind having a similar device hardware design-wise. T-Mobile urges folks to back all of their data up so that it may be transferred to their new smartphones in the future.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Ah, memories. I spent a good few weeks trying to get 1.5 working on my 2009 LX, I’m glad they’re making an android powered sidekick.
    Not happy about Samsung making it really ugly, but I don’t care I have my G2.

  2. I’m mostly happy I sold my Sidekick long before the price sharply dropped.

  3. This gadget looks really cool, that’s for sure.

    I didn’t know something like that existed BUT I WANT IT!


  4. sidekicks to me were the first true smartphones…i loved mine! i think that the idea of putting android on it is awesome, though it’s samsung, so ur f’ed in updates…and u loose the swivel screen out that made the sk unique.

    i’m excited to see it, but wouldn’t pick it up, i have a vibrant so my next phone will be in a year and a half, and will most likely be 3d

  5. Nice fail tmobile. Samsung has ruined any chance of me ever owning any of their products again. Should have went with HTC.

  6. sad, i loved my sidekick.
    : [ i put that phone through hell and back.

  7. I wonder: do you think they’ll allow anyone who is using a past-generation Sidekick to take advantage of this deal, or would the offer be restricted to those who purchased their Sidekicks directly from TMO? If it’s simply a matter of owning a Sidekick, I might make an effort to find a Sidekick on the cheap and use that as a means to an early upgrade. :)

  8. Man, I’ll miss my sidekick. I’m hoping we (sidekick users) can still us the 4g version and have all access with the sidekick plan we have now, 20 bucks for all!

  9. theGOAT, I think its for those users that still have the sidekick data plan.

  10. I think this came too soon. T-mobile should of waited until about this fall, as I know at least 2 people myself that use the Sidekick ’08.

    T-mobile needs to let the current Sidekick users have the Sidekick 4G for free or this will be a FAIL.

  11. oh well.. they just werent able to keep up.. i never had one.. used to want one. then iphone came out.. never had one, but used to want one. then i noticed android. so i got one, and i loved it. now im on my second one and plan on being on my third one by the end of this summer… keep on keeping on android

  12. Couldn’t have been said better, Eman.

  13. Quality article..

  14. Sad news, I’ve been a sidekick user for years using this great data plan. I just hope they’d just continue the plan for the current users. or upgrade to a 4g. Sigh, there goes my sidekick..

  15. mike! why do you think you loose the swivel screen? i STILL use a sk 2008. im a loyal obssessed sk fan. i had the two for a good five years. anyway the swivel is what makes me, ive been analyzing the pictures trying to see if i can figure it out! i cant be sure!

  16. Fuck this

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