T-Mobile customer gets a $140,000 bill after a three week vacation in Switzerland


When you travel overseas and don’t plan to get a local SIM (which you honestly should, by the way), then you have to make sure that your current mobile plan has some kind of data roaming coverage or you disable the feature. Unfortunately for one T-Mobile customer, he was hit with a $143,442.74 bill after his three week vacation in Switzerland.

According to a report from ABC Action News, Floridian Rene Remund and his wife made a trip to Switzerland back in September last year. Remund claims that as he travels frequently, he makes sure to notify his carrier before they leave. In this instance, he visited a local T-Mobile store to inform them of his travel plans. He was told that he was “covered”.

Unfortunately, he was anything but covered. Upon returning to the US, he received his T-Mobile bill which showed that he owed the carrier a little over $140,000. The bill claimed that he used about 9.5GB of data while overseas. He called T-Mobile and was told that it was a “good bill”. This meant that there was no mistake in the calculation and this is what he owed the carrier.

Remund hired an attorney who wrote to T-Mobile’s president but received no reply. It was only after they contacted ABC Action News that T-Mobile responded. The carrier ultimately offered to waive the amount he owed. This is not the first time we’re hearing about data roaming charges being insanely high. If you are planning to travel, like we said, make sure data roaming is off. You can also purchase some kind of data roaming package if your carrier has them, or just buy a local SIM and avoid the headaches.

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